walmart mini deal

Apple received a lot of criticism when it introduced its iPad mini last October for $329. Critics felt that since other 7-inch tablets out at the time, like Google’s Nexus 7 for example, were in the $200 range, Apple was crazy for pricing the mini so high.

But these days you don’t have to pay quite that much to snag the tiny tablet. Last week we saw Apple offering a refurbished version of the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini for $299. And today, it looks like Walmart has matched that price for a brand new one…

As noted by DealNews (via MacRumors), Walmart has just knocked about 10% off the price of its 16GB iPad mini, knocking it down to $299. The offer is for the Wi-Fi only model, and appears to include both the white and black versions of the slate.

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on the mini since it launched last fall, so it’s worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new tablet. Unfortunately it looks like the deal is only available in stores, and judging by local inventory, stock is limited.

If you’re looking for a deal on a non-mini tablet, 9to5Toys points out that Best Buy has just put a lot of its iPad 3 models on clearance. You can score either a Wi-Fi-only or LTE model for up to 30% off, creating deals like a 32GB Wi-Fi model for $384.

If you can, though, it might be worth waiting. Word is that Apple could be planning an iPad event for later this month (which could explain the price drops). And we’ve heard a number of rumors in the last few months that it’s working on a Retina iPad mini.

  • Wow, great post. Im crossing my fingers for a retina mini.

  • 299 for non retina ipad mini is 299 too damn much

    • blu

      more like $100 too much.
      $199 for a mini is a great price point.
      $299 with a new model coming shortly, not so much.

      • I bet they will keep the non-Retina Mini 16gb for $229, then have the Retina Mini start at $329 and so on… just like they keep the iPad 2 for $100 cheaper than the Retina iPad.

  • Are u those guys really dont use your ipad more that u’r laptop or iphone well i was one of them buy until i got ipad mini now i use more that my the laptop cux is just the right size i love it thanks apple!

    • yeah since getting my mini ma iPhone battery now lasts twice as long and i only power up ma macbook pro for photoshopping and stuff like that !

  • Some people dont even know what retina is.

  • TeddyBearStand

    Why is the iPad mini priced the same as the iPod Touch 5g? :

  • What are the chances of them being on 6.1.2?

    • blu

      Pretty good.
      I got a free mini from work yesterday and it is on 6.1.2 (first thing I checked once I got it to the settings menu).

  • You all know the drill. Get ready to sell the iPad mini to get the latest iPad mini.

  • I’ll buy it when I can get it for $249.

  • now the question is whether to buy and iPod Touch 5 or an iPad mini (my answer= iPod Touch 5)


    My only fault with the Mini is the plastic feeling screen. Coming from my iPad 3 is just doesn’t feel right when using!

  • just bought one and its 6.1.3 UGH!! oh well…