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As we predicted, Chat Heads are coming to a jailbroken iPhone near you. Stride developer, Adam Bell, is currently hard at work on implementing Facebook’s Chat Head feature system-wide on iOS, and he’s made some great progress.

First posted on the Verge, Bell’s Chat Head integration with iOS looks to be coming along much faster than many anticipated. Take a look at a hands-on video inside.

Per The Verge:

Chat Heads inhabit a separate layer inside the Facebook app, so it was just a matter of finding that layer and making the rest of the app transparent. “The hardest part was getting this all to render on top of everything else,” Bell says, which means Facebook is always running on your phone.

Even though the Facebook app will be “always running” as a transparent layer, apparently this will have minimal impact on battery life. One thing that Bell’s implementation of Chat Heads can’t do, is integrate with SMS messages like it can on Android. Given the fast turnaround time with this project, though, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of that happening in the future.

Chat Heads for iOS should be available in a few days once all of the bugs are worked out. It will be a free jailbreak tweak on Cydia. What do you think?

[The Verge]

  • John Nathan Madrigal

    Perfect love it:)))

  • Facebook just updated the ios app and chatheads is already live you dont need to be jailbroken or have any tweaks

    • The FB app only has chat heads inside of the app, this makes it a system wide overlay, like on Android.

    • Watch the video. It says WITHIN the app. Not in the springboard! Actually, I liked this, but, will it be free?

  • I’d like to see chat heads used with the messages app

    • lebboytech

      We do have things like bitesms and messages+ but i still how that could be nice

      • i think chat heads would be better because you will be able to chat, not just to respond a message


  • WhatsApp and take my money!

  • Sentry

    Chat heads feel great and look pretty good, but I don’t see their practicality applying wide spread (i.e. to all notifications).

    I also think over a longer period of time that ‘managing bobble heads’ will become tiresome, despite that ‘managing’ part still being fun in the short term (physics).

    Either way, kudos to Bell.

    PS. Nice to know even some guys at the verge use Auxo. 😛

    • i think it would be great for other messaging apps like whatsapp. you could be chating with someone while you play a game or see a movie.

      • Quick Reply for WhatsApp…
        It’s gonna change your life ! hahahha

  • Chat Heads, Velox, upcoming update to Tap to Widgets, Notes Tweak, Abstergo, Atom. The future is looking bright for Cydia and jailbreakers alike.

    • xBoomBastiKx

      whats the notes tweak thats coming, refresh memory?

      • Chuck Finley

        It’s called “Scroll down slightly on the iDB main page”

      • He only made a question…

      • benjamin aguilar


  • Free is always good, especially something this big.

  • Jeremy

    They should integrate this with SMS otherwise it’s not all that useful for me. /:

  • leslie

    oh, wonderful. I extremely hope author makes a tweak for stock message app!

  • i dont want this

  • wonderboydave

    its so weird seeing the verge covering this, i would expect jeff doing this.

  • I can’t wait! I have been jealous of my android friends ever since it was released.

  • abbyruleover

    Make one for whatsapp!

  • Lordthree

    Über gay

  • This Is Awesome 🙂

  • Kurt

    I thought he was using the 3 year old phone, the iphone 4.

  • “Free” you serious?
    Then that’s iceing on the cake.

  • I’m really convinced by Chat head, they work great and look nice!

  • Will this work while using other apps?

    • Joe Bobbins


  • dont like the chat heads!!! any way to turn them off????????

  • i think it would be awesome to have a chat heads style messaging tweak. (it also would be better if it could integrate whatsapp and other messaging apps) i think it would be much better than any messaging tweak out there!!!

  • amaaaazing! cant wait for all the amazing upcoming tweaks!

  • As a UI developer and UI streamliner there are a few things that this App/Tweak will need to work well within the iOS and to help make it more popular among standard iPhone users
    1)The Chat heads needs to be a standalone App, not just a facebook transparent gimmick, although this a Great START and a good way to make something work, this is just a trick and will limit the usability of said tweak. This could be done by integrating with the Messenger app for Message Data and Contact Info, or by the iOS facebook integration that already exist. Im certain Grabbing Info through iOS login method to facebook shouldnt be TOO difficult to work with, working through a method like this could also permit usage with SMS/iMessage through a data grabbing method, or filter through Chatkit.
    2) integration with iMessage/SMS, the use of this tweak/app is very shortsighted if only limited to Facebook Messages, I know i for one wont use it nor will i donate.
    3) lastly this will have to be able to be summoned or put away with simple Activator gestures, similar to the standard facebook Chatheads of holding down to exit and then maybe a series of Activator gestures to bring up the last convo or last 3 convos. which should also be a toggle as well within the app/tweak.

    Great work at making it come together fast, but if a developer team takes this as a concept and tries to make something standalone that works with all system messages, it could sell for a couple bucks.

  • Jon Watson

    I just updated FB on my JB iphone and now it just crashes to safemode. Anyone else had this/?

  • 3looy7

    What’sapp should do that too , can jailbreakers do it ?

    • Bob


  • I gotten the Chat heads and stickers without any tweaking. Seems like Facebook just get me in

    • NoName

      this tweak is for using chat heads OUTSIDE of the facebook app

  • skychet

    Hate to sound like a Android fanboy, but this one feature that I really miss from my old phone… From 2007. I wish Apple would implement more ideas like this or at least give us the option.

  • The glory of jailbreaking. Is for these reason right here and I thank the hard workers for doing what tgey do for us.

  • Again, chat heads, they feel a lot like assertive touch. I used them on the Facebook app and I guess you can swipe them down to get ride of them, but I just feel that there has to be a better way than little circles in my face.

  • I’m ok with free. I would love to try this one out–even though I rarely use Facebook chat. I’d rather have Chat Heads for text messaging. That would be more practical.

  • when is this app supposed to be live?

  • I downloaded it this morning when it hit Cydia. It is not working for me. I open FB go to Messages, open a chat, get some bubble heads on the screen, close FB and the bubble heads go away. I have deleted and reinstalled to no avail!

  • Bluehand

    i like it

  • JAMN

    IOS 8?????????