Verizon Sucks

Straight from the ‘what-were-they-thinking’ department comes news that Verizon Wireless, the nation’s leading carrier, Friday updated its upgrade eligibility terms, but unfortunately not for the better.

If you’re on a two-year agreement, you’ll be now eligible for an upgrade at 24 months as opposed to today’s early upgrade eligibility at 20 months.

Remember, this is a carrier that just two years ago eliminated the 12-month upgrade. The first customers impacted by this change are the ones whose contracts expire in January 2014. Verizon cynically states that people are always free to “purchase a new phone at the full retail price at any time.”

Monthly installments, much?

They even had the nerve to argue the change is “consistent with how the majority of customers purchase new phones today”. So, folks are actually eager to commit their soul to Verizon’s long-term agreements with no easy way out? Seriously? Let me guess: if consumers demanded it, the company would eliminate contracts, right? Looks to me Verizon didn’t get the memo. But wait, there’s more…

From Verizon’s media release:

The New Every Two program ended in January of 2011. Verizon Wireless has continued to allow customers to utilize these expired credits. However, as of April 15, these credits will no longer be available.

Customers may continue to share an upgrade with another person on an account if that customer is upgrading to a device within the same equipment category. Customers can utilize a phone upgrade to purchase a new phone; however, the option to transfer upgrades from non-phone devices (such as a Jetpack or tablet) will no longer be available.

Policy tightening, at a time when rival T-Mobile (and UK’s O2, too) is separating phone and wireless plans?

T-Mobile (Uncarrier banner 001)

What were they thinking?

There’s carrier and then there’s Uncarrier.

How do you “like” this new better-for-the-customer Verizon policy?

Feel free to vent your frustration down in the comments.

So, who’s switching to T-Mobile?

  • I guess Verizon doesn’t like people constantly upgrading their devices all the time. If they get rid of this, people will upgrade once every 3-4 years instead of every two.

    • You should feel really glad about the 2 years contract, cuz in canada its only 3 years and trust me 3 years is an eternity for tech.. But yes 4 years would be way too long

      • I bought my phone therefore I’m not on a 3 year contract, its the man to go man seriously.

    • Pavelbure

      This is the point. Once that phone is paid off in 2 years they would prefer you don’t upgrade but still pay upgrade prices every month because your bill will not go down.

  • Mr. E

    This is where Verizon doesn’t even compare to AT&T. No transferred unlimited data to iPhone 5 and now this?!

    • Please.. In canada no carrier offer unlimited data so be glad.

      • jilex

        neither in mexico my friend (they say they do, but it’s a lie) the people in USA should be really happy

      • I know :0

      • Dan

        indeed. although if you complain enough it’s pretty easy to get 6GB, that’s pretty good for a cellphone.

      • Dont worry i have it hahha

      • I wish we had an unlimited data plan, that would be awesome.

    • The best Network in the UK is “3” when it comes to data. The One Plan gives you 2000 mins, 600texts and all you can eat data, no cap, it includes as much tethering as you like.

    • and they still dont have simultaneous voice and data for the iphone5… what a mes

      • Yes they do. I talk and use data at the same time all the time with my iPhone. I have Verizon. It’s always seemed to work since I got my iPhone 5 last year.

  • just get a factory unlocked iphone

  • OMFG. Thats bullshit. Id like less time. I would at least like to be able to buy every new iPhone that comes out and its about 1 every year. just got the i5 so when the 6 comes out i might be able to get it. WTF. seriously thinking i might be switching carriers soon. I love the service never had a problem but this crap really pisses me off.

  • I don’t get this. If I upgrade, I’m locked into a two-year contract from the date of the upgrade (instead of the earlier date of my original contract). That means they have me and my money for 12 months longer (well, four months longer now). Why would they shoot themselves in the foot like that?

  • Moments like this that I’m glad I’m with a slightly less crappier carrier – AT&T. Still have my unlimited data too!

    • willie_walk

      Most definitely!

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I have unlimited data on AT&T also. AT&T is still great and there Custom Service always be great to me even when the network wasn’t top notch.

    • at&t data speed is still able to beat Verizon since 3G.

      By the way, I am from NYC, and I am talking about the speed on 36street at Broadway.

      Did someone mention that you can’t receive any email when you are on phone with the Verizon network?

      • Not true jack! I’m able to talk and surf at the same time on my galaxy nexus… Its the crappy iPhone’s fault that can’t do it on the Verizon network. I even get 35 mb download speed while doing it!! And Verizon’s 4g is way better than AT&T ..

      • Really… this only limited to iPhone? Thanks for pointing it out for me.

      • I talk and surf on my iPhone all the time with Verizon. Where are you getting your info? Oh wait, AT&T commercials are true right? Lol. I haven’t had any problem talking on my iPhone while checking email, texting, and surfing the net, all on my Verizon iPhone.

      • If the commercial from at&t is not true, then why don’t at&t get into trouble?

        By the way, there are news about that too, from pcmag, cnet, consumer report…

  • just in time for tmobile to take their customers…lolo

  • I’m waiting for the new iPhone 5S and iPad 5 for T-Mobile and then I’m jumping ship from Verizon. Can’t wait to get back unlimited

  • Jerry

    I always preached to everyone I know that verizon sucks. And this just adds the icing to the cake LOL! If my AT&T iPhone 5 fully worked with t-mobiles network I would jump ship but I don’t like the sound of me being from edge to LTE back and forth so I guess once the 5s comes out I’ll be going to t-mobile and selling this phone.

  • MrShutEmDown

    My contract was up November 2012… Right now i’m on a month to month with my unlimited data. I rather keep it this way, so what I’m going to do is just pay full retail for my phone. Unless they do the following:
    1. Don’t allow insurance for phones no longer in contract.
    2. Don’t allow me to get a new phone without getting a contract & lose grandfathership in the process.
    Verizon is doing the absolute most with their handling of things. Prime example if you go into a store with an issue to your phone.. they will actually tell you they can’t give you a new one in store, but rather send you one int he mail in 1-2 business days. Imagine having to go to Dubai and NOT having a phone? I had to go to Apple and actually complain with my issues in order to get a new device. sad..
    Was your iphone stolen? Are you insured? Cool.. $89. Then.. 1-2 days to ship. lmao.
    Verizon knows people will pay ( like myself.. $80 monthly bill, but after tax manages to be 130-140? Ok…

  • This is RIDICULOUS. I have always been a loyal Verizon customer and I always loved the early upgrades. Maybe when my contract is up, it’s time to make a switch?

  • trumpet444

    I’ve been buying retail since early 2010 to get out of being locked into a contract. I keep my unlimited data and can leave anytime I want without paying an ETF. Retail is the way to go, it feels much freer.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Once Verizon got the iPhone they started showing there true colors. So far every few months since they got the iPhone. Verizon changes things up to Squeeze in more money out of people.

    • trumpet444

      It’s because they can, they have the best service (not customer) so people will pay. I can’t stand Verizon’s practices but I pay $100+ every month because no one else can beat their speed or coverage where I live

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        What you say is true but is doesn’t make it right. Best coverage or not. Verizon needs a wake up call. The government should look into Verizon for unfair practices or something like that.

      • What makes you say verizon has the best network? Data came out recently stating att does. Especially in Florida/Orlando….

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        It’s been said millions of times over that they do. Yes maybe in some areas there still struggling but overall the best Network has far has connect goes around. I have AT&T,
        with iPhone 5 so far it’s been pretty good. AT&T has been good to me.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Everyone knows Verizon has the Best Network in the USA. Verizon is abusing their power and hold in the Wireless World. Simple terms there Bullying us.

  • willie_walk

    What are they thinking?

  • TekNoah

    We, five family members, left Verizon several years ago after having been subscribers for over 9 years on the same phones paying the same expensive ass rate as when we signed up. After shopping around we found that we could get a better D/V/M plan through Sprint but called Verizon not one, not twice but three times to get them the chance to retain us. Not once did they try to offer any incentive to remain a customer.

    At the end of the day I think what Verizon customers want is to not be Verizon customers!

  • seyss

    this is just to show. those who buy carrier-locked subsidized phones are poor idiots

  • I’m just going to threaten them again and tell them I’m going to T-Mobile because they have no contracts. I felt bad because the poor kid working there looked confused and appeared to have a tear in his eye. You have to do what you have to do unfortunately.

  • Funny, I was just looking at a new carrier after my contract is up at Sprint. Welp, Verizon is looking slightly less better. Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING is worse than Sprint’s network. like dial-up speeds in my area. I’m expecting to hear “you’ve got mail!” After I launch Safari. Some days are better than others, but during rush hour and the higher parts in the day, it’s unbearably slow.

    • I’m in Baltimore, and I can honestly say here, Sprint is faster that both AT&T, and Verizon on LTE, and is faster that Verizon on 3G… If I were you I’d stick with Sprint, and I know there taking long to expand, but when they do it is a fast, solid, and upgraded experience. And I’m using the iPhone 5 by the way.

  • I’m staying with Sprint. In my area, they have the best coverage, and Speed when compared to other networks, plus unlimited data! And don’t tell me below how much Sprint “sucks”, because like I said “In my area” they have the best coverage!

  • disqusted

    Verizon’s 3G is horrible. I mean, yeah I have an iPhone 4 still— because in order to keep this grandfathered unlimited data I’m effectively paralyzed. If I change anything at all they’re taking me to tiered 2GB for the same price or more. Stupid. They’re the typical scumbag money hungry corporation who is more interested in f***ing their customers over than providing any semblance of a respectable customer relationship. Everyone’s reprieve for them is their coverage/data is the best. Not the case here. I get about 7kb/s with a long ping time in the 300-400ms. That’s on a good day. I get at max 3 bars, often only 1-2. That, taken with my distaste for their “ream them harder and deeper every few months, they’re not gonna do anything but pay it” attitude the past couple of years— I have no sense of attachment to them and my contract just ended. I honestly don’t know how other carriers compare as I’ve been with Verizon always, but I know this is not the same exceptional service everyone else claims.

    And no, I don’t live out in the deep woods in a cabin with my dogs and my shotgun. I live in a city with half a million people. So there’s no excuse like it’s not worth investing in towers or upgraded network gear. We still have no 4G LTE whatever here as far as I know. I’m not so concerned, what… will I be able to get 15kb a second? Ohhh it’s like 56k with good compression. Don’t make things load so fast I don’t know what’s going on! No wait. That’s because it took so long to pull google up that I don’t even remember what I wanted to look up. Verizon, KMA. $200 a month for 3 lines that use about a total of 30 minutes collectively, per month. God, I’m getting effed so hard. If Verizon were a sexy chick I might be turned on in a sort of masochistic, kinky way… except they’re not. At all.

    • Serenity Bonham

      It seems 2 lines became two accounts. I dont even own my own company yet verizon. Is this what we do to customers mishap the truth so we pay for more accounts and the cancellation fee? If I cancel both contracts I am stuck with twice the cancellation fee plus a 2 months bill.. See I could got a labtop 19.95 internet fee as long as I get a phone w cox oh and cable! So that is a deal 151 dollars plus 112 dollars 600 dollars in cancellation fees damn wheres rent or that vaction we all dream of?

      • disqusted

        The problem here is obvious: the problem is *you*. You’re not supposed to be paying attention; you’re not supposed to do things like “take notice” and use “rational thinking” and “logic” to come to conclusions that find their business model in an unfavorable light!

        You overlooked the fact that they are a “provider” and you are an “ingrate”. In their virtuous role as your “provider” they are supporting you and your dreams; supplying you with advantageous services with egregious terms, costs and fees. Fees that corner you, insuring that you will not be able to leave their nuturing corporate bosom. It’s for your own good. You’ll understand one day when you get older.

        Close your eyes again, sweet child– and suckle away at the arid, callous teat of extorted captialism. If you find the taste bitter, ’tis only so to compliment your sour attitude…

        Trust that it is nothing short of sickly sweet to the heifer that coddles you.

        …and by “it”, I mean “your soul”.

  • Verizon Sucksbad

    Verizon sucks became too big and doesn’t care about the modern day man/woman..lets see what’s happens in 5 years when more non contract phones become available…one more month with this crappy provider then I’m switching my family over to straight talk and save 100 bucks a month..I hope Verizon fails..