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Swype virtual keyboard technology is pretty popular on Android devices, and it’s easy to see why. With error-correction algorithms and a powerful language model to guess the intended word, Swype lets you enter words by sliding a finger from the first letter of a word to its last letter, lifting only between words.

While Swype’s owner Nuance partners with Apple on the voice recognition technology powering Siri, the iPhone maker never implemented the Swype input method on iOS devices, instead choosing to advance its own intelligent virtual keyboard technology. That said, it’s interesting that Swype and Apple have had discussions concerning the feature…

According to a Reddit AMA with Nuance’s Vice President of the Swype division Aaron Sheedy , his company has had talks with Apple. Responding to a question about Apple’s potential interest in Swype technology, Sheedy responded:

Hah. The million (ok billion) $ questions. Yes, we have chatted with them, they are very smart and nice.

That’s far from an official confirmation of any interest Apple may have in Swype, but the very fact that the company bothered to sit down with the Swype team is an indication of Apple exploring its options.

Nuance recently released the downloadable Swype keyboard on Google’s Play Store.

From YouTube release notes:

Why type when you can Swype? Swype replaces the on-screen keyboard for smartphones and tablets, and with one continuous motion across the screen, its patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier.

If you’re jailbroken, you can get Swype-like functionality by installing such tweaks as TouchPal. There’s also an unofficial iOS port of Swype beta available.

Of course, Google with the release of Android Jelly Bean introduced a similar in-built input method called Gesture Typing. Swype keyboard comes preloaded on certain Android devices, including Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone series.

  • Guest

    Why Swype when you can type?

    • Tardroid

      you see…. Tardroids

    • Kadia M

      sooo much faster!!! Its amazing! I selected the swype keyboard by accident and then boom in 20 minutes i couldnt stop using it. Love it!

    • VN

      Surely you mean why type when you can swype?

  • Well this is just depressing – Swype is just awesome! BTW – TouchPal breaks LTE and/or HSPA+ on some phones – It jacked up my phone’s wireless data (4S) and my buddy’s (5). Uninstalled after finding this flaw out.

    • Gorgonphone

      touch PAL just sucks… full of bugs and glitches… very sad

  • Swipe selection is very usefull tweak. Apple should consider that not this…

  • Dan

    I love using swype to text, it’s a lot faster and easily avoids typos. I don’t think I could go back to the regular input method.

  • Ssemiet

    Swype can be useful if you’re using one hand, but Swiftkey > Swype.

  • android users are retards they don’t know how to spell so they need this functionality but we don’t

    • This doesn’t help with spelling. It’s just easier to touch screen once rather than twenty times. It also decreases chances of typos. I’m sure people will dislike this and say that I’m an Android fanboy, but quite the opposite. I hate Android and love iOS…

    • Amy Macintosh

      Why call android users retards? I get iPhone texts like “im running late bc i have 2 wrk. I wil c u @4” and the same text from an android phone “I’m running late because I have to work. I will see you at 4:00” Swyping is faster and word prediction apps like SwiftKeyX make it that much easier. I have a difficult time reading iPhone texts because of the extreme abbreviations. There are those of us who like a rooted phone with the ability to build custom roms and the android OS allows for more customization. If you like your iPhone, great! There’s no reason for a poster to call android users “retards” as it makes the poster sound quite childish. The word “retard” is actually offensive since that term is no longer used. We refer to it as static encephalopathy.

  • Faris

    I think swiftkey is better than swype. For me of course.

    • Gorgonphone

      but umm swift key does not work ion the whole IOS UI

    • Yeah that’s what I would go with!

  • Gorgonphone

    apple needs swipe… if apple can ship feature like swipe that is better than swipe they will be kings

  • TheTechWay

    wouldn’t hold my breath for this thing to show up on ios.

  • jilex

    everybody it’s just saying that iOS doesn’t needs this, but if Apple implements it, then it will be almost perfect…

  • This will be on iOS 7 for sure… will be the biggest addition.

    Wait and see.

  • Even if most people wouldn’t use it, it’s always good to have options

  • Swype is incredibly faster that tapping out a word. I’ve beeb using it for quite awhile, then got an iPad… how disappointing and slow it is to write even a web address!

  • Must say I love using Swype. I’m pretty hopeless tapping out words because I keep making mistakes. Swype pretty much eliminates this kind of error. The other thing I really like is that you can get symbols like ? and ! with one swipe, and lots of other symbols and numerals with a long keypress – and all sorts of special characters with a longer keypress. It’s a real comedown when I have to use the keyboard on my iPad.

  • DKNC

    Apple: Please, please, please, please, please,… Get swype! It is superior technology to tap tap tapping on the keyboard especially on the iPhone keys which are so small compared to my fat fingers! Swype just works perfectly… Used it on my droid phone and a droid tablet but now I have the iPhone and the iPad… I love Swype and I miss it and I want it back! Thanks Apple!

  • VN

    If you have not used it you won’t realise how good it is. I can type with just with one hand both holding and typing as quick as doing it with 2 and with hardly any errors. Don’t slag it unless you have tried it.

  • Mark Russell

    Just got a iPad and I miss the swipe app…..