Badger Preview

Badger — the highly anticipated jailbreak tweak that let’s you view notifications right on the Home screen — has been updated. The tweak, still in beta, continues to receive incremental updates as it inches closer to a public release.

In our very first look at the tweak, Badger was extremely limited, only allowing users to view notifications for the Messages app. After the recent updates, Badger now allows users to view notifications for every app installed on the device, and more.

Badger beta update

According to developer, Aehmlo Lxaitn, badge now supports scrolling, works for all apps, and features WinterBoard theming ability. Lxaitn says that about a dozen different WinterBoard themes have been created for the tweak already, though none of them have yet been uploaded to Cydia due to the tweak’s beta status.

Along with bug fixes and graphical tweaks, an iPad version of Badger is also simultaneously in the works. There’s still no definite ETA for either version, but the progress being made thus far is good.

Some consider another tweak that we previewed this week, Velox, to be a direct assault on Badger, though Lxaitn insists that this is not the case. He believes both tweaks can coexist, as their functionality, while similar, will differ enough to warrant the existence of both.

What do you think?

  • I Laugh to myself quietly when i see such great apps and think about the android fanboys and pity them.

    • JamesR624

      That’s funny, I do the same when I look at how much you guys pay for the simplest of things because your community nickels and dimes you just like Apple who’s phones are SO far behind that you fanboys are desperate enough to pay over $70 to do what a free launcher can do on android, or (in most cases) can do right out of the box.

      • I don’t understand why you are even here?
        We or atleast I stick to the iblogs.

      • Agreed. This blog is about idevices, Apple and their competitors. Considering the fact that Android isn’t even mentioned once in this particular article I don’t see why Android or indeed any other iOS competitors should be mentioned in the comments…

      • bloodshed

        dude i bet my jailbroken iphone can do way more than any Android out there. and if there is, nothing does it like the iphone still ;).

      • Its quite simple you need to root your device to make and android phone eficient.PERIOD

        I am a phone tester from a spanish carrier and i got to test the samsung galaxy s3 the note 2 and i own myself the 4s.

        For now im keeping my iphone, not saying the s3 or note2 are bad, in enjoying them quite alot even i didnt thougt i would.

        To the root; the stock rom of te S3 and the note2 SUCKS i needed to root them and instal custom Roms to make them efficient and therefore i still prefer my iphone 4s jailbroken with some cydia tweaks.

        TL:DR: TESTING both devices : im sticking with iphone.

      • $70.00??? Do you live on earth?

      • what costs $70? please enlighten me.

      • $70.00? strange, that’s the same price to have a professional fix an iPhone screen. Break an Android phone lately? I believe that’s about $200 for a new PHONE…lol…$70…I don’t see a damn thing on the Cydia store that costs that much. And as for you bringing up Android…iDownloadBlog doesn’t have an Android section. iPhone’s have quite better responsive touch than that damn Samsung Galaxy S3. Android Market/Google Play Store has more vulnerabilities by the way. Oh yeah, I used to be with Android, and that was my worst phone mistake yet.

  • adam lompis

    I am digging it! But, the real choice will come once I can test both Velox and Badger.

    • Malay Mody

      you’re digging badger? haha i see what you did there 😉

      • well played…

      • adam lompis

        Ah way to go Malay! ;):)

  • I want this tweak now!

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Looks very very promising.

  • pauleebe

    If I have to choose between Badger or Velox I’ll choose Velox. I still don’t see how this is so much better than the notification center, but maybe one has to use it to see it’s “power”.

  • Jonathan

    It’s nice, but the text is too big. On retina devices (which almost all iOS6 iPhone are, except the 3GS) the text can be small and still readable. The day (Tuesday above) on the Calendar icon is small but still easily readable.

  • wonderboydave

    c’mon give me the DEB file already!

  • akhyar

    and who says jailbreaking is in the past? it’s getting interesting by the day with these new/upgraded wonderful tweaks! Can’t thank you enough for those involved.. 🙂

  • Looks very nice but I wouldn’t see myself using it when you can just see all notifications for all apps in the Notification Center and on the homescreen if I see a badge on an app I am immediately going to open it to see what’s up so I don’t see why I would look at what each specific notification will be when I need to attend to all of them anyways by opening the app. Just like Velox, it is a beautiful tweak but it’s just redundant to me.

  • Kyle Adams

    I don’t think the text is large enough. I really want to see less information if possible.

  • Al

    Hooray! iPad compatibility! It’s a pity some developers leave the iPad out if the mix… But I’m definitely looking forward to it..

    • Damian W

      iPad is perfect for any type of tweaks. Too bad main focus is on iPhone.

      • I don’t think the main focus is on iPhone it’s just that not all developers have an iPad. Just look at Emblem, MountainCenter, Folder enhancer, Dashboard X, Active Dock, , Multistorey, iPrivacy, I could go on and on since these are all tweaks that just were made for the iPad but as I said above and as you have said not everyone has an iPad so people mostly develop for iPhone as a result of that. It’s a Pity really…

      • Damian W

        Nowadays, the iPad support is getting much better. But, still it is usually a secondary choice for most developers. Half of the tweaks you mentions are originally made for iPhone and they are sometimes buggy on iPad.

    • Bob

      I want intelliscreenx for iPad. One that actually stretches the whole notification center.

      • Al

        I have IntelliscreenX on my iPad, and it works quite well. Not sure what you mean by stretches the whole notification center…

      • Bob

        What I mean is, on the iPhone when you stretch the notification center down, it covers the whole screen. Unlike the iPad where it only covers a small part of it.

      • Al

        Oh, I understand. That would be a huge screen to cover.. Not sure about that.

      • Bob

        Text could be made bigger to compensate for it and it would look awesome on the iPad’s retina display.

      • Al

        I don’t know, the text is already sufficient enough.. And I always imagined of the notification center is designed for a quick glance. And that’s what the IntelliscreenX provide.. In example of email, twitter or RSS feeds. I never use to do anything other than it’s means.

      • Well, If you would like a notification center for iPad that goes from top to bottom, I would highly recommend MountainCenter, though it moves your notification center to the side of the screen. MountainCenter is fully compatible with IntelliscreenX and you can use multitouch gestures to open it. I like the right side, three finger slide in gesture for opening it on my iPad.

      • Bob

        What I want is for to fill up the screen horizontally and vertically, not just all the way down.

      • K, I don’t think there is currently a tweak for that, but I’ll look into it.

      • I have intelliscreen x on my ipad and it makes the notification centre go all the way to the bottom of the screen

      • Bob

        Yep, all the way down, yes. However it does not fill up the screen horizontally which is what I mean.

  • pass

  • Aehmlo

    Badger will allow the user to customize text size and font families, and will be fully customizable to satisfy everyone. Power to the user.

  • So will this work with the messages tweak that give quick reply and what not to the stock messages app, cause that would be cool.

  • Soulsurfer

    Really looking forward to this tweak, i like the idea.

  • riyadian1

    i cant find badger beta on cydia?????????????????????