quickreply for messenger

Good news today for jailbreakers who frequently use Facebook’s Messenger application. Moeseth has updated his popular QuickReply tweak for the social network’s messaging service to be compatible with devices running iOS 6+.

Much like its older sibling, TwitkaFly, QuickReply for Messenger allows users to quickly reply to Facebook messages by tapping on incoming notifications from either the Home screen, Lock screen, or within open applications…

There’s not much to the tweak itself. Once installed, you can access its options from within the Settings app. These options include attaching your Facebook account, enabling or disabling the tweak, and choosing an icon/delivery sound.

quickreply for messenger2

With the package enabled, you’ll see the above interface every time you tap on Facebook Messenger banner notifications. From here, you can quickly reply to the message, or select the ‘Open’ option to read the full message in the app.

Again, there’s nothing groundbreaking here. But if you liked the tweak for iOS 5, you’ll definitely want to grab it for iOS 6. You can find QuickReply for Messenger in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $1.99 (there is a free 3-day trial).

  • Chuck Norris

    I heard there is one guy, who has no friends on Facebook. Not even one.

  • wish it would nitt nicely with chat heads, like tapping the notification would open the chat head message box, hate not being able to see messages as im replying

    • Vinc

      There is already a tweak for that

      • whats it called? theres message box which overlays chat heads, but thats not what im asking for

  • Irishbgs

    Just curious, why hasn’t there been a tweak like this made for the original Facebook application? Why is it just messenger? Would there be conflicts with coding?

  • X8QU4Ot

    Facebook doesn’t exist here in China.

  • Just gonna be more confusing

  • Caused inordinate battery drain when I used it; at least a 15% decrease in life. Message Box is better–ever since it offered to enable the normal messenger or FB push. (Previously also caused inordinate battery drain).

  • SweKiwi

    Is there a way or a tweak to QuickCompose for Facebook Messenger?
    Would be lovely!