MiniPlayer Featured

MiniPlayer is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to add an iTunes inspired mini player to the iPhone. The player can be easily docked on the right-side of the iPhone’s screen, and revealed with a simple tap gesture on the album artwork.

MiniPlayer features superb animations, and is based on a concept by Sentry, the designer behind Auxo. If you’re looking for a way to spice up the music playing experience on your iPhone, then this is a tweak that you want to check into.

MiniPlayer plays nice with the stock Music app. You can use it to pause, skip, or go to the previous song, right from the interface controls on the widget. The widget is also capable of displaying album art, album artist, and now playing song title.

Although the stock Music app has the expected compatibility, things didn’t go as well when using a 3rd party music app like Spotify. The controls worked fine as far as pausing and skipping tracks were concerned, but the album art always seemed to be out of sync while using Spotify. Most of the time it would display the album artist of the previous song instead of the currently playing song. If you’re a big Spotify user like me, then you definitely want to be aware of this shortcoming.

MiniPlayer features several options located in the Settings app. There is an option to disable the MiniPlayer while on the Lock screen, which makes sense considering there’s already album art and easily accessible Lock screen music controls built into iOS. There’s also an option to hide the MiniPlayer all together when the music is paused or you can hide the player with an Activator action.

My favorite thing about this jailbreak tweak is its animation. The snappy animation that happens when docking the MiniPlayer is superb, and makes the tweak feel high quality. I also like the fact that you can move the player around your screen with a simple tap and hold gesture.

If you’re someone who uses the stock Music App for the majority of your music listening needs, then I can recommend MiniPlayer. It doesn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking, buts it’s a nice distraction from the stock iOS methodology for playing music.

MiniPlayer costs $2.00 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, but can be had at a $1.00 discount if you already own the developer’s PowerMusic MiniPlayer. What do you think about MiniPlayer? Share your thoughts and comments below.

  • I agree with you Jeff, this is an awesome tweak. I hope they update it with a scrubber/volume slider and a way to open your music app.

    • Surenix

      Size is too small for any of those.

      • Very true. I would see it working only if another page was added. Still an awesome tweak though. Replaced my DashboardX with it!

      • Sahil

        Scrubber is not needed.. But on clicking the album art u can open the music app.. 🙂

  • I alrdy have podswitcher(springboard) & pluck (lockscreen) , what else do i need! D’:

  • Seth K.

    This is just one of those tweaks that you hope Apple is paying attention to.

  • Surenix

    Too bad you didn’t wait just a little longer to review this–next time? 🙂

    I’ve been hired on to redesigning the look (and adding more features)

    • Jeff

      Yep, for sure we will.

    • Nice please make it thinner it’s kinda big and also it’s pointless to have it while playing a video. So maybe make an option to turn it off while playing a video ? 🙂

    • marcus1324

      Surenix you make everything better. I have ayecon for auxo, sbsettings, and live clock. Not to mention atom. They look great on my iPhone. I admire your work.

      • Surenix

        Haha, thank you for your support!

    • Kamal

      You sir are a legend!

      • Surenix

        Thank you 🙂

  • They need to come up with somethen where you. Can access your albums. From lockscreen

    • You can, it’s a free tweak called Pluck

      • You can only pick 1 song and they rest of the album wnt play. Like normal from the music app

      • RyukTehRpR

        Yeh u can lol :D! , if u ever “updated” the tweak long ago, u can toggle a switch to add multiple songs. Or click the “symbol” on the LS, scroll up n then hit “add all songs” then done it’ll play it all, or visa versa

      • Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that. I assumed it was just a bug

    • What laim said :p

    • Damian W

      The same developer released few months ago PowerMusic to access albums from lock screen . And now MiniPlayer is only extension of this tweak.

  • Utada Hikaru and m-flo! I wonder what else Jeff listens to.

  • Damian W

    Great little tweak, but they need to change this huge bulky icon from the edge of the screen when the player is hidden (iPad version only). It interferes with keyboard, apps, icons, and pretty much covers text everywhere you go. I am surprised they did not do it the same way it looks on iPhone where it is almost completely hidden.

    • Al

      I was in the same boat… But with the activator the tweak can be hidden or reappear all within an activator method. Although it would be better if they implemented like the iPhone version..

  • The idea for this tweak was originally from @Sirifl0w. He had it when iTunes 11 was revealed and he and @Smartvipere75 have been working on it since then.
    The developer of this tweak got inspired from @Sentry_NC’s Miniplayer concept (made as a request from @Sirifl0w).
    Recently I read that the developer of this tweak wasn’t aware that @Sirifl0w was working on it, and he would’ve stopped if he knew it.
    So I think you should all wait for the @Sirifl0w’s Miniplayer and then decide which one to buy. Because is kind of sad that the guy who came up with the idea gets nothing at the end.

    • Damian W

      As far as stealing or cheating was not involve in this drama, I would buy the better one or simply the first that came out which is MiniPlayer. BTW, sirifl0w does not get his tweaks rights, there is always something missing or incompatible.

    • MrShutEmDown

      I followed the little twitter ramblings over the weekend regarding the tweak and Siriflow seemed to be angry about someone taking initiative and making the tweak.. However when he was asked when his would come out he said “June” or later.. Because he has a lot on his plate. Which is fair.. But for him to tweet bad to miniplayers developer and say
      “Don’t be fooled this is not the tweak that we are releasing”… As if he has a beta, or anything other than a concept he probably wasn’t workin on until someone did it themselves was crazy in my eyes. Don’t be tardy for the party Siriflow

      • Sirifl0w started working on it since iTunes was revealed, he even showed some images of the tweak (Not concepts)
        Maybe he is kind of slow but he wants to get things right.
        That’s why he was so mad

  • SaG di Capra

    Very buggy.
    1. When disabling it in lock screen it still shows up when starting to play music.
    2. When enabling “Hide in Pause” it still shows at first.
    3. When playing music and you swipe the mini player up, it disappears and doesn’t show again until you lock and unlock your phone again.

    If it would work, it’d be one of my favorite and most needed tweaks. But like this, it’s pretty much worthless.

  • Whats the difference between PowerMusic MiniPlayer and MiniPlayer ? Are they same ?

  • Don’t wish to start a riot but this is NOT the official tweak that is being worked on by myself, @smartviperE75 and @Sentry_NC.

    I, along with sentry, have spoken to the developer and it seems that he ‘copied’ the concept video and was not going to give credit to the respective creators. He has since done so in the description of this tweak in cydia. Refer to the MiniPlayer video on sentry’s youtube page to see the similarities.

    We agreed that it was fine for him to release the tweak, despite him not consulting with us first. Granted credit has to go to the developer of this tweak for what he has produced and I respect his enthusiasm shown towards the project.

    I don’t wish to cause an argument or show disrespect towards the developer, just wanted to clear some things up for those who were confused. It is likely that our version will be released at some point as well. Nevertheless, it is disappointing that this had to occur.

    • Damian W

      We all have 100 concepts in our head . The winner is the one who turns these concepts into reality first; this time it is MPow. If you dont want your concept being used then dont post it on websites. Simple. You can blame only yourself.

      • I think you find that the winner is the one which produces the best looking and user friendly tweak as well as being as close to the concept and iTunes 11 MiniPlayer as possible, NOT who finished first. If you rush to make a tweak which has a poor UI and doesn’t function properly and release first, what is the gain in that?!?!

        I don’t want to cause any arguments so there is no point in continuing further.

      • Damian W

        MiniPlayer definitely brings the quality, however it could be a bit better on iPad. I understand your disappointment, but the lesson should be learned not to post concept months before the actual release.

      • The winner is the tweak that is well-thought out, well-designed and has great attention to detail. There’s no prize for rushing to implement the same thing so you can be “first” (and potentially earn more profit – but developers should focus on perfecting their software instead of the money).

    • Sentry

      It’s all good, guys. Nothing to get dramatic about! Although I had no involvement with this tweak, it is pretty clearly similar to the old mockup video of a tweak that was in development. I don’t think anyone’s stollen anything here. I simply designed it for the developers, who are still making it. At the end of the day if the ‘original’ one is released, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Healthy competition. :p

  • RarestName

    It’s sad now that it’s all about credit instead of having fun developing and seeing users enjoy these little tweaks.

  • SweKiwi

    Useless for those using Spotify.
    Like me.

  • I didn’t want the flame, at the end of all, users will get better tweaks because competition force me to make mine better and probably you too. So please stop the flame so we can’t develop our tweak and give to the user the best. Really don’t know why you would continue with that since Sentry tell me that there are not problems. Good work

  • if there wasn’t velox I would use this for sure

  • Worked on the ipad; but I prefer music controls pro. But music controls pro messes up the Newsy app….

  • Queball

    Could you use this with Dashboard X as a main music player widget? I currently have Jukebox running on DashX and i quite like it. I leave my last row of icons on my Iphone empty and when i turn on song via any music app the widget turns on and i have access to all the controls on my homescreen. when the app closes it disappears.