T-Mobile subscribers are still getting used to having access to the iPhone, and those with existing AT&T unlocked iPhone 5 received a carrier update to add LTE support for T-Mobile’s frequency. Unfortunately, that’s not all it did.

Turns out that update may have also limited the bandwidth available to T-Mobile customers using one of those unlocked handsets, leaving them with something of a gimped LTE service. Bummer, right?

Well, remember the guy that worked out how jailbroken iPhone users could enable T-Mobile’s LTE before the aforementioned carrier update? That same clever man has also worked out how to give T-Mobile the bandwidth you’d expect from one of the hottest LTE handsets on the market. And you don’t even need to be jailbroken for it to work…

The process is actually relatively easy to follow, and involves forcing a new carrier update onto the phone in question. The whole thing is laid out courtesy of TmoNews, and it covers both Windows and Mac users so you should be set.

For those who like the geeky stuff, the new carrier update actually enables Release 9 DC-HSPA+ on the iPhone 5. T-Mobile doesn’t actually support that, but switching it on on an iPhone 5 has the affect of opening it up to the increased bandwidth that we’re after. Simple, isn’t it? No, we wouldn’t have worked it out for ourselves, either.

You can find these instructions on TmoNews.

Good? Good!

Have you noticed any improvement after giving this a whirl?

  • Will it work in The Netherlands?

    • I believe it’s only for the American T-Mobile network.

  • sam445

    this any cydia app that i can download music for free, right from the mobile iTunes to my iphone

    • himynameisBLiNK


    • If you are asking for ways to pirate music you are in the wrong place.
      You won’t find ANY help here.

    • John Smith


    • marcus1324

      I hate pirates. Besides stealing they can’t even talk right.

      • sam445

        @PiraCee @marcus1324:disqus if i m pirates and what r u doing here cydia is a pirates..

      • marcus1324

        Are you saying that Cydia itself is a pirate or that the people that use Cydia are pirates?

  • Is that really all the bandwitch you have on a LTE network in the US ?

    • Alex Janko

      It varies…usually we see closer to 26-48 Mbps

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Nope.. My LTE is at most 12 Mbps.

      • i have 14 mbps in 3G+… now i understand why it seems so important to have 4G in the US ^^

      • Johnathan Jennings

        HSDPA networks (3G for dumb people like you) have a maximum download speed of 7Mbps. You have to have HSPA at least to get those speeds. And that’s known as 4G.

  • In the Netherlands, please, that would be so nice!

  • gruhu13

    your lte is 3 times faster than my wifi (5mb/s)! – and i only have 0,5 mb/s upload – dammit

  • chjode

    Are there any mirrors to download this file from non-sketchy websites that require spam-tastic accounts?

  • Ken P

    So, I live in Canada, and my iPhone is Jailbroken & Factory unlocked. Current carrier is Telus.
    I have a T-Mobile pay-as-you-go (the $3/day plan) Nano SIM that I use when traveling in the USA.
    Should I install this carrier update? Will it affect my Telus SIM at all?

  • This has done nothing in order to improve the 4G speed on my unlocked iPhone 5 on T-Mobile network. I have the same speed as before the hacked settings. May be depends on your location it may impact the speed.

    • Walter E

      No change here either. No speed difference, maybe a little better signal but that’s it. I’m in the DFW area using an unlocked AT&T version iPhone 5 6.1.2

  • Haven’t noticed a speed improvement, before the update I was getting 10 down & 3 up, after the update, 10 down & 3 up!