gpSPhone 8 beta

Fans of legacy console video game systems rejoice! The well-known iOS emulator developer ZodTTD is back in action. Zod has been absent from the jailbreak scene for a while, but there’s been plenty of talk of him coming back to update N64iOS and other popular ports.

That speculation materialized last night, as the developer announced that he had created a Cydia repo where he would be posting public betas of his updated emulators. And he’s already seeded his first beta: gpSPhone v8.0.0, an emulator for Game Boy Advance ROMS…

Here’s a note from ZodTTD regarding his comeback and revamped beta repo (via iFans):

“As many know, I came back to iFans a short while ago with a question as to whether I should bring back my beta repo and start updating my jailbroken iOS work. The response here was overwhelmingly awesome! While it took me longer than I expected to jump back into things, I have a gpSPhone beta ready as promised. I set up a Cydia repo to add where my betas will be posted and able to be updated. It’s a public repo and it’s free with no obligation to donate, etc.”

I’ve had a little bit of time to play with gpSPhone 8.0, and I have to say it’s pretty solid for a first iteration. You can search for, and install, GBA ROMS from within the app—so, no need to open up iFile, the interface is straight forward and the controller layout looks good.

gpSPhone 8 beta 2

That being said, I did notice some lag in the buttons’ touch-response at times, and I also encountered a ‘Your saved data is corrupted’ error on more than one occasion. But given that these issues varied between ROMS, it’s quite possible that they had little to do with gpSPhone.

ZodTTD does note that this emulator is still very much in beta though, and acknowledges the following bugs and has pledged to fix them:

  • Controller skins need tweaking.
  • Installing and creation of controller skins can be improved (add via photo roll and button map, etc.).
  • WiiMote and Classic WiiMote support must be added.
  • At times the audio /still/ has clicks or pops though there might not be much that can be done.
  • A possible bug in the search and download feature that stops downloads from being detected.
  • A skin rotation lock option should be added.

If you’re interested in checking out the new version of gpSPhone, you can find it in Cydia for free. Just make sure to add ZodTTD’s beta repo by opening Cydia, selecting the Manage tab from the bottom and choosing > Sources > Edit > Add:

Since it is a public beta, feedback is encouraged. So if you discover an issue, or have any other kind of comment, you can contact Zod via Twitter or this iFans forum. And also, make sure to keep checking his repo for new emulator releases. We hear N64 and PSX are next.

So, what do you think of gpSPhone v8.0.0?

  • ap3604

    F*** ZodTTD. Dude is nothing but a hack that has abandoned his projects time and time again when he couldn’t sap more money from them.

    If you want a real gaming emulator go with Robert Broglia’s:
    – GBA.emu
    – GBC.emu
    – NES.emu
    – Snes9x EX

    All of them are much MUCH better than the trash that Zod put out. For instance:
    1) You don’t need a bios file to play GBA games. Simply drop your rom in and start playing
    2) You can use iCade, Wiimote, Wiimote Classic Controller, iControlPad, and Zeemote
    3) You can adjust / set which hardware button presses do what (VERY important)
    4) Blutrol support
    5) Always supported through every iOS update (unlike ZodTTD’s)

    • ap3604

      Btw if you want to purchase Roberts emulators (besides Snes9x EX, which is free) on cydia above, simply go to www. explusalpha .com/home/general-info/platforms/ios without the spaces.

      From his website:
      “Due to Paypal issues, all my Cydia store apps are temporarily unavailable. However, you can still obtain Cydia licenses by sending me total amount in USD of the apps you’d like via the funding page, and emailing your Cydia account number, Amazon transaction ID (or Google order number), & names of apps you want to I’ll then gift the apps to your account when I get a confirmation email from Amazon and let you know when you can download them. If you aren’t sure how to find your account number, see this guide. Also make sure to include the word Cydia somewhere in your email to avoid accidental spam filtering :)”

    • Blahblahtldr

      I just wish Robert would make a n64 emulator. It would make my ipad complete.

      • ap3604

        Oh baby! You and me both! 😀

        He came out with GBA.emu on iOS around 4 months ago I believe so its not like he isn’t bringing new emulators here. Probably just takes awhile but I assume he will eventually make it happen.

    • Devam

      Even ps3 controller support with blutrol!!

      • ap3604

        True true! Forgot to put that in the original post. Thanks for remembering that one 🙂

    • seyss

      you forgot MD.emu 🙂
      it even plays Virtua Race which back in the days required a special processor insidenthe cardtidge

    • Boss

      Wish gpsphone would upgrade to iPhone 5 screen size

      • QuarterSwede

        This beta does support the iPhone 5 screen. Looks and works well honestly.

  • seyss

    .emu apps are way better and constantly updated and yet you avoid talking about them

  • This was actually the reason I jailbroke my devices in the first place way back. Lol. Needless to say I’m happy about it. :]

    • ummaduadua

      so, how to download GBA games for gpSPhone? anyone?

      • Some emulators have a web browser inside the app that points directly to a site where all you do is search and DL. I think gpSPhone needs to have the BIOS installed to play though. So install that through Cydia. Then DL the ROM you want to play and make sure it’s in the right place in iFile. Then it’s just a matter of running the ROM and playing.

      • ummaduadua

        Big Thanks fellas:D thanks for fast reply.. i’ll just hit Cydia right now! 🙂

  • Now only if we could a nintendo DS emulator…. 🙂

  • QuarterSwede

    Glad he went with coolrom. Easiest site to use.

  • This is what I’ve been waiting for!

  • Noticed that it attempted to replace my old gpshone when installing, but returned a error message?

  • Is anyone else getting a message that says “GPSPhone needs a Gameboy Advance BIOS”? Someone please tell me how to fix it.

    • Search GBA BIOS on Cydia and install it. It needs to be installed for ROMs to be able to run.

  • Ralph

    I’m on iPad 2, and every time I open it, it just crashes.

  • Ellie

    How do I load my cheats :c it changed so I dunno how to do It now Dx