Ask Assistant Settings

Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking, even if it’s to Siri. Ask Assistant is perfect for those times, because it allows you to invoke Siri without saying a word.

The tweak lets you enter up to five canned Siri queries into its preference panel, and you can then assign each query to a specific Activator gesture. For instance, I setup a query that simply stated “Send a Tweet.” I then assigned this question to an Activator gesture — a double tap of the status bar. Now, anytime I want to send a new tweet, all it takes is a double tap of my status bar, and the new tweet sheet will appear.

It doesn’t have to be that simple, though. Ask Assistant can perform any query that you can normally perform using your voice. Take a look inside for a few additional details.

Ask Assistant Activator

Once you setup each question in Ask Assistant’s preferences, you’re ready to go. Simply hop over to the Activator preference panel, and assign each question to a specific Activator gesture.

Ask Assistant Twitter

Ask Assistant is perfect for assigning often used queries directly to Activator. It won’t be for everyone, and you probably won’t always want to use it, but it’s great for those times when you just don’t feel like speaking. You can download it for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

  • I hope iOS 7 will give SIRI to older devices like iPhone 4..
    we all know The iphone 4 can handle it by using spire whats the problem!?

    • lol we can be happy if iOS 7 still supports ip4. I’m switching to the next iPhone anyway.

      • I guess the iphone 4 will support iOS 7 but not sure about the 3GS lol

    • I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. If anything, there will be tons of features from iOS 7 that won’t be included in the iPhone 4.

      • Like panorama in ios 6… dammit :/

      • Yeah, sucks but that’s how Apple gets people to keep on buying their products.

  • RarestName

    It always fails on the first activation for me, and I had to activate it twice to make it work. That’s why I uninstalled this tweak. However, it’s still a great tweak!

  • Ahmed Bana

    I really miss AssistantExtentions. Anyone know when it’ll be updated for ios 6? It keeps freezing when I use it now and messes up siri.

  • Set an activator gesture in the lock screen to double tap on clock. The question you will set is “Set the Alarm” this is really useful for that.

  • I really hope they make siri smarter, i only use to set an alarm, texting other then that i use goggle voice search gets the job done better sad to say