Photo Organizer Safemode

Good news Photo Organizer fans. The developer lordscotland has listened to your feedback, and has subsequently posted an update to the app with new features, sort options and more. Actually, he rolled the update into a whole new tweak.

The original Photo Organizer, which was released back in February, is a simple tweak that allows you to copy, delete and rearrange pictures in the stock Photos app. And the Pro version is exactly like that, but with a few more options…

Here’s the features list for Photo Organizer Pro:

-Shake to automatically remove deleted items and import new photos by subdirectory from /var/mobile/Media/DCIM

-Sort photos by name, size, and date—iPad now supported!

-Select/unselect all items with one tap—iPad now supported!

-Many other minor changes and bug fixes

I was actually pretty impressed by Photo Organizer when I first tried it a few months ago. It’s a lightweight, functional tweak that works seamlessly with the default Photos app, so all of its features are easy to access. And I imagine this is no different.

But are these ‘Pro’ features worth the upgrade? You’ll have to answer that one. To me, not really. But if they are to you, you can find Photo Organizer Pro in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo for $0.99. It works best on iPhone, but iPads are also supported.

  • JinOnyxMusic

    What’s the difference between this and photoalbums+?

    • this is cheaper n works fine too.

    • steve00000

      i’ve actually just swapped photoalbums+ for the pro version of photo organizer and the main differences other then the price is that photoalbums+ can password protect albums and photo organizer pro allows you to import photos from a folder and also allows for sorting

      if the password functionality isn’t something you’d need i’d highly recommend photo organizer pro (or just the free photo organizer if you don’t need the import functionality)

  • What about backups with icloud? no problems with this?

  • Thi Han

    I got a refund cause it crashes on me when I tried to move photos around.

  • Gekko

    How does this work with iTunes?
    Does it sync back changes? For example when you delete a photo, does syncing delete it from your computer too?

  • Needs much more to separate from the free version and make it worth the purchase! Lots of potential here though!

  • TheLosh

    Needs a bit more improvement. When I move photos from Camera roll to another album, I can’t see them anymore if I plug the phone to the PC or Mac
    But I went from PhotoAlbums+ to this because PhotoAlbums plus was duplicating photos and folders.

    • ɹɯ llıɹıʞ

      Ive had the same issue from the original one. My Photo library only shows 300 photos (from camera roll) when i connect and load up image capture, but iTunes shows that there’s 5000 photos! and not photo stream. seems when i was deleting from camera roll, it was just removing from there, but staying on the phone… and can’t find them anywhere.

  • jonh

    is it working in IOS7?