LockScreenAirplaneMode is a free jailbreak tweak that just touched-down on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It allows you to quickly enable or disable your iOS device’s Airplane mode feature directly from the Lock screen.

A simple tap and hold will enable AirPlane mode, and another tap and hold gesture will disable AirPlane mode. As you can probably imagine, this is an extremely simple tweak. There are no options to configure, or settings to adjust.

If you’re a frequent traveler, then I could see LockScreenAirplaneMode being a fine asset to your travels. In most cases, though, you may want to stick with more “traditional” means of managing Airplane mode. What do you think?

  • Looks like it’d collide with Flusterless

    • PathKiller29

      but why would you need to install both? Flusterless has a toggle for airplane mode!

  • Muhammad

    I like these gifs that show what to do

  • It doesn’t work with Forecast 🙁

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I like your new animated pictures Jeff and can sometimes replace a video

  • I like these gifs you guys got going on lately!

  • aasasasd

    Power to the GIF!

  • Diego C.

    wouldn’t this be a problem for Find my iPhone? I mean, you could just steal a phone and put it on airplane mode and bingo

    • Perfect, removed because of that, thanks for remember me 😉

    • Felipe Drumond

      Thanks for advice!

  • but the GPS, and that chat bubble stays there 🙂

    • Well GPS I could understand as that deals with the cellular GPS. But that may be an issue as well but take into consideration that this tweak deals with toggling airplane mode only. From there the apple software handles this as you can by default set location service to show constant as long as the feature is toggled regardless of other settings. Plus the message bubble is a notification. So if you have pending messages it makes sense they would still be shown because you’ve received them previously.

  • Rajan

    Flusterless already has this feature. Just hold down the crescent toggle on the lockscreen and you have the option switch between the airplane mode toggle and the do not disturb toggle

  • Chuck Finley

    …or you could just use SBSettings?

    • altheablue

      Or NCSettings. 😉

      • Chuck Finley

        Notification Centre works in the lockscreen now? 😛

      • Use Springtomize 2 to make it working in lock-screen.

      • Randy Jackson

        or use bulletin

    • or use NC toggles by BatteryDoctorPro.

  • Muhammad Mahbub Husain

    this is can be also done using battery doctor which can be launched in lockscreen with all shortcuts. This application is useful, but don’t wanna load the memory as it can done by other utility app.

  • Or just assign airplane mode to the double tap sleep button @ lockscreen via activator?