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Details regarding iOS 7 are still fairly scarce, despite the fact that WWDC is just a few weeks away. Apple has said that it will be previewing its next-generation mobile operating system at its annual developer conference next month.

We do know a few things though. Most of the rumors suggest iOS 7 will feature a UI overhaul, in favor of a much flatter design. And according to a new report, Apple will also be beefing up social ties with Vimeo and Flickr integration…

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reports:

“In the upcoming overhaul of its iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system, iOS 7, Apple plans to include an increased presence of third-party social networks, including Flickr and Vimeo, according to a person familiar with the software.”

Gurman is quick to mention that because the software has yet to be officially announced, there is a possibility that any feature in testing could be removed prior to unveiling. Should it make it into the release though, this is how it will work:

“Both Flickr and Vimeo will now also be integrated deeply into the new operating system, so users will be able to sign into the respective networks via iOS 7′s built-in Settings application. Like with iOS’s Facebook and Twitter ties, Apple customers will be able to log-in one time into each social network and have full sharing access.”

Just like in OS X, iOS 7 users will have the ability to share photos stored on, or taken with, their devices to Flickr with a single tap. It’s also likely that the new integration will allow for instant log-in to the photo service from within third party apps.

As for Vimeo integration, which is also already in OS X, it will give users a new system-wide video sharing option. The report doesn’t offer many details beyond that, but it’s not surprising to hear Apple wants to offer users an alternative to YouTube.

It’ll be interesting to see what other changes Apple has made in iOS 7—last year, the company proudly touted that iOS 6 had more than 200 new features and improvements from its predecessor. I guess we’ll see soon enough, WWDC starts June 10.

  • Gorgonphone

    why…???? i didnt want Facebook and i don’t want this BS either..

    • planetcoalition

      So don’t use the features then? It’s not like Apple is pointing a gun at you and forcing you to use them.

      • Josh

        They did shove the iOS 6 Facebook integration down our throats somewhat

    • Because not everyone is you. No one is forcing you to use them.

    • You don’t have to use it. It’s just an option.
      And a pretty nice option considering Flickr gives 1TB of storage for free users

    • Florian Lerch

      I use PrivateSpace (from Cydia) to get completely rid of Facebook and Twitter, since I don’t have an account on these.
      Maybe you want to try it out 🙂

      • Falk M.

        Grats man, you saved 50pixels in Settings app.

      • Florian Lerch

        You can also customize the iOS share menu and disable things you don’t need (like AirPrint).
        This guy seemed pretty angry about these social network integration so I thought this tweak could help him.
        You should inform you better about such tweaks before you post unnecessary comments that obviously try to make me look ridiculous.

      • Falk M.

        Thumbs up man, you’re right I stand corrected.
        Sorry, been a shitty night.

        Kudos for your help and I’m sorry to have acted like a jackass.

      • Florian Lerch

        Can happen, doesn’t matter 😉

  • Jonathan

    Apple are doing this all wrong, they should be providing an API to developers of these services. It should be the responsibility of the service to provide this system wide support and keep it updated, not Apple.

    When the user updates to iOS7 it should look through the saved passwords for Safari and if the user has saved a password for an account that has system wide support it asks the user to grant the service this system wide support.

    These modules are submitted to the App Store under a new section and the user can install them from there, and there will be a link to the section from the relevant section in the settings app.

    • That all sounds good but you are forgetting this is apple. The crystal ball is in their hand and the can see their OS exactly as they want to see it. Apple does not like opening up too much support through api’s etc as it relinquishes some of their control…

    • Falk M.

      You do know Apple gets a truckload of money for doing this?
      They sure as hell won’t give it away for free.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I didn’t see Vimeo coming, although since it is in OS X, I suppose it makes sense. It’s cool though. Flickr on the other hand I did see coming as there was a report of Yahoo in talks with Apple over deeper integration (and of course, Yahoo owns Flickr).

    • Yahoo is the only search provider I have even the smallest of respect for so anything to push there services a bit is good in my opinion.

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        In all honesty, I respect Yahoo for implementing great iOS apps and really doing well, they do well. But I still feel Google is doing a great job too in my opinion. I think Bing is slacking pretty hard.

  • BrawlBro1

    Wouldn’t it be better if Apple allowed developers to integrate their apps in iOS instead of them integrating a couple apps every time they release a new major update?

    • Falk M.

      Yes, but that way they don’t get these:
      a) money – Apple sure as hell charges a lot to feature your service in such a way. Standard search and alternative search provider options in Safari on iOS are included because their companies pay Apple to be selectable there.
      b) control – OS wide integration at developers’ will without calling Apple begging for an ok and sending money to Cupertino – not gonna happen

  • hasan51h

    instagram will be nice too .

  • pawfyd

    Google+ would be great.

  • girish

    thats all news about ios 7.. 🙁
    i cant wait to see what johny ive got for us.. 🙂

  • Sam

    Okay sure, Vimeo and Flickr are cool, but why not integrate more widely used services like YouTube and Instagram? Sometimes Apples decisions befuddle me.

  • lordcatalien

    Any idea when/if they plan on adding Instagram to this list?