T-Mobile MetroPCS handshake

It’s official. After passing all necessary regulatory approvals last month, T-Mobile and MetroPCS have officially completed their merger. The Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier made an announcement on the company blog this morning.

The deal, which has been in the works since last fall, combines the United States’ fourth and fifth largest wireless carriers, which combine for a total of 43 million subscribers. The new entity is now trading on Wall Street under TMUS…

From today’s press release:

“Deutsche Telekom AG (XETRA: DTE; “Deutsche Telekom”) and T-Mobile US, Inc. today announced the completion of the combination of T-Mobile USA, Inc. and MetroPCS Communications, Inc., uniting two wireless innovators with one common vision: to bring wireless consumers exciting new choices while delivering an exceptional experience.

“The combination of T-Mobile and MetroPCS creates an even stronger disruptive force in the U.S. wireless market,” said John Legere, President & Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile US, Inc.  “Together, as America’s Un-carrier, we’ll continue our legacy of marketplace innovation by tearing up the old playbook and rewriting the rules of wireless to benefit consumers.”

The merger should prove particularly fruitful for Apple, who essentially just gained 9 million new potential iPhone customers overnight. T-Mobile began offering the popular smartphone last month under a new, no-contract payment model.

John Legere remains the carrier’s CEO, and MetroPCS’ vice chairman and CFO, J. Braxton Carter, will serve as the CFO. And Wall Street seems to approve of the team, as the stock was trading up 6% this morning, following the announcement.

T-Mobile has been making some serious moves in recent months. In addition to this merger, it’s also launched its LTE network, snagged the iPhone, and unveiled new unlimited plans. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this pays off for them.

  • King

    MetroPCS Hello, Hello, Hello

  • Guest

    Metro PCS Hello Hello Hello 😀

  • iPhone on metropcs…

  • Yes this is great news for Los Angeles as this will be the next market with LTE

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  • pauleebe

    In the beginning of 2013 Tmobile was a joke. Even at present, AT&T seems to be watching very closely. This competition is great.

  • TonyVee73

    Will this effect the HSPA+ towers at all? I’m in an iPhone 4 and it bounces from 3G to E constantly.

  • Tom

    Metro PCs sucks

  • BobSchecter

    No question, MetroPCS owns the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. They seem incompetent from top to bottom. There is absolutely nobody home. I’ve spoken to 8 different people, all idiots, and all had no clue. Certainly as competition creeps up, I’ll quickly move over to another provider – any other provider.