iPhone 5 (three-up, profile, front, back, black and white)

In yet another attempt to capture the nascent smartphone market in India, Apple is now promoting discounts for students. Students can receive $144 on an iPhone when they trade in their old smartphones. Apple and Samsung have engaged in a marketing struggle, both rolling out installment plans to encourage Indian buyers of rival smartphones.

The iPhone maker also announced a cash-back deal when Indian consumers use American Express to purchase an iPhone 4, 4S or 5 before June 10, according to a Monday report…

Apple’s latest discounts also include non-students, who will receive $130, reports ZDNet.

The American Express cash-back offer of $111 requires the credit card be issued by an Indian bank and via installment payment plans available through local iPhone distributors Redington and Ingram Micro.

In the case of an Indian consumer purchasing a 16GB iPhone 5, the buyer would receive $70 after paying $181.50 down and $43 per month over six months, according to the report. The report cites research firm Canalys predicting 2013 could mean growth for Apple as its installment payment concept picks up steam.

Along with increasing the number of local partners, Apple has raised its brand awareness in India, a country that is just beginning to show interest in smartphones. India has become the focus of handset makers, such as Samsung, as other regions mature and demand slows.

No matter how you look at it, this is a prudent move on Apple’s part and it’ll be interesting seeing whether Apple follows up with similar promotions in other emerging markets.

  • Boss

    before June 10, when Apple release the iPhone 5S making your iPhone outdated

    • pauleebe

      Except the 5S won’t come as soon as June? We’re still going to see a Fall release of the new iPhone at this point, along with iOS 7 GM.

    • And you can stay with iOS 6 on ip5 one more year after the next iPhone

    • You do know that the 5S will be just speck bumps right? Like camera improvements and other internal stuff. The iPhone 5 will be good for years to come. It won’t get outdated soon.

    • Vicky Bro

      Outdated ?? Seriously? If you buy all the new stuffs that makes your “old” stuffs feel outdated, then you wont have any money left for your treatment when you will get old. Trust me. Its not outdated.

  • Gorgonphone

    um i want a discount also please,..

  • Cosmi3

    does the same apply for iPad also? Ooo

  • Farid Ahmed

    seriously? so much for India and nothing for Pakistan

    • It’s just about market…

      • Farid Ahmed

        we also have quite big smartphone market here

      • Maybe they’ll be interested in Pakistan soon…

    • Vicky Bro

      but that “so much” is still for the elites. NOT for the everyday common people.

  • thats nice, apple is now playing aggressively with samshits… Now there r alot more people out there who owns iOS devices, the ratio of iOS users r increasing day by day in india !! 🙂