iWatch cocept (Martin Hajek, MacUser April 2013 issue 001)

Folks looking forward to seeing Apple launch its iWatch product this year probably shouldn’t get their hopes up. According to a new report from well-respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there’s a good possibility we won’t see the rumored accessory until late 2014.

Kuo says that due to the vast changes coming in iOS 7, Apple won’t have the resources to build out software for the wristwatch-like device. And he thinks that, and an immature component market for wearable devices, will delay the project until the end of next year…

The information comes from a note Kuo issued to investors this morning (via MacRumors):

“Apple may not have adequate resources to develop an iWatch version of iOS because it may require big changes to iPhone and iPad iOS this year. In addition, wearable device components aren’t mature. For these reasons, we think mass production of the iWatch is more likely to begin in 2H14, not 2H13 as the market speculates.”

In addition to his timeframe prediction, the KGI Securities analyst also mentions a few details about iWatch hardware. He believes it will feature a 1.5-2.0 inch display and that Apple will draw from iPod nano components—particularly its processor and touch technology.

iWatch cocept (Martin Hajek, MacUser April 2013 issue 008)

Perhaps his most interesting prediction about the project, however, is that the watch will feature biometrics. He thinks support for the tech will allow for increased security, as well as open the door for broader health-related applications. Apple certainly has experts in this field.

The last we heard, Foxconn had received orders for the iWatch and was gearing up for a trial production run of 1000 units. Like Kuo, that report claimed the device has a 1.5-inch display. But the timing suggests that the project will be ready much sooner than 2014.

And it needs to be if Apple doesn’t want to get left in the dust by its competitors. Since the Pebble smartwatch raised more than $10 million on Kickstarter last year, a number of tech giants have pledged to get into the space, including Microsoft, Samsung and LG.

Photos by Martin Hajek.

  • Falk M.

    I see two words in the headline that can only be put into one sentence by either a very brave or a very stupid man.

  • pauleebe

    Rather see the iTV than the iWatch and I really don’t care for the iTV at present soooo …

  • TesticularFortitude

    So did I. They tried to add to the credibility by calling him “popular”. LOL

    • Prasoon Singh


  • How could a company with $145B not have the resources to do anything?

  • Cesar D

    I will buy it. Like if you too. And like too if the analyst is wrong. Let’s show the opposite.

  • Darek Slaby

    I was just thinking about this iWatch stuff going around and seeing all these concept made me think…what if Apple made the watch wider rather than longer? I mean, the human hand is naturally long so why not make the iWatch horizontal rather than vertical? It makes sense right? This would mean being able to put more info on the screen as well as make the font bigger. Just like everyone was thinking flip phones and scroll wheel before the iPhone came out, why are we thinking inside the box and making all these concepts for watches that are longer vertically rather than horizontally?

    • Farbod

      I think square would be the best 🙂

    • iosPixel

      I’ve actually said this previously. I imagine more of a personal wrist device than a watch with a widescreen orientation. Whether that would work is debatable.

      What I would like to see would be a digital display that when dimmed is transparent revealing an analog watch face.

      It’s functional as a device and should increase battery life to. That and the price to….

  • Pedro Gonsalez

    So it’s going to be an updated nano on your wrist? I didn’t see many people wearing “nano watches” the first time around. It will more likely be a fad than a long-term product from Apple. Automatic timepieces can be passed down for generations, but no Apple (or any electronic) products will last even one lifetime.

  • In other news, frequently incorrect “analyst” Gene Munster predicts that the iTV launch is imminent…for the 4th straight year.

  • vnowo

    We need the fake iCyclops watch with a bottle of iSuper iGlue!

  • zigi

    iwatch apple

  • zigi

    Iwatch h much ?