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Viber, the popular instant messaging service and WhatsApp’s chief rival, has fallen behind a bit in the past year or so. Not only did WhatsApp take the lead – the service claims to handle an astounding eighteen billion messages every day – but the search monster Google is getting ready to unify its many chat services under a new Bable IM brand.

Small wonder then that Viber in a major move on Tuesday announced a brand new desktop application for Mac and Windows PCs. Available as a free download from the Viber’s web site, Viber for Mac lets you send free messages as well as make free calls to other Viber users.

The much-welcomed software release now enables one to keep their communication in sync across mobile and desktop devices because in addition to desktop, Viber is now available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Bada platforms.

Moreover, Viber – which was founded by American-Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco – has revamped its mobile iOS/Android client with video messages, an improved voice engine said to help improve call quality and lots more. Go past the fold for an introductory video and more tidbits…

Viber for Mac and Windows, as you’d expect, syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile devices. And of course, you can start the conversation on Viber for iPhone and continue right where you left off on your Mac.

From a news release:

One of the strengths of Viber is its easy activation process. The company has replicated the same process with Viber Desktop. As soon as you enter your mobile number and a confirmation code which is sent to your mobile Viber app, you are ready to go!

All of your mobile Viber contacts are instantly and continuously synced from your mobile Viber to Viber Desktop.

You can even transfer ongoing VoIP calls between devices.

Other features of the desktop Viber client include video calls, HD voice calls, free text and photo messages, group conversations and more.

Here’s a short Viber Desktop video tour.

According to Viber, its service has passed 200 million registered users globally. Rival WhatsApp announced the 200 million users milestone back in March 2012.

In addition to the brand new desktop apps, Viber also revamped the mobile client. For starters, Viber mobile version 3.0 now supports video messages.

The new build includes localization in eight new languages (Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Dutch, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Indonesian) and features the ability to transfer live calls between Viber on your iPhone and Viber on Desktop.

Viber 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Viber 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

A new online indicator helps determine who’s online, in-app notifications for new messages kick in when Viber is active and you can now filter groups in messages screen to quickly find a specific group.

The visual makeover includes a redesigned contact info screen, larger photos/thumbnails, the ability to browse photos from particular users/groups and other UI tweaks.

Viber now cleverly downloads new photos for faster viewing and lets you even add a caption to the photos and videos being sent. And last, but not the least, Viber 3.0 contains new packages of obligatory stickers, the latest fad popularized by recent sticker-related updates to Path, Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

Viber 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Viber 3.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Viber 3.0 is available free from the App Store and Google’s Play Store for Android.

The previous version 2.3 update brought out such enhancements as emoticons, locations, stickers and group conversations with up to 40 participants.

According to a study by Informa, it may be high time for those greedy wireless carriers to wake up and smell the data coffee as Internet-based chat platforms like WhatsApp, Viber and Apple’s iMesage combined have overtaken SMS globally, by volume.

I’m really glad Viber made a jump on the desktop and hopefully rival instant messaging platforms will follow suit soon.

The ball is now in WhatsApp’s court.

  • Sina

    Best VoIP App Ever!

  • Justine Tobi Dayao

    COOL. Might try this, because it is free. Has a desktop client and syncs between your devices.

  • Ian

    It looks okay, but I’m actually not in love with the stickers. I’m not sure why, but I’m not. 😛 I guess I like Apple’s cleaner iMessages App.

  • Viber is an amazing video and messaging app. I am using it from past one year and I have an amazing experience with it.

  • Johnny Tucats

    Windows desktop app not syncing contacts for me. Also, I’d like to be able to pick and choose my Viber contacts. Currently, if you delete a Viber contact from your iPhone it deletes it from your Contacts! Horrible!

    • Satu0King

      To sync contacts, deactivate and reactivate your account in settings

  • WOW!!! This is huge news. Whatsapp will now be playing catch up this time.

    • Satu0King

      whatsapp was never close to this. no voice call

  • rosssimpson

    imagine whatsapp with a desktop client, hmmmm, I wonder 😉

    • Satu0King

      it wont happen

  • felixtaf

    Was using Skype for years… But iOS and Android app Sucks (after Microsoft took over it). Now Viber… Cool app.. Main difference is it pushes messages much better than skype…

  • Damian W


  • iiku

    still there is no iPad version!

  • -awesomeness 😀

  • is anyone else having issues installing it on yer Mac ?

    • Kurt

      I had problems with putting in my number. Even though the correct country was selected I had to type in the country code (without the +)

      • just tried doing 0044 and just 44 before my number and nothing

      • Hi Pez,

        Please try uninstalling Viber Desktop, then download and install it from our homepage.

        Does it work now?

      • Got it ! Cheers guys, way prefer what you offer compared to Whatsapp

  • i love this vibe

  • Kurt

    Viber is great. Use it each day. Love the fact I don’t have to have the program running to receive a call. Works well on the PC too

  • Hi there!
    This is a member of the Viber Team. 🙂

    We are thrilled about our new releases, and we hope that our users and fans out there will make the most out of them!

    As usual, we’re here to address our users’ questions and doubts directly. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to let us know 🙂

    Best regards,

    the Viber Team.

    • Hi there…quick question. I have installed Viber desktop on my mac, followed the setup process, and it seems to be up and running. Contacts are synced. However, none of my messages are. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

      • Sorry..I meant the old conversations on my phone aren’t syncing. Any new messages I write through my phone are…

        Thanks again.

      • Only new conversations, initiated after installing 3.0, will be synchronized with your Viber Desktop.

      • Hi Zaak,
        This could be a result of very high pressure on our servers at the moment.

        Please try to reboot your mobile and your Desktop apps, and try again in several hours. If the problem persists, please do let me know 🙂

      • Satu0King

        My contacts are not syncing on my pc

      • Satu0King

        I got it working, i deactivated and reactivated

    • Hynie Rose Estor

      Why there is no emoticons on my viber desktop? 🙁

      • We plan to add it in future updates 🙂

      • CJ Caing

        When will emoticons be added? Still no updates from Viber Desktop. It’s already June (almost a month after it’s release).

      • We’re working on it, but unfortunately we still don’t have a specific release date. In this situation, we wouldn’t want to give a time frame to our users, so we don’t disappoint them if the release is slightly delayed.

        We recommend that you stay tuned for news and updates through our official HelpDesk, or our Facebook page/

    • Kurt

      Hi, before we didn’t need the app running to receive a phone call since the sms triggered the phone to ring. Now we must have the app running to receive messages and calls. Is this temporary or permanent? If you don’t mind me asking, why did you guys make this change?

      • Hi Kurt,

        What phone do you have? Which version of operating system?

      • Kurt

        Hi, thank you for the reply. iPhone 4S on 6.1.2

      • This could be a temporary issue.

        Please reboot your phone, and test Viber again.
        In addition, please try connecting to a few different WiFi networks, and see if the problem persists in all of them.

        What are the results?

      • Kurt

        It works now. If I close Viber, I am still able to receive messages now. Thank you.

      • Our pleasure to help 🙂

        Keep enjoying Viber!

    • Domenico Maniscalco

      My friend’s phone said the texts he sent me were “SEEN” by me,But I was sleeping all night and I did NOT “SEE” it til the AM . Why would his phone say I “SEEN” the texts at 3am when I was sleeping. I didn’t get the messages until 8 am when I woke up.

  • Does anyone have their quick reply working ? Mine doesnot work after i updated the app 🙁

    • Hi Alx,

      What exactly do you mean? please elaborate.

      • Oh sorry if i counfused you. Theres nothing wrong with the app. I was talking about the quick reply for viber tweak

  • House4life

    Ipad version please!

    • Planned 🙂

      However, not that Viber could still overall work on iPads. Find Viber in AppStore.

  • designnine

    I can’t see the timestamp of messages properly on iOS app (iphone 4). ?

    • Hi,

      Could you elaborate on the problem, or possibly add a screenshot?

      Thanks 🙂

  • Guest

    Why does viber say online at times and last seen at?

    • You can turn it off in setting if you want

    • “Online” means the Viber application is currently open (running on the screen) at the contact’s side. “Last Seen” means their Viber app is closed, and it tells you when it was last opened on their side.

      • David Dumsani Nyembe

        Hi there. How do I show the “online” and “Last Seen” on Viber app for Blackberry Bold 9900

      • Hi,

        This feature is not yet available in Viber on Blackberry. We plan to add it in future versions.

      • David Dumsani Nyembe

        Thank u so much for your response I will keep on using the importent features “calling and messaging” I hope for more future improvements as they keep coming,thanks

      • Our pleasure to help 🙂

      • Arissa Syahira

        I saw my friend always appear on her screen 3minutes ago. Do u mean she off her application or go exit in viber pls reply asap

  • DD

    Hy, I have a problem with viber desktop instalation, the code to activate viber desktop sent by message on the mobile viber it is incorrect. It is giving me the following :”The code you entered was incorrect.Please try again”, I went back several times and they send me more than one code but none was accepted

    • Hi,

      First, uninstall Viber Desktop. Now, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of Viber on your mobile phone (from AppStore/PlayStore/Market Place/AppWorld), launch it and use it for a few minutes.

      Then, reinstall Viber Desktop *from our homepage*, and try to register again. Does it work now?

  • Nicole May

    How do you know when one of your contacts has deleted the Viber app? Obviously when it says “online” they’re online and “last seen” means (I’m guessing) that they haven’t opened the Viber app in a while or haven’t connected to WiFi recently, but what about when they delete the Viber app all together? My aunt told me she deleted it, but I still see her in my contacts and can still send her messages (although they do stay “sent” and not “delivered”). Under her name though, it doesn’t say anything. Is that how I know she has deleted it? Or is there another way?

    • Hi,

      Deleting Viber (as opposed to deactivating) makes it impossible to us (technically) to know whether or not that user intends to reinstall Viber later, or plans to stop using it altogether. This is why there is a wait of 45 days during which if we see no activity on the account, it is automatically deleted, and only then you will stop appearing as a Viber user to your contacts.

      The instant way to do it, however, is to deactivate Viber instead of uninstalling it. This is done through the “More” tab inside Viber.

  • chee

    hey can you clarify what does __ was online last 3hrs ago whatever really means? does it mean only that the phone is on wifi or 3g ? or the he/she had a conversation last 3hrs ago??

    • “last seen” means the time when the user has Viber opened on their screen. “Online” means that they have Viber opened in their screen at the moment 🙂

  • Domenico Maniscalco

    My friend’s phone said the texts he sent me were “SEEN” by me, But I was sleeping all night and I did NOT “SEE” it til the AM . Why would his phone reflect “SEEN” by me when I was sleeping and didn’t get them until the next day? It makes me look like I’m not telling the truth. : /

    • Hmm.. thanks for the report of the problem. We haven’t encountered similar complaints before.
      Are you sure Viber Desktop wasn’t open at that time, causing the message to be “Seen” ?

      Does the problem persist?

  • chirag

    how many ppl can connect together for a video conference

    • Guest

      Does “last online …minutes ago” mean that the person was actually online using/speaking with someone on Viber or does it mean that the application is closed?
      How can we tell when someone is actually using Viber and when they are not?

      • “Online” and “Last online” mean that Viber itself (the application) was available, not necessarily that it was opened on the foreground, or used for calls/texts.

        At the moment there is no way to tell if Viber was used.

    • At the moment only 2, and only via Viber Desktop.

  • Alotta Fagina

    Hello, does “last online …minutes ago” mean that the person was actually online using/speaking with someone on Viber at that time or does it mean that the application is closed?
    How can we tell when someone is actually online using Viber and when they are not?

    • As we replied below:

      “Online” and “Last online” mean that Viber itself (the application) was available, not necessarily that it was opened on the foreground, or used for calls/texts.

      At the moment there is no way to tell if Viber was used.

  • lmf

    I deleted all conversations from both my phone and desktop, but a deleted contact/conversation keeps reappearing. Does anyone know why?

    • Hi,

      Have you tried deleting the conversation from your phone first?

  • Diane Jacobson

    Is it possible to turn viber off and still have your iPhone turned on and in use for everything else? If so, how?????! Also if you are on chat on Facebook and make a free call does it use viber? When you turn off chat does that then turn off viber. I think I have seen this happen with my friends just by observation. Would love to know all this. Thanks.

    • Hi Diane,

      Viber remains available for all times, even after you exit it, using the Push Notification mechanism. Even when the app is closed, if you have an incoming call or text message, Viber will ‘wake up’ and let you choose if you would like to accept the call or see the text.

      The only way to make a Viber free call on iPhone is through Viber itself.

  • Diane Jacobson

    Thanks for trying to answer my question but it does not really address what I have observed. For example, a friend of mine’s status says online on10/23/13. But in the meantime she had used her phone for everything, calls other apps, etc. Because the phone is on shouldn’t it say online? Another friend’s phone lost its charge and status said last online……etc. soon it was turned on again it said online on my end. In the first example it is as if the viber app can be off. In the second example it seems viber is online if your phone is charged and being used even though definitely the person was not using viber in any way. Is this at all clear? The online status thing just does not appear to work uniformly. It confuses me.

  • disqus_hAHX2z8V1F

    If I delete a message from viber iPhone app, will it be gone from the desktop app and vice versa?

    • Deleting a message from Viber mobile does not affect Viber Desktop (the message will remain in Viber Desktop).
      You may delete the message manually through Viber Desktop (right-click and “Delete”).

  • disqus_hAHX2z8V1F

    And if deleting from desktop will it remove it from the mobile?

    • No.

      Deleting Viber Desktop does not affect Viber mobile at all.

  • Aaron

    how can i know wether a person is online or offline on viber desktop

    • This feature is not yet possible.

      We are considering to add it in future updates.

  • april love agoo

    using viber in my iphone 5s can i have video call iphone to desktop??