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More positive feedback on Apple’s efforts to reshape practices in the face of emerging markets. Sales of the iPhone 4 in India tripled in only five days, following a trade-in program. The program is viewed by some as a “disguised discount” but the results are obvious for Apple and its plans to compete in a nation where smartphone sales are just taking off.

Although India does not have a subsidy program to soften the blow of a full-priced iPhone, Apple has found a way to reduce the sticker shock by sharing the handset’s cost with a growing network of India’s retailers…

The plan essentially discounts the $486 iPhone 4 by 50 percent. Consumers in India interested in buying the handset receive at least $128 for a used handset – no matter the brand, condition or age, according to The Times of India.

“Apple follows a single pricing policy across the world and the company or its distributors have resorted to indirect discounting to improve penetration of iPhones in India.

Smartphone volumes in India either come from the entry-level or the Rs 12,000-22,000 ($220-$400) segment, which is where Apple wants to position the iPhone 4,” said the official working with a premium reseller.

Retailers in the country pay around $36 to resell the phone. Apple then pays another $91.63, reducing the end cost to just over $256.

Aircell India iPhone 4
Apple’s handset used to priced out of reach of most customers in India

One reseller in India described the move as an “indirect discount” allowing Apple to maintain a single global price for its products while adapting to market-specific needs. The discount arrangement may also put a different spin on Apple’s much-discussed inexpensive iPhone: it could be pricing, not product.

The flexible pricing has boosted Apple into the top three smartphone sellers in India, the change sparking a price war with South Korea’s Samsung. The company now offers a markdown on its high-end Galaxy S3 smartphone, Note and Tab for credit card customers, according to the report.

The surge in iPhone 4 sales may be the fruit of last month’s push by Apple to increase the number of franchisees in India. The Cupertino, California company has also poured money into local advertising and promotion to advance brand awareness.

  • sad caus iphone4 is old and slow..

    • Compared to the current model yes. My uncle has one and I used it yesterday for quite awhile. It really isn’t noticeable for me.

      • i am 0spoiled by the iphone5 and ipad4 they are super fast…

    • yup its slow for iPhone family but still can do a good job compare to other phones in its range.

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  • Ahh this is stupid , i buyed my mom an iPhone 5 for rs.44,000 , its crappy as compared to my rs.38,000 xperia z , u suck apple!

    • First of all u dont know about anything about iOS (ur comment “crappy” word proves it, (though i also like Xperia Z n HTC One) secondly-from where the hell u purchased iPhone 5 @ Rs 44,500, dude current price of iPhone 5 16GB is Rs 38,500 ($700 approx) search it online, on sites like homeshop18 and infibeam and then use their easy coupons provided by them,, and btw Xperia ZL costs 32,500 and costs Xperia Z costs Rs 35,500 in delhi or check the same sites again under superdeals sections…dumb. 😛

      • hahaha apne ghar me toh kutta bhi sher hota hai , bhai ye ios ke blog pe jyada hoshiyari karnese kya hoga? xda dvelopers ke blog pe aao miya , waha samaj ayega khiladi kon hai P.S i bought iPhone 5 just when it was launched , about 3 months back , so IT WAS 44,000rs

    • Fellow Indian….

      Firstly, i would recommend you to take ENGLISH CLASSES and then buy an iPhone 5 ( “buyed”….seriously ?)

      Secondly, like all fellow Indians, you are hunting for free apps. The moment you see “Rs. 55” on App Store you start cursing iPhone and Apple.

      Thirdly, I beg you to use your Xperia Z because you are not even worth using Apple products. You don’t feel the power you have in your hands when you use an iPhone. You are just a free app/customisation hunter.

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      • Hunting for free apps im bengali trsut me bro that line you said was super true we are cheapskates not all but most thats why we prefer Androids and the play store

      • free is cool but android suuucks

      • no bro .. free apps are not cool. trust me.
        A development team decides to make an app .They have multiple groups which handle multiple platforms. The Production party plans to generate the revenue from App Store and then from it they provide funds for development of the Play Store version of it. (That’s why you see a new app/game first in App Store then in Play Store Ex: Angry Birds, Gameloft games, etc.)
        Now for free apps…the revenue is generated from ADS. THE THING THAT HAPPENS HERE IS they simultaneously launch it on both the stores and then,as usual, play store provides epic revenue because ADS.

        In the end App Store gets premium version of apps because of a great SDK, a great source of revenue, and the ease of use of making it.

      • i always enjoy insecure crapple fanboys like you , and how can you claim i havent used an iPhone , since u have had used an iPhone 4S and consumed it , it makes me eligible to comment on an iOs blog , and i placed my views , that dosent give you ample rights to say words like that , and yes i dont want to take any english classes as you firangi inspired guys will do that , android comes with hindi support , look you are just apple slaves , and i ”BUYED” my mom an iphone (yes thats what i will say , deal with it) , and i will say it proudly that it sucks and i gave it to her BECAUSE ITS A TOY WITH CELLULAR CAPABILITIES , and my mom couldnt handle something as fine as an android , i pity you capple fanboys , just because you have an OS preference and i have an opinion you BOO me ? wow real mature man , go stick that apple in your ass cause tim cooks licked it , P.S paying 55rs for services google provides for free its just ultimate stupidity , and dont get me started on iCloud , i bought a galaxy s3 before and i got 50gig of dropbox storage free , why dont you just get it , apple is alive on its fanbase not innovation! DUH!

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        1) let me help you with the “buyed”, it should be ‘bought’
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        3) iOS has a Hindi keyboard…and what are you going to do with Hindi support for a smartphone ? clap your hands ?
        As far as Siri is concerned, it’s in Beta and it hasn’t even started to support ALL THE FOREIGN LANGUAGES so HINDI HAS TO WAIT
        4) “apple is alive on its fanbase not innovation!”. DEFINE INNOVATION … (dumbass will google this word for sure)…. Apple does so many innovations that you won’t even be able to notice THAT’S THE ENTIRE POINT OF APPLE’S INNOVATION.
        Ex: i)Combining two CDMA and GSM chips in one chip
        ii) Adding extra microphone near camera to suppress noise while talking
        iii) Anodized Aluminium Body with epic build quality, not like your cheap plastic dipshit phones
        iv) THE EARPODS…best “STOCK” earphones
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      • Bhai ye goron k paas paisa bahut hai, islie iphone 4 waga lega nai koi. Hamari mixed economy hai. Jin logon ko shauk hai apple k phones ka but unka budget zaada high nai hai, ye unke lie sai hai( though i would never buy an iphone4 for 25000

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  • Its a good step, i know some dealers who sold iPhone 4 mostly around Rs.15-16,000 in passed days, they said iPhone 4 is current hot selling smartphone on their shops. Apple should do the same with ALLLL iOS devices, that would be awesome!! 😛 🙂