50 billion

Apple’s App Store just crossed a major milestone this afternoon. Just a few moments ago, the digital storefront passed the 50 billion download mark, bringing the company’s “50 Billion App Countdown” to an end.

The winner of the countdown promotion, who has yet to be revealed, will be given a $10,000 iTunes gift card, good for apps, videos, books and music. And fifty additional lucky winners will receive $500 gift cards…

This is the third major milestone that Apple has celebrated since the App Store’s launch in 2008. The first one was for the passing 10 billion download mark in 2011. And the second came a year later, at the 25 billion mark.

Looking at the numbers, the App Store has seen staggering growth over its short existence. In fact, Apple announced back in January that it hit 40 billion downloads. So that means it saw 10 billion downloads in just 5 months.

  • Joe B

    That’s a lot of downloads.

  • I cant wait

  • I hope it was me 🙂
    Downloading Google Hangouts
    Wish me luck, lol

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Same here. I will be satisfied if I get the $500 😀

    • i dont get it , is it the 50th billion person who downloaded the app OR the 50th billion app downloaded. (which means all those first 50 people who downloaded google hangouts as the 50 billion download app won?)

      • bohlsey

        It is the 50 billionth person who downloads an app gets the money. Someone can download any app they want, they just have to be the 50 billionth person to download an app through the app store.

      • Pod

        nope the 50th billion who downloaded the app 🙂

  • Hopefully me…
    Downloaded TV Guide Mobile

    Wish me luck

  • FlamingOzone


  • and me phobos 🙂 wish me luck too !

  • Why is everyone wanting to be wished lucked, you’ve missed it, read the article dammit.

    I just wanna know what the 50 billionth downloaded app was.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Google hangout probably. But does it matter?

    • Exactly what I was thinking!

  • Ian

    I used 4 devices, downloaded like 20 apps total. Wish me luck. 🙂

  • Adel Ali

    What app is that on the iPad Mini?

  • I was sitting and was 3 million away (which would have taken 15-20 minutes to finally reach 50,000,000 and I HAD to leave!! Ugh. Worst. Time. Ever.

    • Ian

      I hate that feeling..

  • Zaidan Umar

    There’s a mistake in the last para.
    “Apple announced back in January that it hit 40 billion downloads. So that means it saw 10 billion downloads in just 5 months.”
    40 Billion??

    • Hyr3m

      Total number of downloads as of January (01) : 40 billion
      Total number of downloads as of May (05) : 50 billion

      50 – 40 = 10 billion in 4-5 months.

      How is this a mistake ?

      • Zaidan Umar

        Whops. Idk what i was thinking. I was comparing the 10 billion with 25 billion. My bad, Sorry!

  • Kurdistan Apple

    What app is that at the to that’s says thanks

    • jalen springfield

      That… My Friend… is Paper by 53. Great app for iPad, i must say!