iPad mini (landscape, in hand, display)

While alleged iPhone 5S component leaks continue to surface, we’ve heard and seen little news lately regarding the next generation iPad mini. The highly anticipated refresh is expected to fix the most common complaint in the slate’s otherwise glowing reviews: the display.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen several reports claiming that Apple is going to be adding a Retina display to its popular 8-inch tablet this year. And we’ve got a new one today that corroborates that theory, claiming that the device is set to land in the third quarter…

The report comes from German blog Mobileaks (via Cult of Mac):

“The iPad Mini 2 has not been confirmed by Apple, but we have just received a detailed render of our tipster. In addition, we also received a list of some specifications of the new mini tablet. The screen will remain the same as the first iPad Mini, namely 7.9 inches. But the bezel is brought to a minimum, so there has been a nearly edge-to-edge screen.

The screen resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels, so there is a Retina display with a ppi of 324. The processor of the iPad Mini 2 is the Apple A6X, who also was fitted on the iPad 4.”

Mobileaks doesn’t have any kind of track record with Apple intel, but the fact that many details here line up with previous reports adds weight to their story. It’s quite likely that, if the next mini does have a Retina display, Apple will go with the familiar 2048 x 1536.


That being said, we’re not sure if we buy the whole bezel-shrinking bit. The mini is already extremely small; so small in fact that most pundits don’t think that Apple is going to be able to squeeze a Retina display into its current dimensions, let alone something smaller.

But bezel size aside, the second gen iPad mini is expected to debut this fall alongside a slew of other Apple product refreshes. Also set for a pre-holiday unveiling is a redesigned iPad 5, a beefed up iPhone 5S, a budget iPhone, and possibly even the long-rumored iWatch.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if they did. It makes sense if you think about it since Apple would have a small cheap entry-level iPad mini a retina iPad mini (maybe with a better processor) and then the full blown iPad model. There would be absolutely no reason to choose a competitor over Apple in terms of tablets as Apple would have the entire playing field covered…

  • Ian

    Wow. That’s thin. It’d be hard to hold with it being that thin and with an edge-to-edge screen. Yes, it looks nice, but it’s not the best for holding.

  • Om Soni

    I like everything about this – except for the ‘But the bezel is brought to a minimum, so there has been a nearly edge-to-edge screen.’ I wouldn’t want an edge-to-edge screen. JMO.

    • I would imagine REAL edge-to-edge … No home botton, camera (I’ve never used it :D) & clicky display > something like trackpoint 🙂 (because of home botton functionality) ….>just my thought<…

      • iosPixel

        Thats what I want from the new iPhone… Not the 5s. The reboot.

  • I want it

  • pauleebe

    Going any other resolution route would just increase fragmentation so this is smart. The iPad currently has 264 PPI, and this would give the mini 326 PPI, which is in line with the iPhone 4/4S (330 PPI) and iPhone 5 (326 PPI).

    I just wish the regular iPad would adopt 2560×1920, which would also give it 330 PPI.

    • iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 has the same PPI 😉

  • One, that is a Dutch blog. It’s not German.

    And two, that is a fake render. It’s not real:

  • Gorgonphone

    ohhh A6X great choice. ipad mini2 will be a beast

    • Even tho the ipad mini is a beast atm cmon which game/app lags on an a5 except idk what you tell me? maybe wildblood and the amazing spiderman its not the same a5 as on the iphone 4s its even faster clocked at 1ghz

      • Gorgon Phone

        Um have you forgotten the ipad 3 graphics mess? The ipad 3 lacked power to run its retina screen at 60fps in most 3D games so deva had to use less textures and lower frame rates the ipad 4 fixed the issue

      • That was an a5x on the same res as the 2048×1536 even had a bigger screen and this will be an a6x in a tinier screen. Ipad 3 was still very snappy

  • MyFlammingSkull

    Would buy it! If you do an unboxing when it comes!

  • I have the mini and in all honesty, it processes and computes nearly as fast as my iPhone 5 and my sister’s iPad 4th generation. So that’s not much of an issue. I do love it, but, you do notice the non-retina display after staring at an iPhone 5 all day. I’ll probably end up selling the mini and getting the new one in the fall. Hopefully the dimensions don’t change so it will fit my case.

    • Gorgonphone

      umm no it does not,.. mots of the high power games and apps are optimized differently for the ipad mini vs the ipad 4 which is also pushing way more pixels around…. the mini is an ipad 2 with a small screen . its is no where near the machine that the ipad 4 is..