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Good news for all of you iPhone power users out there. The California-based accessory-maker Mophie took the wraps off a new battery case today for the iPhone 5: the Juice Pack Plus.

This is the third case we’ve seen from Mophie for the iPhone 5, and it’s also the most powerful. Forget about built-in 1500 and 1700 mAh batteries, this one has a 2,100 mAh pack…

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From Mophie’s website (via MacRumors):

“The mophie juice pack plus is made for the user who puts their iPhone 5 through the paces morning to night, maxing out features, apps, video, email and web browsing while on-the-go. The case features a 2100mAh battery, translating to an added 120 percent of extra battery life and offers the most power of mophie’s battery case solutions for the iPhone 5 to date. For protection, the juice pack plus’ dual-injected sleeve is engineered with a shockproof band and anti scratch guides to help buffer the impact of falls.”

Mophie says that the bigger battery more than doubles your iPhone’s battery life, and is good for an additional 10 hours of talk time on 3G or 10 hours of extra internet use on 3G or LTE.

All of that extra juice comes at a price though. The Plus measures in at 2.63in x 5.60in x 0.70in and weighs 2.68oz, making it bulkier than Mophie’s already-stout Juice Pack Air case.

Anyway, if you’re interested, the new Mophie Juice Pack Plus is available for purchase on Mophie’s website for $120. It comes in 3 colors, red, white and black, and starts shipping this week.

  • Adam Bowman

    Looks nice — but too expensive. I purchased a back up battery from Instapark with 11,000 mAh for around $45.00, and when I’m carrying around this little beast, I know I’m good for around 5 full recharges. Plus, when my iPhone is plugged into its 5V/2A output USB port, it charges faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. That’s what a real power user needs. So what that it’s not a case.

    • A battery-case is different than a backup battery.

      I don’t use any external battery, because I keep it charge on the dock whenever I am back to my desk.

      • Kurt

        Yes, one charges only the iphone, and the other charges all your devices many times over. A swappable battery is still better than this thick beast.

  • not the worth the price

  • Boss

    Wish Apple would just make their iPhone wider like 4.7 inches and add a 2,100 mAh as standard

    • Joe B


    • John Smith

      What they should really do, is make the battery pack more accessible so that one could theoretically have 2-3 batteries to swap into their device while they charge their other batteries.

  • bloodshed

    this is nice, but makes your iphone huge and heavy.

    • No shit Sherlock.

      • bloodshed


    • a smit

      who cares… really … a few mg weight and sightly more ‘bulk’ vs running around every 5 hours looking for a recharge

      • bloodshed

        who said none cares?!
        most of my friends were amazed when i told them about the mophie jpp for iphone4 and showed them a few pics and review clips, everybody wanted one..(and i don’t think there would be any difference with the iphone5 model, as it’s a 2100 mah)..but after i got one and they saw how huge it actually feels and looks, now non of them wants one.
        and maybe, if i had known its actual size before making a purchase (got my hands on it), i wouldn’t have made it.
        all i’m saying is, if you really need that extra power and willing to tolerate an oversized device imo..then you’re welcome.

  • ap3604

    $120 are you ****ing kidding me? On a phone that’s been out 7 months already and about to be replaced?

    And here I thought their $100 price for their iPhone 4s juice pack plus was bat sh!t crazy…

    • Klikkit

      not sure if you know but must of us iPhone 5 customers will have this phone for another year and a half at least (heard of contracts)?

      Besides the fact it will no doubt fit the 5S, really failing to understand your frustration here, you’re not forced to buy it

      • ap3604

        You’re about as smart as charging $120 for a simple battery case.

        I don’t give a crap what it does/doesnt potentially fit in the future. The fact is that you’d have to be a damn idiot to pay this price (or defend a company that would charge it).

      • Klikkit

        “You’re about as smart as charging $120 for a simple battery case.”

        Quite possibly the worst attempt at an insult I’ve ever seen. Charging $120 for a case after they’ve established themselves as a go-to brand for what they offer, knowing people will buy it, is pretty smart.

        Personally, I SHOULD buy one, I frequently run out of battery, I’ve missed countless phonecalls from potential customers as a result of running out of charge, so these things are worth their weight in gold to me.

        I suppose I’m a ‘damn idiot’ for NOT buying one, but I don’t like the additional bulk/weight they add to the phone.

  • Robert Steen

    You guys have the wrong link at the end of your article; it should be linking to the Juice Pack Plus on Mophie’s site, but instead links to the old listing for the Juice Pack Air. Just fyi

  • n0ahcruz3

    Their product sucks, Less than a month use and the USB connector isnt working. Never again morphie.

    • ExRoot

      Ok. I hate to tell you this but Mophie is the highest rated counterfeited accessory. NUMBER 1. And that’s the number one complaint for fake mophie. The only way to know your getting a real one is if you buy directly from mophie. They are even selling fakes on AMAZON and forget about ebay. Guaranteed counterfeit. I will bet you yours is counterfeit. Check the reviews on Amazon an see how many people are complaining about fake mophies. You have to go to the Mophie site and send your serial number. They have a whole section devoted to fake mophies. They do not support counterfeit Mohpie’s. it’s a huge problem. Search the web and see how to tell if yours is fake. It’s sort of hard to tell but there are tell Tale signs. The main complaint is the USB cable breaking or not working. Sorry guy but I believe you have a counterfeit Mophie! They are awesome except when you buy a counterfeit one.

  • Joe B