Apple Store (Fifth Avenue, exterior 001)

Apple’s former SVP of Retail Ron Johnson just got booted as the CEO of JC Penney over dismal earnings and for failing to sprinkle a little bit of Apple’s magic dust to fix the retailer’s depressing mid-range brick-and-mortar department store biz.

And in a fitting twist of fate, it just so happens that Apple, where Johnson spent a decade refining the retail experience which is epitomized in the Genius Bar concept, has been struggling to find a suitable replacement to Johnson for nearly two years now.

We’re asking you to take a moment, asses the situation and make an educated guess as to whether Tim Cook should make an offer to Johnson or just ignore him in order not to send the wrong kind of message, that people can leave Apple on a whim resting assured the company would always take them back…

OK, let’s hear you out.

Cast your vote now.

Feel free to share your two cents with others down in the comments.

  • Adel

    New is Better!

  • Sentry

    Who was the last guy that recently got fired (along with Forstall)? He was a mess, definitely get Ron back if he can still deliver (since clearly they haven’t been able to find adequate replacement yet).

  • Mustang5Oh

    They should rehire him for less money lol.

    • that is what i call business sense..hahaha i can even see Jobs doing that lol


    I say no. If he can’t succeed at jc penny, what makes you think he’ll do good with apple again? I know Steve jobs left and came back but that’s Steve jobs we’re talking about.

    I’m sure he’s loaded. Why don’t these exec heads just retire and enjoy life with the absurd amount of money they have?? I know I would!

    • Johnathan Jennings

      No matter how much money you make, it will never be enough. Unless you’re Bill Gates or Donald Trump.

  • sometimes you are at the right moment at the right time and sometimes you get inspiration from others….does it mean this guy made apple retail what it is today? did Jobs help? was it a team effort? we may never know, but he left, coming back may be good if he can show that he wont leave again….he already has a bad resume with jcpenney in the shit as it is…also maybe he will do it at 1/5 of the price hahaha

  • Jordan Miller

    He just failed miserably at JCPenny’s.
    If I was Apple I wouldn’t hire a failure to head any of my anythings!
    When your the one of the most powerful and wealthiest companies in the world you don’t settle for someone that has failed.
    You hire someone that has succeeded.

  • I remember some1 in basketball game, when he was on the peek of his career, and got everything he decided to retire. One day he thinks of coming back to the game again, but its not the same game…

    Back on Johnson, If Tim can’t find a suitable guy on the job, he should give Rjohnson a chance to sit and take control back again.