It wasn’t long ago that Apple was being labeled a pirate in China. Now comes word of a pirate version of Apple’s App Store, selling iOS apps that let iPhone or iPad owners skirt iTunes and install apps, no jailbreak required. However, there’s one major catch: the website is available only within China, likely to dissuade Apple lawyers coming down like a ton of bricks.

Ironically, the service is called KuaiYong, which means “use quickly” in Chinese. We’re unsure whether this refers to ease of use or “hurry before we are shut down.” …

According to Hong Kong-based MIC Gadget, Kuai has basically taken bulk licenses used by companies, then acts like a copier, spitting out duplicate after duplicate of the app along with the same ID. Trouble is, along with the free iOS app may come some nasty malware.

Specialized malware could be developed for certain popular apps that collected information and logged activity on to the device. The Android eco-systems in China are working in this way,” according to the site. Wednesday, antivirus firm McAffee said more than 90 percent of malware targets Android devices.

Although the piracy-fueled iTunes alternative is not available outside of China, that could change. An international version in English is in the works – but only for Windows users, claims MIC Gadget. Naturally pirates would chose a platform beset by security errors, worms and other nasties.

But one has to hand it to these Chinese pirates for displaying moxie. Who else would rip-off Apple, then explain they were helping all the Chinese users incapable of understanding the complexities of iTunes? Besides that, the pirates even claim ripping off Apple and iOS developers has lessened the amount of jailbroken iOS apps. Naturally, this is like me saying I stole your car, thus reducing future car thefts.

Anyone want to guess how long these guys can continue? I already hear the pitter-patter of lawyers’ feet.

  • Eric

    Need to find a location spoofer to pretend I’m in China…

    • arrontaylor

      hahaha my exact thoughts

    • It’s called DNS 😉 but the download speeds would be very slow when you do this

      • Zorvage

        It’s actually called an “VPN” which stands for Virtual Private Network. Of course you can also use a free proxy. A DNS is a “dedicated name server” and has NOTHING to do with what you think it does.

      • You can use a DNS to download from Kuaiyong (I’ve done it) but you can’t use a VPN.

      • It depends where the vpn relocates your ip address guy.. Go read wiki

    • Kartik Dhawan

      This can be done other way too.
      AKuaiyong has its windows app already 😛
      I m using it in India 😛
      It works 😛
      The thing is its in Chinese but I’ve learned a bit Chinese living with the app.

      • i went to the main site, the windows app is still not ready as yet. so how are you using this ? .. Besides the heading of this article is kind of misleading. I thought the apps were pirated and we can download paid apps for free like installous. However in reality they have only pirated the app store for a better understanding for the chinese people.
        Itunes still holds good and works in this case.


      • Kartik Dhawan

        Bro it is possible I grabbed a copy of the software in Chinese.
        U want one?
        Contact me at
        And off course I won’t ask for any money or such sh*t…
        If any1 else wants it too feel free to mail me

      • spammy

        oh how nice of you… got a new mail id .. sincerely spam mail sender 🙂

      • Kartik Dhawan


  • no need, i live in argentina and it works like a charm 😉

  • This site has been around for at least 3 months and I haven’t heard one report of a virus. All you have to do is use a free Chinese (or Asian) proxy and you can use it. The biggest drawback is that it is extremely slow using it in this manner. That said, it works. Quite a few YouTube videos showing how if you are interested.

    • RarestName

      Some people say that they can’t sync their devices after using this.

      • yeah, if you plan to download every app from their site from now on then you can go ahead and use it, otherwise it messes up your itunes sync and u won’t be able to sync any app/updates from your computer to ur phone, be aware.

      • RarestName

        Meh, I think I’ll just watch YouTube reviews instead of risking having my data corrupted.

  • Only douchebags will use this, none of my friends …

    • Zorvage

      Sounds to me you are the douchbag here. Who cares if your friends are douchbags or not, and/or if they use this.

      • douchbags douchbags douchbags douchbags douchbags douchbags douchbags douchbags douchbags

      • Hahaha okay

    • maybe your friends are chinese and want to make some money….buaha

    • Nestea80

      Why did you even mention if your friends use it or not? You’re quite odd.

      • Maybe your misreading the tonality ive left the comment it

  • Never trust chinese or russian websites… just saying.

  • Luis Finke

    its vShare, isn’t it?

    • weztimonial


  • Kayla

    This has already been available forever and your just now making an article on it lol

  • This is super old. Pp25 is also another one.

    • weztimonial

      Totally, there’s another one but I forgot its name.

  • This is how most Chinese users think:
    “This phone costs $1000”
    “Ok. I will take two.”
    “This app costs $1.”

    • Chuck Finley

      That’s how most people with an iPhone think you disgusting racist.

      • This viewpoint is taken from a research on Chinese consumer psychology. I’m Chinese myself and live in China. I really think it hits the nail on the head.

  • bigzjoseph

    Seriously how is this a bad thing ??????

    • Defective apps, independent developers not getting paid, malware…

      • bigzjoseph

        don’t you use to get paid apps for free in install0us ?

      • I’ve never installed a paid app that was cracked, so even if ‘ad hominem tu quoque’ wasn’t a fallacy…

  • It works fine in india. Ive been using it since i bought tye iphone 5 in november

    • why would you use this and not the itunes. I mean its not like its allowing you to download paid apps for free 🙂

  • If anybody really wants to get this you can download it. I have the beta, it’s just in Chinese. You need a windows computer (or Mac with virtual windows) and you just install it like any ordinary app. It’s in Chinese but you can still use it.

  • This has been very old since it was created before the ios 6 jailbreak was released. YES. you can use kuaiyong and pp25(another one) to download and install pirated apps without JAILBREAK.. And yes, I have tried it and it is
    very reliable. I did not need any chinese proxies and the windows application is just as easy as connecting your ipad and hitting the button….

  • Bunny

    “Anyone want to guess how long these guys can continue? I already hear the pitter-patter of lawyers’ feet.”

    This has been operating for months and you only discovered it today? You only hear the pitter-patter of your own SLOW feet.

    • chances are it will never go away EVER.. there is a higher chance of ios 7 jailbreak not happening than pirating apps being put to stop

      • Vikarti Anatra

        I don’t understood one thing – they appear to be using Enterprise Certificate (one which allows companies to distribute internal apps to their employees). Why it’s not revoked arleady?!

  • Why do y’all wana be using this anyways? It’s pirated aka stolen and when you download it its stealing too! If you got a job don’t steal it buy it…….. Just like shoplifting….

  • Raymond Spruance Lee

    In my point of view most of Chinese jailbreak their device only for the pretend apps. They can pay for the idevice but they didn’t pay for any apps………so it such a joke!

  • Kurt

    It’s VPN, like you said. I use VPN to fool websites into thinking I’m located in USA so I watch HBOGo, Netflix, etc.

  • 25pp is already there since long time.

  • 国晔 张

    快用(Kuai Yong) means neither that. It is a invitation to use. It means “come and use now”.

  • Ive been using it since long and am in India WTF!!!