A couple days ago, we gave you a preview of Luna, a new jailbreak tweak that lets you turn Do Not Disturb on and off, directly from the Lock screen or from Notification Center with a simple pull down gesture. Additionally, when your device is unlocked, Luna will display notifications with non intrusive banners.

Luna, which was born from a concept by Sentry and developed by Ryan Petrich, is now available in Cydia for two bucks…

Arguably, the price might be a little high for a tweak that doesn’t do much. But as always, you get what you pay for. Ryan Petrich is a highly skilled developer who has always released high quality tweaks.

As for me, I will not be using Luna since I already use NCsettings and LockscreenToggles, which let me turn Do Not Disturb on and off from anywhere on my iPhone. Granted, those two tweaks don’t display simple notifications like Luna does, but they also do much more. I guess it’s all about personal preferences, as often.

At any rate, if you’re in the market for a simple and quick way to enable and disable Do Not Disturb, this is your tweak. It is available on the BigBoss repo for $2.

What’s your take on it?

  • 2$? Velox cost 2$ and it was worth it

    • Damian W

      Thats what I thought. Also LockscreenToggles is much better and it costs 2 as well. Some of these devs live in dreams. This tweak is at most 50 cents worth 😛

  • Sebastien I don’t mean to “rain on your parade” so to speak but the tweak does more than just toggle Do Not Disturb from the lockscreen

    • You are correct

    • Sahil

      Elaborate on ur comment. ?? Didn’t really understand what ur trying to say..

      • Exactly as I put it. To simplify it even more here’s a rough translation

      • Sahil

        Oh I guess I didn’t read the ‘when unlocked’ so I wondered. Do not disturb is supposed to provide non-intrusive notifications so I was thinking what the additional part was. Thanks though!

  • insanj

    sort of. you can still see the main forecast time/weather area, but you can’t swipe or tap it at all.

  • King

    rather spend the 2$ on Mcd’s

    • Florian Lerch

      Hahaha made my day

  • Samy060

    Forecast has been updated to 2.2.1-1 in order to work with a new tweak from Ryan Petrich. So I guess it’s Luna 🙂

    • Tyler

      New update made it where all my lock screen does is flash the time once and then just be blank (no weather or anything). Now it looks like crap, had to uninstall forecast 🙁 it’s a sad day

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Too much money

  • Is this compatible with IntelliScreenX “Top Shelf” feature?

  • Guest

    Is this compatible with IntelliScreenX’s “Top Shelf” feature?

  • If you like the smaller banner notifications, DietBulletin, also by Ryan Petrich is available for free on Cydia.

    • One of my favorites!!

    • Which is ironic as DietBulletin is the very thing Luna conflicts with. It also conflicts with Emblem on the iPad in the sense that when Do Not Disturb is enabled notifications are still shown normally in Emblem. I hope this can be fixed as I’d like to have the smaller notifications in D Not Distrub mode but the Emblem ones when Do Not Disturb mode is not enabled. For now I have disabled Emblem with sbsettings…

      • There is an update for DietBulletin on Cydia right now.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Luna doesn’t work on my iPhone 5 even with the latest DietBulletin update. I’ve sent an email to A3 and waiting…

  • Dylfo

    Is do not disturb a big deal? I’ve never used it and I can’t see myself ever using it so in my opinion this tweak should be free

    • There’s not just enabling or disabling the DND functionality that gets offered when you get this tweak but also some more, as well as how elegant this is. I think $1 would have been OK but I’m fine paying $2 for something that is eye-candy like this. I’m hoping all of these tweaks are constantly updated whenever needed for the price you pay.

      • Dylfo

        The fact that a tweak looks good doesn’t mean it is good

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Luna is good in my opinion, however I do agree the developers should pay more attention to what users have to say about their products. Luna, for instance, would still play the audio tones on alerts which certainly I still cannot understand the purpose of having the kill switch flag for that feature is.
        Maybe you can shed some light on that? 🙂

  • The problem with toggles related to do not disturb I’ve encountered is that till now of all the ones I’ve tried none of them seem to help turn off dnd when it’s turned on via the scheduled dnd ;( in such cases you’d have to go to the settings to turn it off

  • jose castro


  • marcus1324

    Sebastien you and all the iDB Jailbreak writers missed it! A tweak called MiniPlayer was released earlier today on BigBoss and it is based off Sentry’s concept of iTunes MiniPlayer on iOS. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a post yet.

    • Beta382

      It sucks and is shoddily made. Wait for the real deal by Sirifl0w and SmartviperE75, who are actually working with Sentry.

      • Well, I saw some previews on YouTube and I must say I don’t like it but personally I like to open the Music app instead of having stuff floating around on my screen, but that’s just me. If they can present a more minimalistic and elegant tweak, I may consider it.

      • marcus1324

        I wouldn’t say that it sucks… It just sucks on iPhone. It takes up a lot on the screen and it looks way better on iPad. I’m going to check out the stuff you mentioned now.

      • Sahil

        R u crazy.. Mini player is superb.. Acces music controls from anywhere instead of double tapping the home button and use the app switcher alternative.. And it doesn’t take any space at all. U can choose to hide it when music is paused in the settings.. And sentry himself said he has been assigne to redesign and add a few more features to the mini player

      • marcus1324

        Yeah actually I think I will get it after all. And it’s Surenix that said he would be apart of that next update. I’m going to try it out.

  • It does not seem to be compatible with Flusterless so you need to choose which one you prefer, providing Flusterless is a free tweak but lacks the other features Luna offers.
    On another note, if the Lockscreen functionality is disabled, the clock is still movable but it dissappears unless you tap on it again, a bug that will more than likely be fixed or so I hope.
    My other recommendation would be to change that ‘X’ that is displayed whenever you are disabling DND, I would have preferred a more elegant symbol or drawing instead of it. Overall it’s a very neat and elegant tweak, I haven’t tested it deep.
    OH, and it IS compatible with the top-shelf feature of IntelliScreenX, so go for it!

  • M

    Let me just say I love the fact that you guys now do gifs on the blog to show off minor tweak functionality. It’s so much more convenient that a full blown video sometimes. Thank you.

  • f1ght3r

    Does no one use sbsettings anymore? lol

    • tariq haidari

      Brightslide is better.
      with Lockscreen toggles.

  • f1ght3r

    How does this play with flagpaint?

  • inf3rn0

    2$? No.

  • Not that useful ..

  • when its enabled and unlocked i still get the alert tones when getting a notification even when its turned off in the Luna settings.. whats the point. i want no sounds and banners when my DND is enabled

    • But they feel as though it is not disturbing if you are already using your phone…

      • But when I’m watching a video or playing games I don’t want any alert sounds from notifications when DND is enabled

      • Me too. Is this a bug or what? This is NOT DoNotDisturb after all and it’s not even compatible with DietBulletin. I’m close to getting rid of this much like I did with Auxo.

      • If that’s the case, then I should ask a refund.

    • Svenson

      Exact Same issue! That was tue only reason for me buying it!

      • We should all report this to these developers. If I knew this I wouldn’t have paid $2- I have DietBulletin and I can’t get the Nocturnal Notifications as they conflict with one another; it still beeps even if the No turnal Notifications are disabled; I got rid of Flusterless -a free tweak- after paying $2. What’s going on, guys? Seriously??

      • Svenson

        I wrote them an Email! But we should all do so i think!

      • I wrote them twice. They must be on vacations or counting our bucks or… too many emails I guess. 🙂

  • Anyone else still getting alerts on SMS messages even while DND is enabled via Luna? I’m thinking I may have something installed on my device that conflict with this as Luna’s DND doesn’t really show the Nocturnal banners for SMS or iMessages but it seems to do it for other things like WhatsApp. Mind you, I have biteSMS installed as well as TypeStatus.

    • alert tones still dont work for me.. they keep going off even though i turned them off

      • I’ve been testing around since I am getting no support from the developers and I cannot find any tweak or combination for this issue. However, I did find that the native DND would still not prevent the tones from going off aloud. Could this be something Apple just overlooked? I need those tones OFF even while unlocked!

      • Ok, like I said, after reading on the internet, it IS a direct flaw on Apple’s part: DND does not work as most people (including myself and yourself, probably) would think- DND only works while your phone is locked. As for your device being unlocked, DND will have pretty much no effect. I am VERY dissappointed. Honestly I don’t even know if the tones should go off or not with Nocturnal Notifications now. I’ve seen so many bugs I can’t tell if this is a bug on the tweak side or it just works as Apple would have wanted. Whatever…

      • there is a tweak in cydia thats called DoNotDisturb thats a on and off button widget in your NC and when you turn it on it wont show any banners with any sounds.. all notifications go to the NC. thing i like about luna is that you could still see what notifications your getting on the status bar but i just dont like how the alert tones doesnt work for me.

  • (Only want the noctorunal banners lol) so I disabled it so I don’t have it on my LS n notification center >_>, n it’s still there. Reboot/respring the , n reinstall….ummmm

  • iydomngz