FlatIcons Squared

From a pure looks standpoint, FlatIcons is one of the better looking themes for iOS. It’s not the deepest theme out there as far as the UI area it covers on iOS, but it’s definitely up there with some of the best from a purely visual standpoint.

Along with the app icons themselves, FlatIcons includes themes for the stock Weather app, Auxo toggles, and Notification Center. As a bonus to purchasers of the theme, the creator of FlatIcons added an additional alternate theme to the package as well. Have a look inside for our hands-on video walkthrough.

By far, the most outstanding feature of FlatIcons are the app icons themselves. On a stock iOS installation, the majority of the app icons and icons from items purchased from the App Store retain a three dimensional look. Once FlatIcons is installed and enabled, the icons are “smashed” flat, ditching the 3D style for a look that’s plain, clean, yet far from ordinary or mundane.

If you’ve ever used Windows Phone, Windows 8, or any of Microsoft’s recent products, then you already have a good idea as to what I mean. Microsoft has eschewed the 3D look in favor of a cleaner looking 2D flavor for all of its flagship products. It largely works, and it works here as well.

FlatIcons Auxo Toggles

Out of the box, there are tons of supported app icons in the package. Of course, all of the stock app icons are supported, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find bountiful support for 3rd party app icons, too. Granted, if you have a lot of apps, especially the more obscure varieties, you’re bound to encounter some instances where support is absent.

When you run into an app icon that hasn’t been themed, it’s largely apparent when using FlatIcons’ normal theme. The good news is, however, that FlatIcons includes a secondary theme built-in called FlatIcons Squared. This theme squares off each app icon for the blocky two dimensional theme that you saw in the first screenshot at the top of this page. This alternate theme has a great side effect, in that it makes even unsupported app icons looks like they fit in with the rest of the scheme. For that reason, I recommend using FlatIcons Squared over the original.

FlatIcons Weather

With all of the hype garnered by Yahoo’s recent weather app design, it’s fitting that FlatIcons includes one of the best looking weather themes that I’ve ever seen on a jailbroken iDevice. It’s visually stunning, appropriately two dimensional, and easy to follow and read. I’d almost have to recommend that even if you don’t like the idea of having FlatIcons, to at least try out the weather portion of the theme.

FlatIcons Notification Center

The creator of FlatIcons has included both Notification Center support along with two themes for Auxo’s toggles. There’s an Auxo light theme, and an alternate Auxo dark theme. As a personal preference I found that I preferred the dark theme over the light theme.

In the end, there will likely always be a group of folks that refuse to use any theme on their iPhone, simply due to the fact that it requires WinterBoard. To be honest, I used to feel the same way. But with the speed of the iPhone 5, and the many enhancements that have come to WinterBoard from a stability perspective, I just don’t find it to be a huge problem like I used to.

It’s true, FlatIcons is nowhere near the level of polish of a theme like Ayecon, which includes themed elements for nearly every facet of iOS, but then again, what is? If you’re at all interested in taking advantage of some, or all of the features of this theme, then I recommend you give it a try.

FlatIcons can be purchased for $0.99 on Cydia’s MacCiti repo. Drop down below and let me know what you think.

Note: FYI, the Lock screen launcher is not included. That is atom, an unreleased jailbreak tweak.

  • pauleebe

    Funny how mobile interface design seems to be heading away from shiny and glossy and aqua and more towards matte and simple and dark.

    Hopefully iOS incorporates some of these changes.

    • Shiny glossy and aqua are just too mainstream for us all LOL

    • Minimalism is the future of graphic design. We’ve done complex now people want simple. I’m excited 🙂

      • One of my favorite quotes: “It’s complicated to be simple.” -Martin Scorsese

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I agree with you but I also feel its more about the cry for something new. This is what make the phone feel somewhat fresh. Something that’s been missing since ever in iOS. iOS is so smooth and I love it but its also feels limited by Apple and boring. I hope iOS7 brings not only new tweaks but fresh UI and navigation of that UI.

      • Yes. We need new themes. Ayecon is great but I have got bored with it.

    • I think that its funny because if you hop on your PC and take a look at about half the icons – maybe take a peek at Windows 2000 era of icons as well they are all SQUARES – albeit the matte look doesnt really apply – and when i was getting my degree for Marketing and Advertising – This style was NEVER taught or really talked tooo much about – It has completely surprised me that this is where GD is heading

  • BHoenes

    Edit: Doesn’t work on iPad mini bar some things (Badges are flat, as are the icons you can find within the settings app. Oh and the barrel and Bytafont icons are flat.)

    Also, does anyone know of any theme which gives a “flat” feel to other UI elements (such as the keypad where you type your password, Phone keypad, etc.)?

    • I’m sure the developer will add support for this eventually. 🙂 But i would like to know the same answer for now

    • DaNoobHunta

      i asked the dev about an ipad version, and it is in the works.

  • Eli

    I have ayecon and downloaded this a couple of weeks ago, but was disappointed by the fact that it didnt support those little ios details that ayecon pays attention to
    I might go back to using it if it modifies the ios feel

    • Ayecon is just So good. It really makes my iPod look great but still keeping a similar to vanilla feel to it.

  • sam445

    @Jeff Benjamin how you add so many icon on one folder is any cydia tweaks.. if yes please tell me name

    • I think either FolderEnhancer or InfiniFolder would do the trick for you… check on cydia.

    • The iPhone 5 can do 16 icons by default.

  • Kinda reminds me of Windows 8 in a way!

  • no thanks

  • Nice – downloading now..

  • Bob

    Ayecon’s better.

    • Wow I just peeked at Ayecon in Cydia, it’s might nice.

  • Okay wow. But what tweak was that for the lock screen? And is that a separate tweak for the multitask bar (icon screenshot)

  • NO!! i will not give up ayecon!! 😛 but i might try this in the future once i get bored of ayecon which i doubt it 😛

  • Must be totally worth it if Jeff’s reviewing it. He hates themes! Haha

  • Love love love this theme. I’ve had this since it released. Great support from the developer too!

  • I like it a lot; and if you don’t get this you’re just square

  • Just bought it, and I’m not even going to lie – its pretty great. I like simple. Icons look great, sharp and clean makes the iPhone so much more appealing. Plus the JellyLock add on just makes the iPhone look so much better than the stock iOS option. Great post.

  • simply amazing :))

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Not for me. I hate flat and 2D.

  • Joe Benning

    Looks like some Windows 8 shit. Pass.

  • DaNoobHunta

    i love this theme. its so simple and beautiful. it doesnt tire my eyes.
    also, its updated frequently. the dev has added, 300 icons, flat weather, flat auxo, NcSettings support, Etc. since 26th march (release date)
    im sure its going to support all the details of ayecon in the next month or two.
    i wish good luck to the dev.

  • tommy

    Love this Lockscreen Tweak to unlock, like Android. How its called? 😮

    • JellyLock

    • weztimonial


    • bloodshed

      it’s called atom (not released yet ), jellylock is a similar alternative.

  • trumpet444

    I’ve actually been using the Tersus icon pack, which has a beautiful matte icon design much like FlatIcon. Tersus is from the Google Play Store though so I just unpacked all the icons and did the grueling work of resizing and renaming everything and putting them in their proper folders for theming with winterboard. It’s ridiculously awesome looking and I wish the Tersus dev would put the icon pack on cydia. (I can’t, of course, not my original work.)

  • Metro style FTW!

  • Nice theme and all . But I don’t why it reminds of Android ! I’ll pass.

  • felixtaf

    Cool theme and looks windowish/androidish… But nice…

  • Funny. Was looking last night for a new theme & stumbled across FlatIcon. Awesome theme though. Simple yet elegant.

  • Bought!

  • Lol, you Mac guys are the only ones I hear say positive stuff about flat, lego graphical user interfaces; I hate ’em….perhaps steve ballmer made all the Windows 8 decisions based on you guys to attract Mac users?

  • Wow – its not bad – bit im blown away by the comments! It looks like it could be made in paint, had no idea when i got my degree in graphic design that this would be the future, im excited for my future in my career cuz this is gonna be easy as hell! Bahahaha consumers

  • Looks like an Android, so ugly.

  • Don’t know what the appeal of this is….
    Yes it is clean, but not anywhere as beautiful as the current iOS theme with the subtle three dimensional looks. I think the flat look is too blaahh.. clean but blaahh
    Just no excitement in it

  • weztimonial

    Seems great! Perhaps trying it on my iPod touch or iPad. My iPhone is staying with Ayecon.

  • Jeff I really like this theme you guys should make more theme reviews pleaseeee

    • Bradley Wyatt

      iDownloadBlog doesn’t like doing themes. iThemeBig is more aimed at themes

  • Where’s that background from?

  • Ayecon and Flaticons.. I cant say i agree with idb’s themes of choice :S

  • Check out “jaku”. I swore by ayecon until I found that theme… And I don’t even like themes. Jaku is by far the benchmark iOS theme

  • Is it compatible with 4S? I get a size mismatch.

  • weztimonial

    Just tried it out. Does not feels as good as it seems here.

  • fadzlul hayat

    a bit like wp8 theme to me..but then, you guys hate it right..

  • Weather app looks good, but il be sticking to ayecon

  • icons are like as windows os

  • Does this work with the iPad? I would love to try this theme out.

  • Ian

    I still like Glasklart better…

  • how can I get that lockscreen?

  • How do you make the video look like that? It’s cool with the blurred background.

  • Bradley Wyatt

    It sucks, why have a retina device when there are no details and the icons look like they were created in Paint

  • Looks great, been using it since launch and I don’t want to go back to the old iOS theme.

  • Might just buy it since its only 60p but I doubt i’ll keep it for long since Ayecon is so good, I thought nothing would beat ReviDX but I was wrong when I tried out Ayecon.

  • @dongiuj


  • iCarl

    Very nice theme,but I think iBlue HD looks better… Could you maybe take a look at it Jeff?

  • Jon Watson

    Best theme ever is Timeless