Donal Trump iPhablet post

Donald Trump, in his own words, owns “a lot of Apple stock” and misses Steve Jobs terribly, but that’s not stopping him from demanding that Apple releases an iPhone with a bigger screen. The 66-year-old billionaire, magnate, president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts is publicly urging Tim Cook & Co. to think beyond the iPhone 5’s four-inch screen because “I like the larger screen” and because Apple will “lose a lot of business” unless it gets an iPhablet right…

Here’s a quote from a post over at Trump’s official Facebook page:

I have a lot of @Apple stock – and I miss Steve Jobs.

Tim Cook must immediately increase the size of the screen on the iPhone. It should be slightly larger than the Samsung screen – and they better get it right fast because they will lose a lot of business.

I like the larger screen.

Trump is not alone.

Asian suppliers are reportedly advising Apple to blow up the iPhone’s display if the company wants to capture the next phase of smartphone growth. And some analysts think Apple is “leaving money on the table” by not pursuing a bigger iPhone.

Despite the mounting pressure, Apple’s boss is downplaying chances of a larger iPhone.

Specifically, Tim Cook underscored in a recent conference call with analysts that his company would never compromise the experience by creating a Gorilla-sized iPhone with a subpar display, just for the heck of it.

We always strive to create the very best display. Some customers value large screen size. Others value other factors such as resolution, color quality, white balance, reflectivity, power consumption, compatibility of apps, portability.

Our competitors have made some significant tradeoffs in many of these areas to ship a larger display. We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these tradeoffs exist.

I’m not buying the Apple iPhablet idea either, even if as much as half of you voted for  a Gorilla-sized iPhone from Apple.

Microsoft is also dismissing the trend.

This morning, Redmond took a funny jab at the oversized Galaxy devices in a new Windows Phone ad depicting an all-out wedding brawl over whether iPhones or Galaxy devices are better.

iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 001)

Of course, Samsung has been particularly active throwing dozens of different form-factor devices against the wall to see what sticks.

“Apple’s approach is fewer models, each of them exquisitely designed,” a Bloomberg Businessweek profile of Samsung reads. “Samsung’s is try everything, and fast.”

In addition to the five-inch Galaxy S4, which launches later this week in the United States, the South Korean conglomerate recently unveiled 5.8 and 6.2-inch handsets.

Leaks from China suggest Apple may be working on a five-inch iPhone, with DigiTimes , China Times and iLounge all backing this long-standing rumor.

That being said, I’m not buying Trump’s call for an iPhablet, especially given it’s coming from the same guy who tried to patent the famous ‘You’re Fired’ quote from NBC’s The Apprentice show.

  • Ian

    I wish they would make a 4.8 screen size. What size do you want?

    • I want a slightly larger screen, but not a larger phone. 4.5 inch would be fine.

    • Kurt

      5 inch…but without features, I’m buying the Note 3. Larger screen plus a lot of features.

  • I don’t need a larger Display or Phablet.

    Just I want a better battery life and refresh on the UI from the next iOS

    • They can refresh iOS in a way that, by making the screen larger, it won’t bore the shit out of you (Speaking 7 icons, UGH!.) they can innovate in making widgets, making them awesome. Making the screen larger and heavily improving the battery will make everyone happy. And make the iPhone rule the world of smartphones once again. If they did this, I’ll sell my Xperia Z and go back to the iPhone.

      • Kurt

        I want split screen, stylus, 5+ inch screen, replaceable battery, tiles like win 8, etc.

      • Kunt

        Then you don’t want a smartphone but a shitty Nokia phone…

    • Kurt

      So you don’t want more features? You don’t want real multitasking?

      • Full Multi-tasking it’s not even a feature. iOS have 100% full multi-tasking already built in since the day one. (and can be enabled by JB)

        But once again, and thank god, Apple it’s not lazy… they worked very well to make a great multitasking that not only use less process than the usual, but also save a lot of battery. And dont need “baby care” like other OS’s. (Ow, I need to stop this app, for “that” app run faster…)

        And fortunately, that multi-tasking will be available on OSX too.

        That’s the future. Developers will understand what im talking.

        What you want it’s the hability to run two apps side by side, and that I belive only the iPad will get it because of obvious reasons: Screen size.

      • of course, but.
        all in his due time.

        Now, enjoy your iDevice.

  • Can’t stand ‘The Donald’, but he’s right, Apple does need to add a bigger screen as an option. Maybe make two models annually, like iPhone 6 (4″ screen) & iPhone 6X (5+” screen), or something like that.

    • felixtaf

      But he demands a screen slightly bigger than Samsung’s.. Thats foolishness… Need a bigger screen but not tooooooooo big….

      • Dan

        Haha yeah 5.5 is great imo, don’t need bigger. Still fits in my jeans!

  • We need two models and sizes. I want a bigger iphone and if it dont happen i may get a galaxy which i really dont want to do! I like ios much better but we need an iphone with a 4.7 or larger screen and one for people who prefer smaller. Most people seem to want larger and i bet the ones who are ok with smaller are now in the minority

    • asdlb4

      Can’t agree more. I love the Note 2 hardware, hate the software.

  • I almost thought I was reading ‘Business Insider’ for a minute there:)

  • The iPhone 5 screen height it’s just perfect.
    The only think they need to do it’s a little bit widest.

    I think that would be the sweet spot. Bigger phone, NO.. just no!

    • Gorgonphone

      they should have scaled in proportionally in the first place… making it longer only was the dumbest shit i have ever seen

      • Dan

        Indeed. They lost me there.

      • letsjustgetalong

        Yep I agree

      • felixtaf

        Yes it was weird. What if we get an iPad 3 like resolution on an iPhone in the near future… 2272 x 1280? (1136×640 * 2)

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Don’t give this clown any more spotlight

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Oh Ridwan, Ridwan. Lol

  • Boss

    Rich cunt should make his own line of cell phones

  • I have only used iPhones for years. If they dont increase the size of the next iPhone I will be trying something else and using my 4s as an iPod.

    • Gorgonphone

      you mean for the iphone6 right cause we all know the 5S will be identical to the

      • Yea, if it is a 5s then I will be broadening my horizons.

  • FYI… The 4.7″, 460+ PPI Display on the HTC One totally proves Cook wrong here… #JustSayin

    • Gorgonphone

      no cause that phone will never come close to the iPhone in sales or popularity…lolo

      • From Cook:

        “We always strive to create the very best display. Some customers value large screen size. Others value other factors such as resolution, color quality, white balance, reflectivity, power consumption, compatibility of apps, portability.

        Our competitors have made some significant tradeoffs in many of these areas to ship a larger display. We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these tradeoffs exist.”

        They don’t have the very best display anymore. Not even close. This is coming from someone that has had every iPhone from the 3G to the 4S, and recently tried Android. Both OS’s have advantages, but that’s for different day. The point being, it doesn’t matter if HTC only sells one One, the display is still far better.

      • Kurt

        What advantages of iOS are there? Ease of use, and then I get stuck. With 4.1 there is no lag so both are good there. but I can’t think of anything else. :-s

      • iPhone 5 display it’s better than the iPhone 4/4S, because it’s full RGB and have better colors and contrast.

        It was the first display on a smartphone having full rgb.

        So the colors are much more closer to the real world than the most displays used by the competitors.

        The trick that Sadsung and HTC does it’s making the color contrast more vivid than the iPhone, but that doesn’t make them better.

  • what the heck, who wants a phablet i say shut-up trump and let apple do their incredible work, i want a devise that actually fits in my pocket not my bag

    • Kurt

      “…fits in my pocket not my bag”

      if it fits your pocket and not your bag then you have one small bag

  • brent tavares

    Don’t need a bigger phone. Maybe less frown on customizable freedom might get them where they want to be. Big phones aren’t phones anymore.

  • Dan

    This is not a question of what size is best. Some people prefer a bigger screen (like me, since I mostly text and watch videos), some people prefer smaller since they need it to fit in their skinny jeans and mostly do calls.

    Apple should offer two options, that way everyone will be happy. In fact, I would most likely be swayed back to Apple if they did.

    • felixtaf

      You are right… Not evryone prefer small phones (Galaxy Note sales figure says that). I personally prefer small phone, but there are millions out there who switch only coz of screen size. Apple needs a ~5″ device for its loyal customers…. But hey, its Apple.. we cant predict anything….

    • Gorgonphone

      i hate agreeing with you … but in this case you are right,…

    • Kurt

      So there are no features that you couldn’t live without? I feel once I switch to the Note I won’t be able to give us some of the features I expect to use quite often. But I won’t know until I switch.

      • Dan

        hard to say, never know what ios 7 will bring. Gotta admit having access to system files and being able to torrent on my phone is great. I’ll have to consider it! My main reason for switching at the beginning was screen size.

      • Kurt

        What type of files do you torrent? I’m pretty excited about the abondant of things that are possible with all the features. Some ill use some I won’t. It sure will be fun in the beginning.

      • Dan

        Mostly music, tv shows and movies 🙂

  • Ernie Marin

    I just want to know what other real benefit a larger screen would have, because if it’s widgets then that would just be wasted space for about 3 widgets (specially if it’s tweeter and facebook), games would be the same thing, more space doesn’t mean better games, specially since I don’t really need a 5″ angry birds, honestly this is just a stupid debate, if you want a bigger screen then go samsung, if you want a normal screen stay on iphone, and for the people saying if apple doesn’t make a larger screen I go to samsung, then just go since samsung has had larger screen for years now, and it took apple 5 years just to get to 4″.

    • Matthew Ross

      For me I like a larger screen for the space. It lets you be more creative where you put your icons, it gives you room to make or use a custom lock screen and it is more space to see more when you text, read, surf the web, or watch videos.

      It is not for everyone but it is about more than just widgets and games.

    • Gorgonphone

      bigger screen means easier to use and easier to read and more content can be viewed.. its just better but yes anything over 5″ will become cumbersome and bulky

    • Dan

      Personally I like the bigger screen since I watch a lot of videos (travel and while on the threadmill). I also think it’s better for reading. When I stare too long at a small screen I get headaches.

  • Markus Hudobnik

    I would be fine with at most a 4.5 inch screen.

  • felixtaf

    Larger than Samsung… they are already on 6.2 and 8″… This guy is a joker…

  • Matthew Ross

    I have already resigned my self to leaving iOS behind in the next year or so. If they come out with a 4.5 or so inch phone I would happily stay but as it is it dose not look like that will happen any time soon.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Not too big, but I’m rite on board. I say it is inevitable, damn inevitable. Tho may not see one for 5 years. Lol

  • Donald Trump, if you want a bigger screen size in a phone then you should switch your stock. That has to be the most ignorant thing I’ve heard anyone say in regards to screen size. And Tim Cook JUST said, during the earning report, that there are several factors which play into screen size. Once again, Donald, you are not a computer engineer, you’re a businessman, stick to what you know, and get the hell out.

    • Gorgonphone

      100000% true

    • Kurt

      Businessman, talk about stock and what affects stock. You should stick to what you’re good at, because commenting isn’t one of them.

      • I’m an Economics major at the University of Connecticut and I intern at UBS in Stamford, CT… I know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m also an Apple developer and spend countless hours researching this stuff. But I respect your comment.

      • Miked

        Actually, If you noticed that Trump talks money first… he mentioned the stocks first,then came up with a bigger screen sentence… he is a user… can’t blame the guy when he got the money..

      • The whole stock market is an expectations game that will never be appeased completely by any company. All I’m saying is, if Apple gives us a bigger screen size, at least at this point in time, there will be trade offs. But you’re right, from a stock market aspect, he’s spot on.

  • Gorgonphone

    Why is he even talking…?

  • Chuck Finley

    No. Just no.

    Larger phones are absolutely stupid. When it gets to the point where it’s difficult to put in your pocket and where you need hands large enough to use the original Xbox controller just to take a phone call it is no longer a mobile phone. I’m looking at you and your stupidly large phones, Samsung.

  • Nelson

    This is the same guy responsible for the quick demise of
    the USFL, he needs to stick to building hotels.

  • iTechMunch

    If you need larger display just go and buy tablet. Its a phone how f**king big do you want?

  • Guest

    Since when does he stop counting money to pick up a phone himself anyway?

  • wonderboydave

    imagine ios7 on a handset like the HTC one with dual speaker grills on the top and botton with a better camera. u know that sounds like sweet spot to me.. just saying..

  • I dont need a larger screen.I need a 3d hd beamer inside with air swiping.Thats enough.Or i want a prototype of Trumps iphone 6

  • You guys aren’t important so go get your androids we won’t miss you.

  • Max L.E.

    That sounds a whole lot like a threat!

  • 4.8 screen, procesator 2.0 ghz quadcore, front camera 4.0 megapixel, back camera 13 megapixel

    • Kurt

      in other words, follow androids lead….

      Ps…i’m kidding, don’t be mad

      • Hahah it’s ok, I’m an apple user from 2007, but if they dont release something with is spect Or better this year, ill move to Samsung galaxy s4

  • he’s not alone !

  • 4.8 would be good

  • Miked

    he got the money.. Apple will listen… no doubt