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Facebook just finished up its media event, and to our surprise, most of the discussion was not about a new smartphone. Instead, it was about Facebook’s new ‘Home’ launcher for Android devices that promises to put “people first in an app first world.”

Home’s not a forked version of Android, but rather a deep software integration with Google’s OS that features a family of Facebook apps and a gorgeous UI. It changes the look of everything, from the Lock and Home screen to Messaging and more…

facebook home 2

For starters, an app called Cover Feed replaces the typical Android Home screen and Lock screen, serving up updates on what your friends and family are doing without you ever having to launch an application, or even unlock your phone for that matter.

Home also has a major impact on messaging. You can start or participate in a conversation with your friends from pretty much anywhere. Just look for the round icon with the face of one of your friends, called ‘Chat heads,’ above whatever app you’re using.


Next up is Home’s revamped notifications. These alerts are sorted by friend, instead of app, and like messages, they show up pretty much everywhere. Facebook wants to make sure that you always know when someone has something new to share with you.

As I said above, Home’s UI is incredibly well designed—which should come as no surprise considering it contains several ex-iOS staffers. Everything is displayed in full-screen mode, and is gesture-controlled. Even if it’s not your style, you can’t deny its beauty.

That being said, I probably won’t ever use it. I rarely use Facebook as it is, and can’t imagine being that ‘connected’ to the social network. Plus, who knows what Zuckerberg has planned for ads—and it’s confirmed there will be ads—and user data mining.

At any rate, Home is expected to drop on April 12th. It will initially only be available on the HTC One and One X, and the Samsung Galaxy S III, S4, and Galaxy Note II via the Google Play Store, but will come pre-installed on HTC’s new First and other handsets.

When asked whether or not Home would ever land on iOS, Mark Zuckerberg responded: “We have a great relationship with Apple. Anything that happens with Apple is going to happen with partnership. Google’s Android is open so we don’t have to work with them.”

So, what do you think of Facebook Home?

  • iBanks

    I don’t see the point.

    • Money …..

    • King

      About as pointless as a McFlurry lid

  • Jaye

    G A Y.

  • Jh One

    I’m switching to android just because of this. Said no iOS lover ever.

    • Cas2013

      Lol said nobody ever

    • rosssimpson

      My first ever smart phone was the iPhone I love iOS, and from then on i’ve had 3gs/4/4s and 5. I’ve recently changed to the s3 and still own an ipad mini, but facebook home looks absolutely amazing from what I can tell, it will look fantastic on my s3! So yeah, your point is proven because I love this and I’ve just recently changed to android

      • this is something a kid would be excited over. it’s friggen facebook in a more intrusive form. there is nothing special or revolutionary about this and i imagine it will be as successful as those crap phones a couple years ago with the FB blue button on them. there is a FB app on my iPhone and that’s enough. i have a life outside my phone and my world doesn’t revolve around FB…if yours does that is just pathetic. if anyone’s does that is just pathetic.

      • rosssimpson

        I use facebook to catch up with people in the moments I have nothing to do, an example would be when i’m waiting at a bus stop or walking to university, that’s what the whole thing is about, so you can quickly look at your phone see what, lets say, your brother was doing? I by far use facebook messenger more than I text people and every single person I know owns a facebook account as not everyone has unlimited text messages so even better integration in my phone would be a bonus.

      • rosssimpson

        Just because you use facebook doesnt mean you’re pathetic.

      • didn’t say you were pathetic if you used FB. perhaps reading comprehension isn’t a strong point for you and you should pay more attention in school and spend less time on FB.

      • rosssimpson

        You seem to have a point to prove? Insulting clearly does get you anywhere. I passed school, college and university. Don’t insult who you don’t know because your insult is clearly backfired, and like I said in the previous comment, “I use facebook to catch up with people in the moments I have nothing to do” So if I did happen to be at school like you seem to think, then yeah, I wouldn’t be on facebook because i’d be doing school work. I’ll listen to your argument when you happen to own a multi national million dollar company. You some idea’s might be utterly rubbish from facebook, but just because a few are bad, doesn’t mean that they all have to be. Grow up and possibly learn some manners. Lad.

      • @dongiuj

        NO! YOU sir, really need to try and comprehend exactly what you wrote. Rosssimpson fully understands your dumb a$$ comment.

      • no YOU need to comprehend what i wrote. it was in plain English. i said, and i will quote….” i have a life outside my phone and my world doesn’t revolve around
        FB…if yours does that is just pathetic. if anyone’s does that is just
        pathetic.”……that does not say if you use it you are pathetic, it says exactly what it says…that if your LIFE revolves around FB then you are pathetic and i will stand by that statement. just because you have 700 “friends” or whatever your number is on FB doesn’t make you a winner nor does it mean you have a social life nor that many actual friends. people with FRIENDS go out and do things, they don’t spend their whole life on FB.

        yes ross….you need reading comprehension as does dongiuj because what i typed was clear as day. just because YOU chose to interpret it as me saying you were pathetic doesn’t make it reality. it is that failure in logic that prompted the response that you need to work on reading comprehension and i stand by that statement as it is true.

        if your failure to comprehend and me stating that fact is me insulting you then that is on YOU as it wasn’t meant as an insult but simply pointing out a fact….you did in fact read my initial comment and interpret it incorrectly (the way you WANTED to read it rather than what the actual words typed were). that is not an insult. i could very easily insult and stoop to that level however that wasn’t the point of the post to begin with. i know people think the world revolves around them and everything said and done is in regards to them. the only way it can be taken personally is if your life does truly revolve around FB, then it is an insult. if it does not then it is not an insult.

    • Ragip Karelli

      I am leaving android because of this 😛

    • Brenda

      Stupid people… lmfao!

    • Haha, you want Ads on you lockscreen? You thnk all your FB Friends will begin to post beautiful Pics just because of this? Haha dream on.

  • Lol Facebook still exists?

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    LOL… Looks hilarious… This reminds me of Chromebook… I already have Facebook app on iPhone.. and I also have Chrome on PC… so really what’s the point..?

    • exactly!

    • Mathieu Reid

      FYI, There are 200/250$ Chromebooks. Worth the money since most laptop are used for internet only.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        And completely useless without internet… no thanks.. I’ll install chrome on my PC enjoy all those $250 feature for FREE..

      • Exactly, this is also meant to be installed on Android devices, just like Chrome can be installed on OS X, Linux and Windows.

      • Mathieu Reid

        You probably never used one since there is a lot of feature available offline. And most PC are useless without internet.

      • Name just 1 groundbreaking offline feature (besides the built-in google spyware) that isn’t already available in a similarly priced Windows PC running Windows Se7en, which already supports millions of programs/tweaks right out of the box?

      • Guest

        Lol, what’s taking you so long to reply to MrElectrifyer’s question? Really wanna know a groundbreaking offline feature availble in chromebooks (besides the built-in google spyware)

      • it’s a worthless and useless machine. it is google apps only. you can buy a cheap windows laptop for 250-300. i would rather be dead than use windows but the option exists for those who don’t feel the same way. a chromebook is just a complete waste of time and money.

      • felixtaf

        You must be joking… In a world where PC laptops with dual core processor, 4gb ram and Win 8 Home premium starts from 300$ (Full powered PC), ann you will spent 200-250$ jus for internet and cloud storage??? Jus ridiculous…

  • TekNoah

    I committed Facebook suicide over two years ago and have never looked back. In fact, I am in the process of booting Google out of my everyday life as I do not care to be data mined and I sure as hell don’t want ads in my face every time I got to make a call or respond to an email. Many of my friends and family members have followed suit as well and even more grumble about FB all too often. If this is the best FB can come up with then i am terribly happy that I sold my stock in them at a loss when I did.

  • Oh great now you can have your annoying ass friends on your home screen

    • @dongiuj

      Get new friends then.

  • rosssimpson

    I’m sure if apple allowed this sort of customisation on iOS then people who actually use facebook would find it very useful. Just like the android users who also use facebook.

  • King

    Facebook Phone automatically shares your text messages so your friends will always know what you’re up to! You can opt-out in 32 easy steps.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I know some facebook addicts that will be thrilled to have it on their phones. Not for me though. I wish many app developers get inspired by the UI though.

  • makedonii

    hello privecy! 🙂

  • As if people aren’t already consumed enough by technology.

  • maverick

    Dress up a dead hooker in sparkly sequins and it’s still a dead hooker. Facebook = tired

  • In all honesty, you guys can hate on FB all you want, but its still big, has a huge “fan base,” and many will love this.

  • Brenda

    This reminds me of iphone’s Phot Stream comment pics..