tmobile iphone 5 preorder

Last week, T-Mobile announced that it was finally joining the other top US wireless carriers as an official iPhone partner. It will be offering all current models of the popular smartphone, including the iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

The phones won’t officially become available until next Friday, April 12. But, as expected, T-Mobile started accepting iPhone 5 pre-orders through its website this morning. And you can grab a 16GB model for just $99 down…

For those who missed it last week, T-Mobile is doing things a little differently than other carriers. It’s stripped down its voice and data offerings to simple unlimited plans, and has thrown out contracts and equipment subsidies.

Instead, it asks that you pay retail for the phone over a two-year period. The iPhone 5, for example, starts at $99. So you’ll pay $99 up front and $20 per month for 24 months. The 32GB is $199 down, and the 64GB is $299.

It’ll be interesting to see how this model ends up working for T-Mobile, as it’s losing to the larger carriers in almost every other way. Its iPhone-friendly HSPA+ network isn’t finished yet, and it’s about two years late to LTE.

But if you’re already sold, you can pop over to T-Mobile’s website and pre-order your iPhone 5 today. It says overnight and two-day shipping options are available, but we’re guess that they won’t start processing orders until the 12th.

It’s also worth noting that the carrier said it will start rolling out an OTA update to unlocked iPhone 5s today to enable LTE and Visual Voicemail. So if you are already on T-Mobile with an iPhone 5, definitely keep an eye out.

So, who’s pre-ordering an iPhone 5?

  • panther

    Still rocking my iphone 4 with siri installed iphone 5 is just the same but bigger i will wait for the iphone 6

    • Getdue

      How did u get Siri installed???

  • Finally.

  • Finally

  • King

    Might as well just wait for the iPhone 5S being so late

  • $580 for full-price??? $70 cheaper than Apple Store

  • Guest

    if we pay full price will we get thevphone factory unlocked

  • koushik chava

    if we pay full price will we get the iphone factory unlocked

    • Justin

      Once it’s paid off

    • Its faster to just unlock it yourself

  • Milad Khahil

    TOO BAD THIS IPHONE CAN’T BE JAILBROKEN , comes with 6.1.3 version 🙁

    • yup… and for me no jailbreak mean no purchase

  • Arjan Vlek

    Remember geohots first iphone 2g unlock? He unlocked it to use Tmobile in the USA. Almost 6 years later and it is officially available.

  • My every other phone schedule — 1st Gen and “S” models — was disrupted when my 3GS broke and the price of a new 4 was better than replacing it. Gotta get back on schedule so I’ll wait for the 5S to arrive. But I’m all over this deal when that happens.

  • i am skipping 5s cause what the iPhone can do at this point does not need any more power and speed than what the iphone 5 already has

    • Marvin

      I might upgrade but for now I’m still on 3GS and hey I might not have all the features or speed but I’m on 6.1.3 untethered.

  • Hoping on this for sure