A pair of reports issued yesterday really put the growth of mobile in perspective. Currently, the mobile landscape is dominated by two players – Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

While Apple is increasingly favored by companies big and small, Android has become the go-to vector for mobile malware, it seems.

Attacks involving mobile devices has risen dramatically in the space of just one year, skyrocketing to more than 36,000 instances in 2012, up from only 792 cases, according to a security research firm.

Meanwhile, large companies are adopting Apple devices at a faster clip than Android, according to another report…

“The growth of mobile malware shows no sign of slowing and this threat will likely continue to explode as mobile devices remain particularly attractive to cybercriminals and malware authors,” according to a blog post for security firm McAfee.

Among the attractions of mobile for malware creators: the easy access to address books and passwords, as well as smartphones ability for Trojan software to send SMS messages unwittingly enrolling users in lucrative premium services.

What’s more, Android devices make for the bulk of mobile devices infected by malware, according to the Intel-owned McAfee.

Among the many Android exploits are ones that disguise malware as antivirus apps.

The malware then uploads personal data to an attacker’s server, opening a door for remote control of the mobile device. Other malware detected by McAfee include ones that gain root access to your phone or fakes your financial institution into revealing banking data, according to the security firm.

Also showing the growth of mobile is the continued acceptance of Apple devices in enterprises.


A Centrix System report found 58 percent of enterprises around the world were allowing workers to use Apple devices during the fourth quarter of 2012.

The number indicated a two percent gain for Apple over the previous three months. Android was used by 35 percent of enterprises, falling two points. Microsoft mobile devices were used in just seven percent of enterprises, according to the report published by Fortune.

North America and Asia were strongholds for iOS, reporting 62 percent and 75 percent enterprise adoption. Citrix found support for Apple dropping in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, where penetration slipped to 43 percent from 56 percent.

By contrast, Android saw adoption grow to 36 percent in the same areas for an eleven-point advance.


Finally, an intriguing chart by Citrix shows what industries favor iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. As Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt points out, iOS is favored in areas where personal contact is premium – such as retail, restaurants, and real estate.

Android is picked more often for utilities, health care and communications.

But is it a great idea for businesses overseeing such key infrastructure to be using devices ripe for malware as their preferred mobile platform?

  • Rusko

    This is wierd, cause just the other day I saw a subject on a different site saying that ios has more vulnerabilites than android.

    • Donovan Davis

      If that we’re true then we wouldn’t be waiting for months for a jail break. Least of all one that takes 5 exploits to even gain root access.

      • Emm… Evasi0n had only 4 exploits as far as I know and gaining root access needed one. The thing is you have to turn off code signing.

      • Anon

        It uses a series of exploits. Not just one.

      • he said “5/4 exploits” are your blind ?

      • Anon

        He said root access needed “ONE” are you blind you fu*k? It took ALL exploits to get root access. You’re dumb as a sack of rocks. You are the weakest link…. good bye.

      • And you have a serious problem: you aren’t informed and protend as you were… However… There are always discussions about this and the jailbreaker creators cleared this up very often.

      • Anon

        Did you not read the explanation IDB gave for the latest jailbreak? read it again please 😉 a SERIES of exploits. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL get owned. You are the weakest link. GOOD BYE.

      • They ain’t gods! And if they wrote it took a series of exploits for a Jailbreak then they are right! If they said to gain root access they’re wrong! JB is not about root access.

      • Anon

        You have no clue what you’re talking about. Just stop, and move on. This post is ages old. Just stop, accept defeat.

      • May you should do this. Come on and read… Read anything! If you never read it’s very logical you have no clue about anything…
        Please just don’t reply! We both now I am right here and if you don’t know that JB is not only about root access then you really shouldn’t be talking about anything here…

      • There are a lot of things that have to be done, gaining root access is only one step.

      • Anon

        Root access wasn’t done in one step. Gaining root access allows compromise of the operating system. But, to get to root access you have to cause a failure in the system to trick it into giving you root. It was a series of exploits.

      • WRONG! If you have root access you can’t do anything! Every executable running on the iOS Device has to be code signed! There are a lot of things that have to be done! And naturally it wasn’t done in one step, but it IS(!!!!!!) only one step to a complete JB!

      • Anon

        That ONE step still takes MULTIPLE exploits. Don’t you follow those guys on twitter. They’ve explained it many times….

      • Anon

        Btw you are wrong again. Root access allows them to actually inject the jailbreak. You DON’T need an exploit to codesign cydia.

    • Yes. But they are not attackable or rather there is no use in attacking them cause you won’t gain root access etc.

    • Timothy

      The author was probably a stooge for Google lol. Android allows much more to go down on its OS than Apple does. That fact alone makes it more vulnerable. Not to mention Google Play’s loose app monitoring, or the ease with which people can root their devices. Jailbreak devs work months to find an exploit…

      • WithApplesYouGetWorms

        Android isn’t nearly as concerned about people rooting their devices as Apple is. Apple is greedy while Google is not. As far as malware is concerned, there is plenty of malware on Apple devices. You would have to be fairly stupid to get malware on an Android device. Period.

    • Anon

      You thought Apples secure closed platform was less secure than Androids open-source platform whom’s source is available to everyone? LOL what..

      • WithApplesYouGetWorms

        Open source makes things MORE secure, not less. Having that many more brilliant people working on a project together is obviously going to make a better product. For instance, this blog is running on nginx. Know what that is? It’s a widely used http server that is *GASP* – open-source!

    • felixtaf

      You read using malware affected Google Glass?

  • Timothy

    This is a big reason why I don’t do Android. Nuff said.

    • Yep. Apple keeps things locked down for a reason. I have a TON more confidence using iOS with my small Biz. Plus I like that fact that iOS is streamlined. With Android, it depends on what phone, gets what software version.

      • WithApplesYouGetWorms

        Streamlines? You mean, “no choices”. You get tons of choices with Android phones. And yes, Apple does indeed keep things “locked down” for a reason. Because they are a greedy corporation that has enough slow thinking, rich and technological inept people to support it.

      • Timothy

        Lol such a noobcake.

    • erod434

      Well its pretty much an invalid concern, though I know I will get flamed for arguing this. FYI, I am not an android fanboy, I prefer ios on my ipad and android with my galaxy nexus.
      A) Have you ever heard anyone who has gotten malware on an android phone?
      B) 99 percent of the malware comes from apps outside the playstore. This means that users have to intentionally go into the settings and turn on install apps from outside sources, a measure that very few “average” users will actually do. Futhermore, since android 4.0, which is now adopted by over 40% of all android devices and is increases, many of these exploits have been fixed. In android 4.2, though few have including myself on my Gnexus, there is now a built in anti-virus software that scans new apps for malware before installing htem.
      C) These stats are meant to make people like you believe that the problem is bigger than it is because they are from a security company which has an app to protect users from these threats. Therefore in order to make money on their app, they blow the stats out of proportion from the size tested.

      • You don’t even have to bother. The same has been pointed out numerous times. Whenever a news article like this one pops up, they will conveniently forget all the facts and start flaming on Android no matter what.

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Where is Blackberry in the Industry device adoption graphic?? It comes undoubtably ahead of windows mobile.

  • letsjustgetalong

    Worth it.

  • Isn’t their App Store filled with malware also?

    • Tardroid


      should rename it to PlayVirus

  • Tardroid


  • Is it just me or does that Green Robot look more and more like a dustbin every time you see it…

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Lol, I’ve thot tht. Like the maid robot from the jetsons.

  • My dream is to create an amazing malware for Android which just thrashes the privacy of all the people who own it !

    • Anon

      Too late, folks at Hackforums already created a full featured RAT that is godly. You’re too late champ. Standards are high.

      • sorry for not keeping up with your expectations 🙁

  • melci

    There is no doubt that Apple has decimated Microsoft and Android in the Enterprise. Here are a few other stats that confirm the nail is in the coffin:

    Egnyte reports that in Q1 2013, Apple’s iOS increased its share of the mobile business market from 69% to 78% while Android suffered a massive decline from 30% last year to only 22% this quarter. Windows tablets and phones were relegated to the Other category with less than 1% marketshare.

    Good Technology reports that last quarter the iPad again completely dominated the Business tablet market with a massive 93.2% of activations while the iPhone accounted for 73% of all non-BB business smartphone activations against Android’s 27% and Window 8 was completely missing in action.

    Good Technology also reports that iOS devices in total represented 77% of mobile device activations in the enterprise market in Q4 2012, with the top five slots all occupied by Apple devices.

    • Woah, buddy. While we can see that Apple has been on top of the smartphone game, you do have to know that every great empire falls. Look at Microsoft. They have been eating the OS market share for more than a decade, and their screwups (Windows ME, Vista, 8) have cost them the userbase. Apple with their simplicity and ease of usage, and the quality is what makes them win over the Microsoft userbase. Don’t get me wrong, I love Microsoft (currently using a modded Win 8), but it is always good to look at both sides. That nail in the coffin can always be removed.

      • melci

        Sure, but if Apple stays on top for as long as Microsoft did that sounds like a pretty good deal.

        Apple’s dominance in the mobile enterprise is comprehensive and with Microsoft at less than 1% marketshare, quite cataclysmic.

      • Kurt

        here you can get an iPhone 5 for free since Jan. And end of last month or earlier this month my cell provider called me to ask if me and my wife wanted to upgrade early to an iphone 5 for free. Our contracts end in November. This is unheard of here. You must wait 2 years to upgrade. We said no to the free iphone 5 (3rd gen of the iPhone 4)

  • You just need to be smart with your technology. Using it is a privilege and responsible. If you act irresponsibly, you’ll reap the consequences. Aside from Apple’s innovation years ago (they have been lacking as of late, but hopefully that changes this year), the security was something I didn’t even think about it. My device just worked, no crashes or anything. I know some people get a bit unlucky with their iOS devices, but through the indications of the majority, these are just isolated incidents. I have been very happy with my iPhone and I knew it was what I wanted when I got my first iPod Touch. That’s why I waited it out until AT&T’s exclusive contract was up and it came to Verizon. And that’s why I didn’t get the Android phones when they started popping up (I was tempted though). But like I’ve said numerous times before, Google is a great company. Just be smart with your technology.

  • Dan

    As long as you play it smart you won’t get virus. If you pick up a girl at a bar, do you throw caution to the wind or do you protect yourself?

    • yeah thats what PC users say about getting viruses but as soon as you log on to the internet with a PC its starts acting funny…lolololol

      • Dan

        Acting funny… wtf dude? My PC does not act funny. Stay off the porno

      • porno is an important aspect of human nature…looloo

      • I use a MAC though so i have no issues

      • WithApplesYouGetWorms

        If you use a MAC then you have plenty of issues. You just have no issues that you’re aware of.

  • iPhone = MAc
    Android = PC


    • WithApplesYouGetWorms

      So clearly you’re saying Android is better than iOS then.

  • So far no viruses on my Android 4.2 phone, must be dumb people installing dumb things from outside the playstore.

  • Too many kiddies playing around on both os.Never had problems with malware.Neither on android.

    • roger

      I never had malware issues in computing at all. But I’m a big boy and like my openness in computing. So if I ever decide I need my hand held during computing by using iOS, I’ll just get one of those cheap, rubberized Fisher-Price type tablets and save myself 400 bucks. 🙂

  • WithApplesYouGetWorms

    LOL! Apple fans couldn’t be more ignorant. I mean, obviously you can’t know a lot about technology or be too smart if you are using Apple products, but still it continues to amaze me. There have been countless contests at hacker events that prove iOS on any platform is nowhere near as secure as the Apple fan-boy thinks. Whether or not the contest is Android or Windows vs iOS, the hackers nearly always (in every time I have ever read about or witnessed) win by “hacking” the Apple product before anyone can “hack” the Windows or Android system. I love how Apple users think that because there isn’t a lot of viruses or malware written for their system of choice, that it must be more secure. They don’t look at any of the real factors for these statistics, such as market share or value of information gained. It would be easy to write a virus that works on Macs, for instance, but how would it spread when most of the machines it would try to infect would be running Windows? What would be the point of making a virus that could only possibly spread to such a small percent of the computers in the world?

  • WithApplesYouGetWorms

    Why not talk about all of the things that you can do with an Android phone that you can not do on an iPhone? The list is crazy huge. When I made the switch from Android to an iPhone 4 with Siri to see what all the buzz was about, I was excited. I owned it for 8 months. Boy was that a huge mistake. I was missing so many of the Android features and getting nothing new or exciting in return. I can’t believe how basic the iPhone is in comparison. How frustrating it was to operate and how limited some of the options were. I was using my Android phone to stream media to my TV, with no wires or even having to touch my Android device other than to set a one time permissions. I was used to customizing my home screen and making it look and act exactly like I wanted. Now all I could do was change the background image. I mean, nothing as simple as a widget? Really? No flash? No file manager? No hdmi out port? Had to buy a converter cable to something as simple as hdmi out? Then we get into the deeper settings and talk about limited compared to Android. This was like going from Hal 9000 to an
    Etch A Sketch. What an over-hyped piece of garbage. Well, at least there are quality apps, right? I mean I read about that all the time, how apple has the better apps. Nope. Just a bunch of expensive apps that want you to pay to unlock things once you get them. Too many of the games were just silly little things that tried to get you buy more coins. Now that Google Play has more apps and much more free apps and a much wider range of what these apps can do vs Apple, there really isn’t a single reason to own an Apple phone over an Android.