Good news for all of you would be Mailbox users: the app no longer requires to you to wait an inordinate amount of time before gaining access to it. That’s because Mailbox has dropped its reservation system, an idea initially brought forth to stagger the amount of users placing stress on its network at any one time.

Along with the recent 1.2 update, which brought smarter snooze options and a helping of UI tweaks to the fore, Mailbox can actually be used immediately after downloading it. How’s that for practicality?

Mailbox Add Gmail Account
Ah, no reservation nonsense.

Per Mailbox’s blog:

Good news! Mailbox is now available without having to wait in line. After 10 weeks of around-the-clock hard work, our engineering team has scaled the Mailbox service to deliver over 100 million messages per day (and growing). We believe we can now confidently handle new users as they sign up, so we’ve pulled down the reservation system.

So there you have it, Mailbox now believes it can handle new user signups without any hiccups. That’s likely the result of the passing of the initial surge of hype and demand, along with being recently acquired by Dropbox. Probably more of the latter.

You may have skipped our review of Mailbox initially, out of disdain for the inability to use the service. If so, scoot over there right now, and check out our full video and written review, before downloading. Mailbox is available free of charge on the App Store. iPad version, please.

  • Should add hotmail support…

    • Still waiting on this.

    • weztimonial

      so am i.

  • Bob

    Hotmail or GTFO 😀

  • jose castro

    you guys do know that Microsoft is getting rid of Hotmail lol

    • Yeah, its outlook now, same difference tho. Just want more then Gmail support.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I got excited when I read the title, thinking it had support for more than just Gmail. As soon as it gains support for others (especially hotmail) ill re-download it.

  • Dave Elg

    Has anyone come up with a jailbreak tweak to make Mailbox the default mail client? I love it, and always get annoyed whenever Apple’s email client opens.

    • Fraz Someone

      I’d like to know as well. I was searching for it a week ago but couldn’t find anything.

    • Another reason why I’m skipping this then.

  • whats the difference between this and the stock email?

    • Push notification

    • Fraz Someone

      Just get it and see for yourself, it’s pretty cool.

    • 1) go read the iDB review
      2) snoozing (brilliant)
      3) drag-to-reorganize inbox emails
      4) swipe to archive/delete/snooze (one motion for all three = very fast interface)
      5) push notifications
      6) navigating from inbox/archive/snooze is one tap (big time saver over stock mail)
      7) drag across screen to swipe between panes (instead of tapping “back” in the upper corner)

      and more.

    • Mailbox doesn’t support Exchange and the paradigm is a bit different as Mailbox encourages you to this new oh-how-cool-wow zero mail on your inbox (or something like that).
      It’s probably one of those email apps that dominate besides the stock mail app and Sparrow, although the latter is discontinued ever since Google decided to buy it and screw the business.

  • I moved from hotmail to gmail before i use hotmail too much hahaha

  • Venura Edirisinghe

    IPad version please

  • It is not displaying Polish fonts correctly. Useless.

  • Melan

    Can I have IMAP push notifications from this? (hostgator)

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    Just trashed Mailbox. I was one of the very early reserved slots, but the last few weeks opened my eyes: Crashes a lot (when there’s HTML emails), slow to open and navigate with more than one account, relays on push notification, etc.

  • LeMerlot

    “Mailbox” changed my email life completely – zero inbox nearly every moment, still can’t believe it… 🙂

  • Siddharth Desai

    Deceiving title to the article

  • I love this app. But I cannot fully use it. Without Microsoft Outlook support I can’t use this app for my work. Any ideas when this will be added?

    • Same here, not that I can’t use it, I just don’t WANT to use it cause I don’t like email client fragmentation on my device. I want to have a SINGLE app to check all my mail accounts. Why is it that no one adds Exchange support to their apps? Is it related to a license thing?

      • I’m with you….I’m not going to keep an app on my phone, no matter how great it is, if all it’s doing is providing me half of what another app (apple’s default Mail) is providing me. Add Exchange, and I’m all yours. I’m not going to quit “Mail”, then launch “Mailbox” just to see my gmail account.

      • I am not even sure about the “I’m all yours” part, as I’m used to reading and writing long emails and Mailbox seems to offer a very small window making it reading through long emails a bit of a pain. If they add Exchange support I WILL definitely give it a try but until then, I’m sticking to the stock Mail app powered by Mail Enhancer.

  • Still no Exchange support. I’m skipping it again…

  • O. Bakerman

    How about: NO