There are countless amounts of themes already available for iPhone/iPad with more emerging each week. It starts getting harder to find a theme that is truly worthy of your iDevice. That’s where we come in… Introducing Circul8. A theme that is well crafted with the perfect minimalism for a simple but effective look.

The best part? It’s free…!

Circul8 Features:

  • 550+ icons
  • Works on iOS 6 and all iDevices (yes you too non-retina users)
  • 40+ language support
  • Auxo themed
  • Lock screen + passcode themed
  • Notification Center + popups
  • Statusbar icons
  • Color options for badges and statusbar
  • FolderIcons (coming soon)
  • Supports iPhone + iPad
  • and much more…


The coolest part is the “premium UI options,” which allows you to make a $5 donation to Doctors without Borders. Not only is Circul8 an amazing theme with quality support but the developer also gives the proceeds to charity. This really makes me proud to be a part of a community that has amazing people like this.

Check out the video below and also the Circul8 website for info on the premium UI-!


Circul8 developer Andreas Larsen, has put so much time and effort into this theme and continues to do so all for free. He has also put together all these resources to supply more support.

Here is the GitHub link for:

  • All Circul8 resources
  • Get free stuff like wallpapers, alt. icons, font, zeppelin support
  • Photoshop files, actions, gradients, and more…
  • Live updated version so you don’t have to wait for Cydia
  • Color variations for status bar, labels, and badges
  • Lock screens themes
  • Icon Requests


With the massive support that this theme provides there are various Cydia tweaks that you can get to add to its beauty.

Optional Cydia Tweaks:

  • Auxo
  • Zeppelin
  • No dock reflection
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • Poof
  • Lockscreen Clock Hide
  • Blackout


Circul8 is honestly one of the most intricate and well supported themes that I have ever come across. It looks amazing and supplies more than enough all for free. Even if you decide to go for a premium option, the $5 you donate goes to a wonderful charity. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go download Circul8! I’m serious! Go!!

Let us know what you think of this theme in the comments section below.

  • Soo that means someone other than me works for the iPad.
    Hmm nice.

  • Not impressed

    • Alex

      Nor am I with your comment.

      • R u a girl or a guy ??

      • Alex

        A good looking guy, ;-p

      • No its ok nw i got it ur a girl i asked a stupid question sorry

    • D1M

      I’d like to see you come up with something like that.

      • guess you can’t satisfy all, so I just ignore non-constructive criticism but thx for the support;)

    • iosPixel

      I can’t agree. The white GUI shown in the video is easy on my eye. Safari fully skinned to!

      • thx

      • iosPixel

        Nice to see you taking on the criticism and good luck with your endeavors!

        And doing the charitable thing, much love!

  • Dan

    Not for me, but it’s great that it’s free. Very different from other themes.

    • taste is individual I guess but great to see someone who dislikes but still appreciates – a lot of trolls could learn from you;)

  • Wow never seen something ugly like this one … Sorry I know it’s a lot of effort creating tweaks and themes but this one Is my personal no go theme !!

    • Alex

      You should look at your profile pic.

      • yeah…like yours better;)

      • I Can’t Think of a Name

        WHAT?! He stole it from me though!

      • Dixon

        Lol, what a Great comment from someone without a profile pic !!! Oh and u even got 23 likes … Show me your face u noob then we can talk … Otherwise go home u mom said its bedtime !!!

      • Dixon

        Lol hope u like my new profile pic better … Great words from someone without a profile pic !!! Loser !!!

  • It’s feels really retro to me

  • weztimonial

    Used it quite long ago.

  • D1M

    It’s not my cup of tea, but it would be a shame not to try it. Or even buy it. I’m donating simply for the fact the amount of effort that’s been put into it and of course for the charity. Looks brilliantly design.

  • Bob


  • I really like the UI, but not so much the icons.

    • Yeah thats what I think too, UI is great, icons not so much.

      • that’s fair enough – you can always use different icon themes:)

      • Used it and it looks good but can’t get rid of Ayecon 🙂

  • It all seem great until an app whose icon isnt changed to fit with the theme

    • Use themeiconmaker from cydia to skin any icons that aren’t included

    • People with no prior photoshop knowledge has created some of the icons in the theme but themeiconmaker is the easiest fix

  • Liam Mulcahy

    great theme

  • Not impressed. This minimalism is not suitable for modern smartphones. Go design for Chinese dumb phones.

    • Dan

      The guy is giving it away for free, if you don’t like it, don’t get it. No need to be mean.

    • Alex

      Yeah, Microsoft and HTC don’t know what they’re doing either. Crazy! Go back to China you multi-billion dollar companies that don’t know what people want!

      That’s sarcasm if you didn’t get it, moron.

  • Knew about this for quite a while. I must say, this is one of the best flat design themes out there, the color keyboard and the bite sms theme is simply top notch. But, I guess I’ll hang out to Ayecon. It’s the best theme for me 🙂

  • bloodshed

    i hate circular icons, killed this theme for me.

    • You can always use the UI and whatever icons suits your taste though…

  • Looks awesome though I think I’d miss the names of the apps on the home screen. The white version almost makes me wish I had the white iPhone 5 😛

    • Alex

      The theme has winterboard theme additions that you can turn on and off like page dots and text labels white or grey.

      • exactement mon frere – options ftw 🙂

      • Andreas… Don’t ever feel discouraged by those who only leech from artists like you and never make a difference in the world by themselves.

      • thank you 🙂

  • Farbod

    I like circul8’s UI better than the Icons. And I love Flaticons and together it is the best

  • Crowned_59

    I have it for my iPad Mini since its like the only theme out there for it at this time

  • What source can this theme be downloaded from??

    • icons and free stuff, cydia
      UI, instructions on

  • Great theme, but that’s not what’s important for me. What’s truly important is that the creator of this theme is donating his money to charity. Truly amazing.

  • Cool, and it`s a`danish Dude :_)

    • the fact that I’m danish didn’t contribute to the theme…I know you mean well but we share a big world so I’m not much of a “team country” guy…;)

  • Blip dude

    Nice, But I am gonna reserve for the Next Gen iPad. Strife (Dreamboard), Waze, Style HD, and ayecon are the only themes I need to make my iPhone stand out. I got Circles too but plan on removing it.

  • What’s the track called…?

  • illuminati eye in that picture lol

  • Alex

    What’s confusing?

  • Alex

    Yeah, like going on jailbreak blogs and posting comments about how you have better things to do.

    Where are all these insane commenters coming from?

    • U’ve just earned urself a follower 🙂

    • It’s called the internet…try creating something and prepare for the “feedback” (you’d be amazed;)

  • The theme loocks like for an idiot

    • Alex

      Well you spell like one, so enjoy!

  • It’s creative, complete, and well… free. I’m sure the person who made this put a lot of work in this, but this theme is definitely not for me 😛

  • Guest

    How does this work? Does it require winterboard? Thanks all

  • Is there any way to change the battery icon, its impossible to see the usage…

  • pedro

    its a very clean theme, im using and I really like it. the battery icon its simple and cool. One thing I found confusing, the wifi icon but i guess i have to try to understand the bars of the wifi. One bad thing is that the name of the app is omitted, i dont understand why.
    But its a great theme and the best of all: its free!

  • Anybody know how much larger this theme is with the full UI package?

  • J™

    stock iOS theme is the best! =D

  • Hunter

    I love this theam all it needs is a nexus background

  • KornerGFX

    Great theme for my iPad mini! Wish I could have app names on the icons tho but awesome work

  • George Yfantopoulos

    How do we get this?

  • Judah Guttmann

    I wish he’d explain on his website the difference between the free UI and the full UI, as in what is included or not included… guess I have to download to find out

  • Alex

    I love your attitude. You just made my day. Honestly. I’m too sarcastic anyway. It must be a Northeast thing, or so I’m told.