Cricket, a subsidiary of Leap Wireless, started offering the iPhone last year. Initially, it was the only prepaid carrier offering the popular smartphone, but it has since been joined by Straight Talk and other low-cost competitors.

So it’s no surprise that the wireless provider announced today that it’s revamping its iPhone plans, bringing them more inline with its Android plans and the competition. The service now starts at $50 for unlimited everything…

The new base iPhone plan costs $50 per month, and includes unlimited talk, text, data Cricket’s Muve Music service. Unfortunately, you’ll only get 1GB of full-speed 3G (or 4G) data, with any overage subject to serious throttling.

If that’s not enough, you can pay $60 to get 2.5GB of full-speed data or $70 for 5GB, and bonus, both come with unlimited international messaging. It’s also worth noting that all three of these plans include the mobile hotspot feature.

Additionally, Cricket also announced a new family plan today that features two smartphone lines at $40 per line, per month. The plan includes unlimited talk and text, 1GB of full-speed data and yes, Cricket’s Muve Music service.

To kind of give you an idea of where the rest of the market stands, Straight Talk offers unlimited talk, text and data for $45 per month (speeds vary), and T-Mobile has unlimited everything for $50. But it throttles users after 500mb.

For those interested, the new plans are in effect, and Cricket is offering some nice discounts on full retail iPhones. You can snag an iPhone 4 for $249, an iPhone 4S for $349 and an iPhone 5 for $499, after their respective mail-in-rebates.

  • Kurt

    Good information to know.

  • What’s the point of calling it “unlimited data” but we throttle you if you go over a 1 gig. That’s ignorant.

  • Why is it that pre-paid plans suck so bad?

  • pauleebe

    The FCC really needs to bring down the hammer here. The fine print contradicts the marketing, and I’m sick of carriers getting away with this crap.

  • Man, if only we had these plans in Canada… We still have 3 year contracts

  • knicksnetsgiantsjets

    Can anyone confirm that this works? It’s a convo I had with a Cricket rep.

    Thank you for choosing Cricket Wireless, a representative will be with you
    shortly to answer all your questions and help you place your order

    You are now chatting with Hannah.

    Hannah: Thank you for chatting with the Cricket Wireless sales department, where unlimited music is built in. Can I help you place your order today?

    Justin: Can I get the iPhone 4S in my area? My zip code is *****

    Hannah: I would be happy to help you with that. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions to provide you with the best possible service?

    Justin: I saw a post from idownloadblog about the price being $349

    Justin: Yes no problem

    Hannah: Are you currently a customer of Cricket Wireless?

    Justin: No

    Hannah: Can I get your zip code AND city please?

    Justin: I’m currently using Straight Talk the $45 plan for unlimited everything on my iPhone 3GS GSM so I’m using a sim card.

    Justin: ***** *****, FL or ***** **********, FL

    Hannah: Which area are you going to use the phone most?

    Justin: Half the year I’ll be in ***** and the other half ***** so could you please try both?

    Hannah: While I am pulling up your service area, I wanted to remind you that with
    Cricket Wireless you have no contracts or credit checks, our monthly
    services are 1/2 the price of most contract carriers, and nationwide
    coverage with service in all 50 states.

    Hannah: We’ve got you covered! Do you plan to use your device the most in this area?

    Justin: Yes I will only be using it in ***** , FL and *********, FL

    Hannah: Apple currently does not offer an iPhone that supports the Cricket towers in your market, should Apple launch a device that supports the towers in
    your area, Cricket would expect to carry the iPhone in your market. I’m
    happy to discuss other options with you.

    Justin: Oh okay so this would not apply to me “For those interested, the new plans are in effect, and Cricket is offering some nice discounts on full retail
    iPhones. You can snag an iPhone 4 for $249, an iPhone 4S for $349 and an
    iPhone 5 for $499, after their respective mail-in-rebates.”

    Justin: Are these GSM sim card phones? Would I be able to just purchase the phone?

    Hannah: That is correct, we do not have the iPhone in your area Justin. Did you want to look at other options?

    Hannah: We are not able to get you just the phone and Cricket is CDMA.

    Justin: Oh okay if the phone is CDMA woud I be able to use it with Virgin Mobile after buying it?

    Hannah: You can get it unlocked for a fee, and then you can use it but Cricket does not have the iPhone in your area.

    Justin: So couldI buy the locked iPhone from Cricket then unlock it myself then use it on another CDMA carrier like Verizon or Virgin Mobile?

    Justin: What are can I buy the Cricket iPhone? I don’t need to buy it in person do I? I can just buy it online?

    Justin: *Where can I

    Hannah: Yes, you could but you have to pay for the phone and the first month of
    service but we do not have it available online in your area. You would
    have to wait until we get it in your area to get an iPhone from Cricket.

    Justin: I don’t mind paying for the phone and it would just be $50 for the 1st month of service correct? Also, what do you mean it’s no available online in my
    area? If I change my IP address to another area that Cricket is
    available can I purchase it?

    Justin: *it’s not

    Justin: What areas online is Cricket available online?

    Hannah: Correct, and if you buy a phone that is meant for another area, it will not work in either area you plan to be in.

    Justin: But if I buy the CDMA phone that’s meant for another area then have it unlocked it should work in any area correct?

    Hannah: It should, but that doesn’t mean it will. When you unlock a phone, that
    just means that you can use it with other carriers… within the area
    you bought it in.

    Justin: Okay thanks for the help! I’ll ask on some forums to see if anyone has tried this to see if it works. Thanks!

    Hannah: Thank you for chatting with Cricket today. We value your feedback. Please click the Close button at top right to answer a few questions about your
    experience with us.

    • Bonnie Cantu Perez

      All you have to do is use someone’s address in a cricket area. Look I’ve been with cricket since cricket hatched,and the idiots over the phone don’t know shit. You have to learn as you go,give them the answer they need to hear. I use my friends address in Arkansas, I live in WY and I have ALWAYS had service where others DONT! Crickets map should actually be all green! Yeah sometime there’s a place I find it hard to get service but that is not very often and for me it’s worth they minor head acks for the service and price! People are always asking me are you in your phone in the mountains who are you with “CRICKET” well who the hell is cricket? I just laugh someone who got me here for a whole lot less the your paper weight! And yes I use the iPhone. I did have to buy it from cricket but I need more memory! You can only get up to 16gb iPhone and frankly I want the 64gb! Still trying to figure that one out!

  • What the actual f’ck. I Pay 15€/month for 1000mins Talk Time, 2000sms and 2GB fullspeed (can buy an extra Gigabyte for 5€). I feel Bad for you guys with overpriced carriers

  • Totally wrong about T-Mobile, they have an option for a 500MB plan and if you go over that than they throttle you but if you have the unlimited everything plan (including data) I don’t think they throttle you until you go over 5GB.

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