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Do you find yourself bored and alone with nothing to do this weekend? Were your plans to drive up the coast spoiled by a bad carburetor? Maybe you prefer the quietness of spending Saturdays and Sundays watching the grass grow.

If you would rather be playing video games than cleaning the garage, we have a list of apps that we’ve spotlighted this week in one form or another. Some are apps that have just launched. Some are apps that have gone on sale. Whether you are looking for a time killer or a great photography app, we’ve got a roundup of our favorites from this week…

Yahoo Weather 1.0 for iOS (app icon, small)Yahoo! Weather

Last Thursday, Yahoo launched its first weather app. The stunning photographs and clean interface will make you want to throw out whatever ugly old app you’ve been using. It features a simplified overview of the current weather conditions, plus a more complex hour-by-hour and week-long forecast so you can plan accordingly. You can see weather in your area. Plus, you can add as many cities as you like. This app is available for free.

Monkey Boxing IconMonkey Boxing

This simple game ends up being really addicting once you’ve played a few rounds. Players compete, monkey-against-monkey in round after round of boxing. All you have to do is tap the screen as fast as you can. When you win, you move up in the ranks of the World Monkey Boxing Federation. You’ll also get new outfits, like Terminator glasses and a heart-shaped antenna headband. The more you win the more swag you unlock. You can change outfits before each fight. If you are looking for some mindless fun this weekend, Monkey Boxing is your ticket. This app is available for $2.99.

TMNT Rooftop Run IconTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run

Some of you may remember growing up with the fearsome four. Maybe you were a fan from the early days of the Easton comics. Maybe you joined the ranks when the cartoon came out. Maybe your own kids are watching the new computer-animated series that is on now. Whatever brought you to the TMNT, there is no going back. This endless runner is the first official TNMT game to hit the App Store and it is full of side-scrolling fun. Jump over spike, attack enemies, run up walls, and do it all while being as cool as a cucumber. This app is available for $1.99.

Iron Man 3 IconIronman 3

Gameloft just launched their endless runner version of Marvel Comics’ man of metal. This game is being touted as the official game of Iron Man 3. It features missions, in-flight battles, and one-on-one fights. Players travel to three different Iron Man-related locations to confront four of Marvel’s biggest villains. While the action lies in the endless runner gameplay, the meat of the game is in the suits. Using coins you’ve collected from the game, combined with a plethora of in-app purchase options, you’ll be able to research and develop 18 different Iron Man suits, including the Mark II, the Mark 42, and the Silver Centurion. This app is available for free.

Draw Something 2 (app icon, small)Draw Something 2

This has been a big week for major game launches. Zynga also just launched a big one. This is the follow up app to their popular drawing game of the same name. The sequel focuses more on the social aspect of the game by allowing users to follow each other’s feeds. There are new drawing tools and cartoon stamps, a save gallery for your favorite drawings, Instagram integration, and more. You can chat with your friend while kicking their butt at drawing likenesses of famous pop stars, who might end up following you if you draw them well. With so many new features available in this second release of the Draw Something franchise, you won’t be leaving your house at all this weekend. This app is available for $2.99.

FocusTwist 1.0 for iOS (app icon, small)Focus Twist

If you are looking for a photography app for your iPhone that actually does more than just add cool filters, this is one for your iPhone Photography folder. This amazing little app reminds me of the Lytro camera. It lets you alter the focus of your image in post-production. That is, you can take the picture and then change the focus. This app takes multiple shots at once, each with a different focal point. Then, after being stitched together in a cloud-based program, you are able to manipulate the image and “twist” the focus to whatever you like. This app is available for $1.99.

AppShopper Social IconAppShopper Social

The day Apple pulled AppShopper from the App Store was a sad day indeed. Although it took more than six months, the developers were finally able to bring a version of it back to the iPhone through a social networking loophole, Maybe the service can’t recommend apps, but your friends can. Make AppShopper your friend, and you’ll see the same feed you see on the website. This new version features most of the same feeds that the old app did, but you view app lists through the eyes of your friends, too. Log in to your Twitter account to have immediate access to all of your Twitter friends who also use the service. When you add apps to your Want List or Have It List, your friends will see it, too. They may even download Draw Something 2 right after you do and you can start a mean game of scribbling over the weekend. This app is available for free.

Google Fiber 1.0 for iOS (app icon, small)Google Fiber

Google’s broadband fiber optic-network service, Fiber, went live in Kansas City recently. Lucky residents of the homeland of the Great and Powerful Oz now have download and upload data speeds that are hundreds of times faster than everyone else. Google also launched an iPad app for said lucky residents that allows them to buy and watch hundreds of TV shows and movies The service will be available in Austin, TX later this year and Provo, UT next year. Hopefully, Google’s super speedy broadband service will be available across the nation some day and we’ll be watching movies on our iPads at a faster rate than you ever could have imagined. This app is available for free.

FX Photo Studio app iconFX Photo Studio

The reason this app is on the list is because it is free right now. Not only that, but MacPhun, the development team behind one of the best photo effects apps in the App Store, is trying to get to 10 million downloads and has also thrown the iPad HD version up for free. To complete the circle, download ColorStrokes for only $0.99. There are a lot of fun and interesting photo effects in the App Store, but I always go back to FX Photo Studio again and again to find filters for my images. If you don’t already own FX Photo Studio and FX Photo Studio HD, now is the time to grab them. These apps are currently available for free.

Fish out of Water IconFish out of Water

The creators of the popular casual games, Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride just added another adorable tale to their line of iOS apps. This distance runner game made Apple’s App Store Editor’s Choice award on launch day.  Players fling their favorite fishes across the pond as far as possible and watch as they collect gems, bounce off jellyfish, and stick the landing to earn the highest score from the judges. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, you can try your fish-flinging skills three more times. Watch out for icebergs during a snowstorm, those mammoths are hard to avoid. This app is available for $0.99.

  • Boss

    Anybody got 10 jailbreak tweaks to check out this weekend instead?

    • That was funny!

    • Sina

      It’s usually on “Let’s Talk Jailbreak” every week!

    • iospixel

      Thought I might be constructive and mention a tweak I always forget to show my friends until they actually see it action on my device, perhaps others could follow suit…

      See ->


      Its seen an update since that review, and is priced $1.50, Enjoy!

      • Adam Bowman

        Hey, this grid tab tweak is pretty sweet. I just purchased it. Thanks for the recommendation. Now maybe I can return the favor. Have you tried “Navigate from Maps”? It allows you to easily switch between the Apple maps app and the Google maps app. Or, if you have a navigation app like Navigon, it allows you to switch from Apple maps or Google maps to Navigon (and other navigation apps). Maybe you’ll find it useful.

      • Do you know the name of a slide bar like tweak… for apps shortcuts?

      • nyangejr

        Grabby from rpetr

      • Damian W

        Quickdo, Dock. Lock launcher

      • peerpressure

        JellyLock is awesome. Gives you three app shortcuts and the camera still. Replicates the unlock slider of Jelly Bean on Nexus.

  • Hello everyone I have a jailbreak question I am on 5.1.1 on a iPad 2 is there anyway for me to upgrade with sighing or none sighing? just wanted to clarify and double check Thanks guys 🙂

    • Do you mean signing instead of sighing?

    • f1ght3r

      You can sigh all you want but you’re stuck on 5.1.1 for now.

      • sambuzzlight

        Hahaha cold

      • Guest

        That would be sneezing 😉

    • sambuzzlight

      Nope update to 6.1.3 only if a UNTETHERED jailbreak comes out for it…. most likely you have to wait till iOS7 so you got a long wait there buddy

      • Ouch you guys are mean 😛 damn auto carrot so that’s what I was afraid of alright thanks for you feedback everybody

  • TomND

    Yahoo weather is constantly wrong here.

  • sambuzzlight

    Hmm seem to like this… but iron man 3 was just terrible

  • MrShutEmDown

    Can someone please post that wallpaper Jeff has on the iPhone of the apps?

  • any idea where i can get that wallpaper for my phone?

  • Bjørn Holm

    How come firms like Zynga don’t give a shit about iPads. Releasing apps like Draw Someting 2, with no native iPad app.
    iPhone apps in x2 is just not worth it.

  • Focus Twist is pretty much a paid version of Dyfocus