iPad 3 (white, flat, finger on Safari)

As we move into mid-April, the odds of seeing Apple unveil a new product this spring continue to dwindle. It feels like we’re getting close enough to its June developer conference, that any major announcements could wait until then.

There is, however, still a rumor floating around that Apple has plans for an iPad event later this month. But according to a new supply chain report, that’s not going to happen, as 5th gen iPads won’t go into production until the summer…

Citing sources within Taiwan-based suppliers, DigiTimes reports:

“Volume production of the fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad will kick off in July-August 2013, according to sources with Taiwan-based supply chain makers. Yield rates for key components, especially touch panels, will be a major concern for smooth production.”

The report goes on to say that the sources described the new iPad as thinner and lighter than Apple’s fourth-generation tablet, and say it will adopt an iPad mini-like slim bezel design—something we’ve heard from a number of outlets.

It also mentions that the 5th gen iPad’s display is expected to be supplied by LG Display and Sharp. It’s believed that Apple will have to go with IGZO panels, or a similar tech, this time around, in order to help slim down the bulky tablet.

It’s interesting because a July-August production ramp-up would mean Apple probably wouldn’t announce the new iPad at WWDC. So not only would it have missed the April-May buying season—when schools order supplies for the following school year—but it would also miss a large portion of the back-to-school shopping season.

Can Apple really ride out its current tablet offerings until late summer or early fall? What do you think?

  • Joe Bobbins


  • Mohammed Sahib

    It seems it is not whether apple can drive the shopping season with its current lineup or not, the question is: does apple have a choice or not?

  • Ahmadjoon

    I love WWDC and ill wait until the next for my new macbook(if allah wants!)

    • Viktor_Zweig

      What’s got “allah” to do with you buying an Apple product?

      • Ahmadjoon

        Allah made us and every thing depends on Allah!If Allah doesnt want i wont have any money to buy a Macbook or maybe i die!
        it doesnt depend on being a muslim
        Allah made every one!

      • Viktor_Zweig

        Dude, I think you’re just dumb.

      • Ahmadjoon

        If i’m just dump what are u?

      • Viktor_Zweig

        The logical conclusion would be that I’m smarter than you. Hence, you’re dumb.

      • Ahmadjoon

        If u think so then u r smarter than me!
        OK! I have to agree with u because i dont have time to speak with u and i want to finish just now!
        GOOD LUCK!dude!

    • Guest

      I’m Muslim & even I think you’re stupid. What does Allah have to do with Macbooks?

  • Boss

    Big mistake if Apple brings all of it’s produces out in 1 month most people wont have money too buy stuff with only a little upgrade and by the time they do get another you might as well just wait for the next gen

    • this is an excellent point – plus Apple should not allow one product to step on another product’s toes – it will deflate the hype of each.

      • John Smith

        Simple logic- Make March April period free for new products.

    • smtp25

      Nope wrong; I have an iPad 3 (ripped off by iPad 4 release) and was not dumb enough to my a non-retina mini, I want the iPad 5 for the slimmer bezel, less heat and less weight

  • Apple starting to loose its famous level of customer satisfaction by always doing the best for the people as for Apple itself. Steve Jobs fought to keep Apple at its top level, and now, everything going down little by little.

  • will be passing on this cause i have absolutely no need for it … ow will apple make folks with ipad 4s thing they need the ipad 5???????? ooohh i know more speed…lololol… that wont work cause the ipad still does the same stuff with the same crappy touch screen input so we have reached the point hat more speed is of no use unless they are ready to turn ipad into a mini portable MAC for real..

  • God I can’t decide whether to buy a 4 right now, or wait one and a half month in case apple releases the 5th gen then. Because if they don’t release it in the next month, i will lose one month of iPad 4 usage. ( because i will buy that than.)