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NotesTweak is an upcoming jailbreak tweak for iOS that allows you to enhance the stock Notes app. NotesTweak adds new features like the ability to save note snippets directly to the Home screen, upload notes to DropBox, and pin important notes to the top of your list.

If you’re someone who relies on the stock Notes app to get things done, then you’ll undoubtedly appreciate some of the new features that NotesTweak will bring to the table. Take a look inside for more info.

NotesTweak Share

Here is the full feature set of NotesTweak, along with some items that are still baking:

Current features:

  • Star/sticky any note so it always shows at the top
  • Upload notes to dropbox
  • Add notes to the Home screen for more convenient access

NotesTweak Add To Home

Upcoming features:

  • Different colored notes
  • More options for Home screen icons (read only, standalone)
  • A preference pane with a handful of UI tweaks
  • Upload notes to Google Drive

NotesTweak Home screen

There’s currently no ETA for NotesTweak, but if I were to guess, I’d say you can expect it to hit Cydia in the near future. What do you think? Do you have any particular features that you’d like to see added prior to release?

  • Johnathan Jennings

    It should be like this already, Apple. *Hint* *Hint*

  • hkgsulphate

    now thats what I called a tweak

  • mk3s

    Simplenote integration into the stock Notes app would be amazing.

  • Ahmed Bana

    Apple sucks. The developers who make tweaks for us on Cydia should be getting paid by Apple for simply making ios devices awesome because of how open minded and “out of the box” they are. I would never buy an ios device if it couldn’t be jailbroken. I took a gamble with iPhone 5 back in September and I hated not having a jailbroken iPhone.
    Jailbroken iPhone 4 > non-jailbroken iPhone 5.

    • Tom Canuck

      I agree, I could never use a non-jailbroken iOS device now.

    • regkilla

      I agree with you in everything except the last part. The iPhone 5 is way better regardless.

      • Devam

        Actually I disagree. A non jailbroken iPhone is Useless. Even a stupid junky android phone is better than a non jailbroken phone in some ways!! But these are my thoughts. Your thoughts could be different.

      • regkilla

        I do give it to the iPhone 4 for having great battery life.

      • regkilla

        Only thing worse than a low/mid range Android phone is a BlackBerry. iPhone 4 smokes weak Androids.

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        Any past, present or future stock iphone would be worse than any past, present, future JB iphone. Its really simple: the freedom you get when you jailbreak makes you experiment with your device and keeps it interesting. A non-jailbroken device gets boring after 1-2 weeks when you tried all of the new features and the AppStore apps become boring you start to regret paying so much for the device.

      • Except for the fact that before I jailbroke my iPhone 5, I *never* suffered crashes. Now, with tweaks that haven’t been tested thoroughly, or which were poorly written from the start, I keep my tweaks to a bare minimum, because I’d rather have a phone that doesn’t crash than have a bunch of fluffy tweaks that do little more than add eye candy or features that I find marginally useful at best.

        I love the tweaks I use though, and will continue to jailbreak my phone; what Apple brings to the market, and which others constantly try to emulate, is stability and reliability. Slamming Apple on an Apple jailbreak site is a waste of time.

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        There’s no poorly written tweaks, there are occasions where too many independent systems conflict with each other when a rare event happens. Its not uncommon but then again freedom doesn’t come for free, does it? I prefer a device that i can control, not state of the art Quad-Core, 8GB RAM phone that can only install AppStore apps.

    • Totally disagree. Apple comes up with it, others improve on it (sometimes), and sometimes make it so needlessly complex that their tweaks last a day or less on my phone.

      I agree that some tweaks are excellent, and I wonder why Apple hasn’t added them; on the other hand, it’s innovation like this that drives products forward, and all companies (not just Apple) are constantly combing cyberspace for developers who bring amazing innovation to their products.

      If you think Apple sucks, I’m sure one of the other smartphone manufacturers will gladly take your money.

  • Latrese

    If the notes app was more like Notemaster ,,I’d have my face in my iPhone 24/7:)

  • Been waiting for someone (or Apple) to ‘pimp’ the notes app, this looks awesome!

  • MrShutEmDown

    Yes! Another tweak with a pending release!

    • Yeah but the discouragement of not knowing when some of these recent showcased tweaks is far outweighed by the encouragement I, personally, get from seeing their quality and thoroughness, and what that says about the future of jailbreaking.

  • Assad Khan


  • Near future is always a great guess in my opinion lol because your never wrong or far off!

  • I like “Star/sticky any note so it always shows at the top” idea.

  • The ability to add a note to Evernote would be great. The notes app is really quick and useful (especially with TaptoWidgets tweak) but I keep all of mine in evernote

    • Why not just use Evernote then? What’s the point of storing something in Notes only to have it also cross-posted to Evernote? That breaks a standard rule of data management: store it once, use it often. In database world it’s called First Normal Form.

  • This seems great! I want it ASAP!

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I like it

  • If you have the ability to edit the note in dropbox and then it syncs back to Notes, you’d have a real winner. Otherwise, still sounds cool.

  • As someone who survives on the stock notes app, this looks really promising… I’ll be the first to request for iOS 5.1.1 compatibility please?

  • 2EyesWideOpen2

    The basic ability to add a picture to Notes is still missing in 2013. I much prefer what NoteMaster offers.

    • I added a picture to Notes on my Mac just this morning.

  • can you add pictures to the notes application?

  • Veillantif

    Does this mean I can finally, after 3+ years, say goodbye to the cheesy faux-legal pad background? It’s even uglier than the faux-wood bookshelf in iBooks.

  • coLin

    can you add photos to notes app?