iPad mini (flat, finger)

Case maker Tactuc is on a roll lately. After the vendor, in what some people likened to a PR stunt, last week released a batch of photos purported to depict a polycarbonate shell for a rumored less-pricey iPhone model, the company is back at it today with a new leak claimed to represent the rear shell of a fifth-generation iPad. There isn’t much to glean from the photograph and, of course, we have no way of telling whether or not this is the real deal, an early prototype or a shell for some other product. However, the image does bear resemblance to iPad molds Tactus leaked earlier…

Tactucs posted the new photo Monday on its blog.

iPad 5 rear shell (Tactus 001)

The blog post also mentions the rumoured A7X chip, an eight-megapixel iSight camera, the choice of 16/32/64/128GB storage and a 9.7-inch Retina screen based on Sharp’s IGZO technology that uses up 90 percent less power compared to the traditional LCD IPS tech.

Apple are finally supposed to be using IGZO displays with their retina resolution screen, which means a thinner iPad is definitely on the cards.

And here are the alleged iPad moulds Tactus leaked earlier in the month.

Tactus iPad 5 cases

The shell appears to be consistent with another leak from January, right down to the mic opening on the back and the slimmer and sleeker design, depicted below.


Most rumors point to the iPad 5 adopting the iPad mini’s design, including the skinnier side bezels and chamfered edges.

Now, Asian vendors tend to have some well-informed sources who provide them with manufacturing specifications for Apple devices, so they could build and sell cases for new Apple products from day one.

That being said, however, due to a lot of guessing work involved readers are advised to take such leaks with a few pinches of salt.


Accessory manufacturer MiniSuit, for example, made an iPad 5 case based on specifications received from what it believes to be a reliable source, seen above.

The iPad 5 is believed to incorporate a new display assembly design which calls for reducing the size of LED backlighting to allow for a thinner and lighter appearance.

Apple is believed to have delayed upcoming iDevice launches until Fall amid various technical and manufacturing challenges and a fire at LG Display’s subcontractor’s plant.

Most recent supply chain talk points to a July-August timeframe for iPad 5 production.

  • Let me guess, all of you are going to say “UGLY”. It’s all you guys ever do.

    • Franko

      If you are implying that the new design sucks, and is “UGLY”, well you hit the nail on the head. Does not take ‘all you guys’ to determine this either.

      • No, what I’m implying is that every new design that iDB posts. Almost every response is “ugh, that’s ugly” there are never any positive responses.
        Yes I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      • But you have to agree, some concepts that appear here are ugly with crazy design that doesn’t seem apple products at all… this one is very plausible.

      • Gorgonphone

        and sooo what?? you like what you like and we like what we like… thats `life

      • Strangely though the responses on this particular design is positive.

    • Gorgonphone

      look great to me.. the the ipad mini look nice so a lager version is cool too.. im skipping though cause i feel like for hat the ipad apps do now we dont need any more power.. give me and OSX tablet and then we can talk again..

  • Looks great too me. Do whatever they want with the bezel… but please never change the aspect ratio. 16:9 would be very disappointing.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Yep, it would look terrible on a tablet like an iPad.

    • Gorgonphone

      eventually the ipad will follow the iphone 5 and get looooong..

  • wouldnt get used to the rectangular screen 🙁

    • Yes I quite enjoy my current iPad’s circular display. Not sure what you mean by this comment.

      • Gorgonphone


  • A green ipad would me nice

  • Igzooooooo

  • wouldnt really get used to the rectangular shape if thats the new ipad

  • Gorgonphone

    wow looks like we get stereo sound at last too.. cool

  • you know like the budget iphone, i think they should do the same for the ipad as well.. a budget ipad 😛

    • Kartik Dhawan

      It’s already out there :-/
      iPad mini :-/

      • Gorgonphone

        yes especially with no retina..lolo definitely budget but still overpriced..

      • hkgsulphate

        not so budget to me
        it does all iPad does with great performance

      • i know that the ipad mini is out its just in my country even the ipad mini is overpriced… i bet the budget iphone will be too 😛

    • Bob

      Apple is known for it’s premium products, I doubt they’re even going to release budget iPhones, it’s not the first time “Analysts” have got something wrong.

  • Looks pretty sweet. If the iPad comes in colors then that would also be really cool.

    • Gorgonphone

      I will stick with black.. but am sure kids and women will love some fruity colors..

      • Yeah I love the white, but a blue ipad would be pretty sweet too.

  • Ben

    In some of the photos it looks like it has a fingerprint sensor!