T-Mobile The Choice is SImple

T-Mobile is wasting no time touting the fact that they finally have access to the world’s best smartphone. Can you blame them? This latest creative compares T-Mobile’s contract-less plans with the competition.

The spot features two iPhone 5’s: one surrounded by a series of mouse traps to represent being trapped within a competitor’s contract, and another, free of traps, representing T-Mobile’s new contract-free strategy.


As you would expect, this marketing strategy isn’t about showing off the features of the iPhone 5, because everyone knows what those are by now. Instead, T-Mobile wants potential customers to know why signing up for “Big Magenta” can prove to be advantageous. What do you think about the spot?

[via 9to5Mac]

  • ArthurTyukayev

    I bought my iPhone 5 from T-Mobile, and I got to say that I love it. It’s the best decision that I’ve made.

    • Jeff

      Is this your first iPhone?

      • ArthurTyukayev

        This isn’t my first. I had an iPhone with a different carrier. I was paying almost double of what I am paying now. Plus, if I ever don’t like it. I can always leave, contract free. T-Mobile is now my favorite carrier. I’m never leaving. I can’t wait for LTE to be updated in my city, not that I need it. I get 10mb/s, with 4G in my city.

    • kumar714

      same here, it’s costing me half the price i was paying to at&t and double the service. i’m absolutely loving it.

    • I upgraded my iPhone 4S and it has so many new features. Defiantly buying the 5S.

  • Boss

    Don’t see why people don’t just wait for the iPhone 5S being so late

    • kumar714

      people who desperately wanna get out of at&t, verizon or sprint will not wait, like i didn’t.

  • The only difference between the prepaid tmobile iphone 5 and the supposedly uncarrier contract thats still a contract is that contract phones have continous data and voice connections because they have roaming agreements whereas the prepaids just drop service beyond their towers.

    • Not true I spoke to T-Mobile and this is not an MVNO type of situation for prepaid customers. It’s actually the exact same thing. The advantage of having non pre paid is the fact that they keep you in the system and have a better understanding of your account. Therefore they are able to give you better support. Prepaid is a little bit more anonymous as you don’t need to create an account. Just a sim an an activation kit.

      • Use a prepaid sim and a contract sim in a place where theres little to no tmobile coverage and watch the contract sim pick up the better signal at least 3g or higher and the prepaid will stay on edge.

      • I just did this I wouldn’t be telling you if I didn’t know what I was talking about. We have a total of 5 T-Mobile iPhone 5’s in my familiy. I’ve had prepaid for about 2 weeks now and it works exactly the same.

  • Not only the traps, look at the big cheese the mouse is going to get on Tmobile, meaning more for less.

  • I’m waiting for the 5S but I upgraded my plan and now I’m saving $20 a month and got unlimited data on all my lines.

  • Uriah Romero

    Well that’s a very bold ad from T-Mobile, as well as clever. I’m sure now that the iPhone 5 is available on their network, they will become tough to overlook. My iPhone 5 has been perfect on their network, and what makes it even better is the recent addition of LTE in my city. I like to catch up on my live and recorded shows using my phone on the trip to and from work at DISH, as it takes a while to get there. The app I stream with is the DISH Anywhere app, which lets me watch my shows wherever I go, and it works well on the iPhone 5.

  • wait a minute.. t mobile is gonna be selling iphones which are not gonna be locked any specific carrier alone?

  • Rodney Coleman

    Apple owns USA

  • Daniel Beecham

    can i downgrade from 6.1.3 to a jailbreak version on my iphone 5?????