Auxo 1.4 toggles updated

A nice little surprise landed in my inbox today: a preview copy of Auxo 1.4. It’s a release that brings new toggles, options, and bug fixes to one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks. To begin, let me just tell you that Auxo 1.4 isn’t a groundbreaking new release, but you will be happy to find a refined experience when compared to earlier iterations of the tweak.

Take a look inside as I go hands on with Auxo 1.4, covering some of the biggest new features that you can expect to see when the update is officially released on Cydia.

In case you’ve been living under the biggest of rocks for the past few months, Auxo is a jailbreak tweak that remixes the iPhone’s stock app switcher. It features full page previews of all of your running apps, has swipe gestures for closing those apps, and adds in refined music controls and toggles. It’s a gorgeous and functional tweak that found itself at the very top of many people’s best tweak for iOS 6 lists, including ours.

Auxo 1.4 toggles

As a long time Auxo user, and as someone who still uses the tweak today, I’m pleased to see that the development team continues to push out incremental refinements. Not only does this approach make for a better tweak functionality wise, it’s also good for the overall stability of Auxo.

I’ll touch on some of the new toggles in a minutes, but for me, the biggest new feature isn’t actually new feature at all. The biggest new addition to me, is a fix for the app switcher’s slider knobs. Previous versions of Auxo required an inordinate amount of concentration in order to traverse the slider’s finicky tap zones with a finger. Auxo 1.4 has significantly improved the hit points for the slider knobs, so that you don’t have to even think about it when adjusting the brightness, or music volume. That fix alone makes 1.4 worth the upgrade, but of course, that’s not all.

Auxo 1.4 flashlight

Three new toggles have been added to the fray, including a Do Not Disturb toggle, an Auto-Lock toggle, and a Settings app shortcut toggle. Along with these new toggle additions, you’ll find an added strobe light and SOS signal for the flashlight toggle, and restart, power off, and safe mode options for the respring toggle. Either of these options can be separately configured to a tap and hold gesture on the toggle in question.

Auxo 1.4 respring

Lastly, a few additional bug fixes have been added into the mix. They are as follows:

  • A fix for audio playback crashes
  • LiveClock compatibility
  • Addressed Bluetooth pairing bug
  • Improved speed and memory performance
  • Addressed various other small crashes

As I stated at the outset of this post, Auxo 1.4 won’t knock your socks off, but the new toggle options, coupled with the awesome bug fixes makes this upgrade a must have for current Auxo owners. According to developer, Jack Willis, Auxo 1.4 should be submitted to the Cydia store sometime on Sunday. After that, it should be a relatively short turnaround before it’s available for download.

Stay tuned for more coverage on Auxo, and be sure to check out our Let’s Talk Jailbreak podcast this Tuesday, as we’ll be discussing Auxo there as well.

  • would love to see the “new concepts” from the AUXO developer, become available in cydia before iOS 7 comes out and steals it from him.

    • JoblessGuy2

      Check his work out on dribbble. It really fits in well with Apple’s aesthetics.

      • Yes it does this is the only guy who truly deserves to work for Apple every other tweak I use doesn’t involve a GUI. So it says a lot about the quality of tweaks Cydia has they are just not up to par with apple designs. Take a look at how ugly biteSMS is. No matter how useful if you don’t design it to fit the OS I don’t want it. Another example of horrible execution is Sbsettings.

      • 4p0c4lyps3


      • +1. Aesthetics are very important.

    • christodouluke

      If Apple actually borrows anything from Sentry I’ll eat my hat.

      His quick-reply and grabber concepts are being worked on from what I’ve heard.

  • DosXX

    Yay 😀 I cannot wait. This was the first tweak I installed on my iPhone 5 and I love it but the occasional crashes and liveclock incompatibility were the only things that I don’t like (Bang Bang) but anyways I love this tweak; in fact my whole family does 😀 Cannot wait for the ipad version as killing apps the default way on the iPad feels so weird now.

    • Same here!

    • i use it on my ipad 2 currently, although it is not as polished as it is on my iphone 5

    • LiveClock compatability is added in the latest beta.

  • techNo

    i will give this tweak a chance again.

  • ACH

    No iPad version? 🙁

    • Yeah I know. They said they’d have it iPad compatible in March. Damn 🙁

    • Sentry

      iPad development is going into full throttle now! Bear with us, these things take some time.

      But I can tell you that the iPad version is not some bastard offspring of Auxo; I would go as far to say that, personally, it feels more ‘at home’ on the iPad than it does on mobile, even.

      • Bastard offspring hahaha! So will it be Auxo HD with a separate price tag? Understandable if it is! Just asking…

      • Probably cost even more because its “HD”. And I’m not one to complain about upgrade prices (IntelliscreenX), it is worth every penny in my mind. I tried out Auxo from a crack site and happy to say I didn’t waste money on it. I might for my iPad though because the app switcher view would actually make sense on the iPad screen. Too small to be worthwhile on the iPhone screen. Until this new larger screen iPhone 6 comes out in 2014.

  • Wow! Love this! They must add in a feature that allows you to somehow get a larger preview. U want something to see the image with. Putting a preview large on the empty space outside of the app switcher woul be really cool. And maybe an option to disable the thumbnail. And instead give the option of 2 row switching. This has been done already but the fact is that they could make it work even better doing it themselves.

    • Please never work for Apple

      • Sorry if I don’t approve of the tiny thumbnails. Everything in auxiliary is fine. But a possible larger thumbnail above the app switcher might work. But without updating and possibly changing the entire multitasking interface this isn’t a big deal. Auxo works fine. And I like it a lot. Not sure what working at apple has to do with anything.

      • Your suggestions is sluggish and won’t work well for multitasking cause I don’t want to have to scroll threw big thumbnails to multitask essentially breaking its purpose. The point of the smaller thumbnails is so you can have a better overview of apps so you can quickly switch and get the Job done. If they did what you are asking, I would just refuse to use it. It’s gonna be just as bad and outdated as cards on palm pre.

      • Oh. I get it. I meant while the small thumbnails are cool. A potential idea for thought would be something similar to a recent video on large thumbnails. I sure as hell don’t want large tiles to sort through. But if there was an option to enlarge the preview as your scrolling that might be cool. But once again, not very practical.

  • JoblessGuy2

    Honestly, Auxo and AnyAppLock are the only two things that make me wanna jailbreak. Should Apple allow me to put any app instead of the camera one in the lockscreen drawer and make a better multitasking bar, especially a gesture friendly one, jailbreaking will have no motivation, again.

    P.S.: Hey Sentry, how’s the development going on that notification UI overhaul tweak?

  • scotchedpommes

    Extremely frequent crashes rendered this tweak almost unusable since first release. Disappointed that this was ignored in reviews or dismissed, particularly with how much you promoted it here.

    Thankfully the latest beta versions seem to have resolved the issue.

    • Sentry

      Please think for a moment, why would any reviewer ‘ignore’ or ‘dismiss’ such issues? It’s simply because said issues never cropped up for the vast majority of users, including reviewers such as Jeff (not to mention myself, the dev, and some testers).

      Part of the reason a fix took this long is due to it not being reproducible for everyone (thus making finding the culprit more difficult to pin point). We’re glad for users such as yourself (who encountered issues) being able to help us out by beta testing each beta release in order to figure out if we were getting warmer or colder, so to speak. So gracias!

      • Bob

        You’re a bit of an a*****e tbh, you love criticizing other developers on here but when it’s your work you get all defensive. A lot of people were encountering issues with Auxo, including random re-springs, freezes, etc.

      • Sentry

        I’m sorry but can you point me to when I criticize developers on performance issues? I’m not a developer my self, so I doubt I would be one to do that. 🙂 A lot of people were definitely encountering issues, and we’ve been working on it since the last update (as our beta users know, we stay in regular communication with them via email, they’ve been super helpful).

      • Bob

        “Please think for a moment, why would any reviewer ‘ignore’ or ‘dismiss’ such issues? It’s simply because said issues never cropped up for the vast majority of users, including reviewers such as Jeff (not to mention myself, the dev, and some testers).”


        That’s your original comment and what you just said now is “A lot of people were definitely encountering issues”

        Make up your mind lol.

      • Sentry

        ‘A lot of people’ =/= ‘majority’. 🙂

      • ExRoot

        Nightmare tweak!!

      • I just uninstalled it because it crashes my iPhone every other time I go to use it. Not that cool or worthwhile IMO. Just ended up wasting my time and caused the app switcher to load so slow every time I needed to quickly switch app

      • It depends on your phone also. If its anything less than iPhone 4 you might want to reconsider jail breaking. It isn’t worth it for the most part on slower phones and just makes them crash.

      • The vast majority of users never had stability issues with Auxo? Sentry, either you’re in denial or just not paying attention. Every one of Jeff’s Auxo posts is trailed by dozens of complaints. Come over to /r/jailbreak at reddit and take a listen.

      • Well, people who have problems with a tweak are usually more vocal than people who don’t experience problems with said tweak, which explains why you can find those complaints online. I personally don’t use Auxo (I tried but it’s not for me) but I never once had it crash on me during the several weeks I had it run on my iPhone.

      • a smit

        never crashed here either – but the bluetooth bug will be a nice fix

      • Sentry

        I never said a large amount of people weren’t experiencing issues, just that the majority of them weren’t which is why most reviews didn’t mention those issues (i.e. there’s no conspiracy or something). A minority of users can still be hundreds, if not a thousand.

        When you have around hundred thousand users for example (quadrupled including non-BigBoss builds), even if a small minority were encountering problems, that’s enough to fill discussion threads (and thankfully our twitter feeds and support email!), but that doesn’t it make it the majority of users, which again is why most reviewers never seemed to encounter said issues. Minority or not is irrelevant, the issue was urgent and the whole reason we bought our hosting/domain; for the beta repo in order to test fixes.

        As Seb said, those who don’t run into issues aren’t as vocal as those who do. But again the point I was trying to make is that no one was ignoring these issues (reviewers, or us), as many on twitter and via email know, we’re in regular communication and sending multiple users specialized builds (apart from the public beta) to figure out what works and what doesn’t in various cases/circumstances. It sort of irks when some assume these things are being ignored, when in reality I genuinely lose sleep over this kind of stuff!

        But in the end without the helpful users (on twitter/email/reddit/iDB) and their understanding (and more importantly beta testing) things would have taken even longer to pinpoint. Many thanks to them again. 🙂

      • scotchedpommes

        Yes, I’m aware that problems can be difficult to reproduce, but at the same time I’d hope you’d see there’s likely to be an element of frustration as there seemed to be a singular focus on promotion over support, with a significant number of users crashing while there was little apparent acknowledgement that there were ongoing critical problems.

        Possibly doesn’t help that the interface is automatically geared towards churning out promotional tweets that can quickly bury reports of errors (often tweeted by a number of users who’d promoted the tweak only a couple of hours before – those fickle blighters.)

        Not taking issue with your own approach to addressing posts here – I recognise that aspects of any support process have to be tiresome – but hopeful that any future developments will be able to avoid the same pitfalls.

      • Sentry

        I definitely understand the frustration (it inherently frustrates me as a designer, as I can’t help our great dev out in the testing process; he’s a one man team basically), which is why we’ve been working with all our users who have opted to help us beta test (via email and twitter) to figure out the issue.

        If you think the singular focus is promotion, trust me you’re mistaken. We do basically no promotion over twitter, for example (it’s a support line primarily). You’re also mistaken about lack of acknowledgment. Perhaps we are at fault for not making it more apparent, but we do have a beta repo and have been almost daily pushing out different builds and gaining user feedback, which has been a great help.

        Also, there’s nothing automatically promoting anything. It’s literally an obscure heart on the first page of the settings that doesn’t bother you unless you tap it and manually hit tweet. I’m not sure how that relates to a lack of addressing issues which we definitely get over twitter (and emails, oh boy the emails!).

        Thanks for your understanding, the main issue that persisted was related to audio playback causing a crash. Memory leaks have been addressed a long while back (via beta as well), but the playback crash has persisted and was highly fickle. Thankfully it’s a thing of the past now. 🙂

      • Justaname

        Gotta love capitalism. Could find loads of people having problems with Auxo. Sucks to see that not many reviews or anything addressed this. Glad I’m Auxo free and didn’t pay my hard earned money for it and asked someone else about it and they told me all the problems it had.

      • Sentry

        (Capitalism… please don’t get me started on that topic!)

        See my above posts by the way. Also, if you’re actuality interested in using Auxo (no need to ‘waste’ your 1.99 ;p) feel free to give me a Cydia # to send a copy to and let us know how it goes!

      • Arman Reyes

        Can I have one? =) 2960812

      • It’s true, auxo combined with zephyr caused multiple crashes which i was quite annoyed. But on the newest version it seems, much more stable.
        I feel Auxo in the future should be a more permanent NCtoggle like system. 🙂

      • Marcus Hennings

        I have one problem is when i play my music an only my music an i go to Activate Multitasker My phone crashes but when i Uninstall auxo it do not do that

      • Wasn’t experiencing much crashes with Auxo installed, but this new update caused my iPhone 4S (iOS 6.1.2) to go into safe mode forever, until I disabled it via SBSettings….some bug fix…

        On top of that, disabling all Mobile Substrate addons except Auxo still results in a Crash, so no excuse of tweak conflicts here.

      • I have heard from the dev team and a fix has already been submitted to Cydia. I experienced the exact same issues after updating.

  • Living without jailbreak(6.1.3)

    • Devam

      Your fault

      • not really. got my iphone replaced, when i got it back , had to update to at least 6.1 for allowing the back up to restore. but by then 6.1.3 was released :/

      • ReanimationXP

        Like he said..

  • ReanimationXP

    Bluetooth is still broken in latest beta despite having ‘fixed’ it.

  • When is it coming out

  • 笑傲江湖


    • inf3rn0

      Before some idiot replies “Ching chong”, I’m going to translate this. It just means, as far as I’m concerned, “pass by.” As a Chinese-American, it seriously annoys me to see people insulting the Chinese language.

      • RarestName

        Ching chong ling long ting tong

      • 4p0c4lyps3


    • batongxue

      = = Oh yeah. 握爪

  • Hope the update fixes the missing toggles/controls in the iPad version

  • I hope the Safe Mode option actually works. The one on SBSettings doesn’t work for me.

  • Ian

    Why does this tweak make the bluetooth icon appear in my status bar? And it never disappears…

  • inf3rn0

    Still getting occasional crashes when invoking Auxo, so looking forward to update. Don’t care for the toggles however, never use them anyway.

    • Adrian12369

      “Occasional crashes”? Lucky you my phone would crash every time I opened the app switcher during music playback. Due to Auxo of course.

      • inf3rn0

        are you sure it’s because of auxo? might be because of your device or some other incompatible tweaks.

      • Adrian12369

        Yup. As soon as I uninstalled it the crashes stopped.

  • batongxue

    When will Auxo support iPad? Early 2013? It is April now!
    I will wait patiently, just wish all the bugs would be solved upon releasing the iPad version.

  • Love this tweak. Can’t wait till I can install this on my iPad!

  • Akasha

    İve deleted this tweak due crashing alot and draining battery,wonder if this update drains alot battery or not

  • Devam

    iPad version please. Sentry and developers! I want it terribly on my ipad! I hope you are listening. Thanks in advance.

  • What’s the tweak for the colored circle to scroll??

    • 4p0c4lyps3


  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Auxo, lame and purposeless.

  • MacDevil

    Any word on if 1.4 includes a working high speed data (LTE) toggle on the iPhone 5? It still doesn’t work in the latest 1.4 beta.

  • Om Soni

    Jeff, I believe you’ve spelt tray with an ‘f’.

  • luis gonzalez

    Im still not impressed. I have sbsettings and it does everything i need and for the flash light i used activator double click the power/sleep button and it works like a charm…

    • Lmao welcome to your first month of jailbreaking

      • luis gonzalez

        Yes im a lil new to the jbreaking, but if it aint broke dont fix it, the jb gives you the power to customize your phone how you like it, if i dont find that it does what i want then the app or tweak is useless.

      • RarestName

        These users are getting more and more arrogant. They’re behaving almost as bad as trolls.

      • I think we have the right too some people where born to sing and they recognize that others are born to draw and they recognized that. Stick to the job you do best and leave what you’re not good at to others. That’s life and that’s how the iPhone came to be.

      • What is the main thing you use SBsettings for? I will give you an alternative for a cleaner GUI that’s inline with iOS and this is what makes auxo so great is that it replaces not only the app switcher but also replaces SBsettings. With a smaller memory footprint.

    • the only advantage it has over sbsettings is that it can be used while you’re running an app. for example, when you need to turn on Bluetooth in between a game for local multiplayer

  • I only use Auxo and Zephyr and it works fine on my iPhone 5 (latest beta, previous versions also worked fine). It’s usually other Mobile Substrate extensions that cause bugs/crashes/freezes etc.

    Don’t install too many tweaks that hook into SpringBoard/App Switcher and you’ll be fine.

    • David Villamizar

      also it crashes more in older gen devices. I used both zephyr and auxo, but had to remove auxo to make zephyr more fluid, removing the daily crash in process.

  • update didn’t add any toggle buttons to the missing toggle buttons on the iPad; hope they are hard at work on a clean iPad version

  • Milad Khahil

    Updated and got my phone on safe mode so i had to remove it
    And sent a crash report to the author 🙁

  • ExRoot

    I see a lot of threads shooting back and forth. In fact so long I don’t want it even bother reading. That being said here is my view in Auxo. I bought and pain for that tweak. First time ever. It ran fine on my 4s via After I updated to 6 it was an absolute nightmare. I spent literally 2 days (day and night) trying to fix. Restoring, back tracking etc. I I even decided I would not jailbreak my phone. It would resorting if you breathed on it. I could not even use my GPS because it would respring during travel. Then it was constantly in safe mode. I posted my frustration with the new jailbreak and some nice person said they had the same issue as did baby others and it all went back to Auxo. I uninstalled Auxo and no more crashes. My experience with that tweak was the worst I ever had. I actually lost money in my business because I was messing with it trying to fix my phone. I hate the tweak an will NEVER pay for another one again. Only repo! It never occurred to me Auxo was the problem. I suspected other tweaks but certainly not one I paid for. Sorry Sentry but my experience sucked.

  • Has this latest update caused anyone else’s phone to restart in safe mode? I really didn’t want remove this tweak but I had no choice. DO NOT UPDATE!

    Update: Emailed the dev team and got a VERY quick reply from Jack. An update has already been submitted to Cydia and should be available soon!

  • Viktor_Zweig

    There’s one annoying bug with Auxo. Basically , after clearing up all running apps, Zephyr stops responding. For now, it seems that leaving the prompt ON for removing apps is the only way to fix it.

  • Auxo is a really great tweak. I have used it since it came out and never had any issues. The new features just make it even better. Thanks to the devs.

  • Milad Khahil

    AUXO CRASH DO NOT UPDATE I got an email from SENTRY asking me to list all the other cydia apps wich i did then another email for me to send a syslog and i did as well and no response after that …

  • Never understood the popularity of biteSMS. IDB sure loves hyping it though. Only people I know that use it or like it are high school kids. Messages+ runs so much smoother and doesn’t look like said high school kids had their say in the GUI of the app. No wonder there are so many Cydia themes for it.

    • I got a better one for you that keeps it inline with iOS Astethics. It just came out and it’s called Messages. Use in combination with compose and you have something that Apple would approve.

  • It didn’t crash for me in this latest instant, but it made me realise, my ancient iPhone 4 simply doesn’t have the horsepower needed. Auxo’s taskbar was extremely sluggish compared to Switchy. Still glad I supported Auxo with a purchase though.

  • Jamie Call

    I love this app! The customer service is great too. My app was causing my IPhone 5 to go into safe mode after the update. I contacted them and this morning they had to update out to fix the problem. Now Auxo is working again with no crashes! Thanks guys! This is by far one of my favorite apps!

  • maverick

    Auxo is a very nice and well developed tweak. It is one of
    those tweaks you’re every time happy that you’re able to jailbreak when using
    it. Using it from first day when on Cydia; not a single crash.

    The ones having crashing with it are those who didn’t pay
    developers or didn’t understand that jailbreak is great allowing you to do
    whatever you want, but to not install myriad of tweaks to bog down your device.

    The all above understanding about this tweak is that big writer
    on iDB made a lengthy article about him uninstalling Auxo not because of crashing
    or problems but because author was spending a tenth of a second more each time
    when opening launcher to look at the nice apps screenshots…

  • mine crashes when i double tap to multitask and reboots the phone