JC Penney store (exterior 001)

Former Apple SVP of Retail, Ron Johnson, lasted barely a year on the job. After the struggling department store chain reported a $13 billion annual decline in revenue, the board ingloriously booted Johnson whose greatest sin was trying to change way too many things at the same time, namely insisting on his shop-in-shop concept.

The irony of it: the boutique store approach could have easily breathed a new life into JCPenney’s garage sale concept and stood a good chance of reinvigorating the firm’s fugly brick-and-mortar locations.

Figuring the best thing to do at this point is wash its hands of this whole Ron Johnson adventure, JCPenney yesterday begun airing a new television commercial. Titled ‘It’s No Secret’ it’s a pathetic attempt at apologizing for chickening out of Johnson’s vision for the company. The video is right past the fold…

Check it out.


The voiceover says:

It’s no secret, recently JCPenney changed. Some changes you liked and some you didn’t, but what matters from mistakes is what we learn.

We learned a very simple thing, to listen to you. To hear what you need, to make your life more beautiful. Come back to JCPenney, we heard you. Now, we’d love to see you.

JCPenney also dispatched its spokesman Joey Thomas to tell Bloomberg that the ad was approved and made under Johnson’s watch. Development of the commercial, he said, began a few months ago after executives reviewed poor customer feedback.

The way I read JCPennet’s message, they think people don’t want them to be the next Dillards or Macy’s so they’re restoring the old, crappy JC Penney.

I mean, how desperate can you be to air such an ad?

And what’s next: getting rid of Ellen DeGeneres?

Of course, it’s much easier to blame the former CEO Ron Johnson than admit listening to customers is the very simple thing JCPenney should have known from the onset.

And so it goes…

  • Maybe apple could listen to its customers regarding cydia? #dreaming

    • Gorgonphone

      never lol

  • Andrew

    I shop at JCPenney and the main reason for that is that I dont have to get dressed up like when going to Walmart.

    • Gorgonphone

      you dress up to go to walmart???lol wtf?

  • Gorgonphone

    hey what does Jcpeny have to do with apple and our iphones?

    • iospixel

      The dude who got sacked was a former SVP at Apple.

  • You forgot the steady decline in sales since he started. This wasn’t cowardice you biased moron, they dumped the clown who was losing them money…

    • Uhmm no companies die out regardless of how great they where. With or without him they will continue to see a decline until they become appealing again. I have never ever wanted to shop at JC Penney but I was at Macy’s all day. Maybe they need to cater to a whole new audience.

  • I’m wondering if the Penney would have done better to create new/distinct upscale stores while keeping their current stores and progressively phasing them out. [An example of this is be Sears and Land’s End.] Ironically, I actually like the new look of JCPenney… now if only the clothes would fit

  • I think this might be it. The dumbest article ever on this site, even worse then Ed’s financial analyst posts.

    See you guys, I am done.