BlackBerry 10 logo (no letters, blue)

It looks as if BlackBerry, formerly know as Research in Motion, has managed to generate some respectable buzz around its brand new mobile operating system called BlackBerry 10. The Canadian mobile manufacturer has sold one million of its all-new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones which run the latest software and reported a fourth quarter profit of $98 million, the first positive earnings in quite a while.

I wouldn’t write off BlackBerry yet and if you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, the company has written a nice web app which lets you preview some of the key features of BlackBerry 10 right on your iPhone or Android device. Just fire up Safari on your iPhone and go to for, well, a glimpse of BlackBerry 10…

The preview (via CNET) is not fully interactive as you’re required to follow a set of pre-determined actions. The step-by-step tutorial gives a good feel of some of the software’s key capabilities, like the predictive virtual keyboard, the Hub, BBM Video and Screen Share and the Time Shift camera.

BlackBerry 10 preview (screenshot 002)BlackBerry 10 preview (screenshot 003)

The new operating system has a bunch of nice features, some of them not seen on rival platforms. I’m loving how the Hub market is just a swipe away, no matter where you happen to be.

BlackBerry 10 preview (screenshot 001)BlackBerry 10 preview (screenshot 004)

The Time Shifting camera is also a very useful feature and something we’d very much welcome on the iPhone. In a nutshell, when you’re snapping up an image, the camera actually takes a bunch of images in a rapid succession.

Some Android handsets sport similar capabilities, but it’s the interface which sets apart BlackBerry 10’s Time Shifting camera.

I won’t spoil all the fun for you so do check out the preview yourself and tell us about your favorite feature down in the comments.

  • remember that cydia tweak that lets you try out the blackberry 10 keyboard?

    • George Yfantopoulos


      • tggt00

        octopus keyboard..

    • Octopus Keyboard

    • Octopus Keyboard, works pretty nice. I use it already for more than half year.

      • RarestName

        I feel that TouchPal keyboard is better, and it’s free.

      • Rickm_jr

        Did you ever get the swype function to work?

      • RarestName


      • Rickm_jr

        Yeah because that’s helps. It’s only doing the tap input

      • RarestName

        You asked me whether it works for me and I posted a video link showing you that it works for me. Tap on the “A” in between the globe icon and the space bar to enable swiping.

  • luis gonzalez

    The camera feature its pretty cool!

  • camera is pretty damn awesome.

    • from what it looks like, it records video, and let’s you essentially grab a screenshot. Which means low res pics.
      If it can pull this off with full 8MP shots, that would be incredible.

  • Cydia tweak for that camera feature 😛

    • Bob

      Is anyone working on one?

    • Ray V

      I agree the camera time shifting feature is pretty amazing.

      • Kurt

        Is it avaiable on the Galaxy Note? Note 3 will be my next phone. And since the post stated Android phones have something similar I sure hope Note has it too, looks very useful

  • I like the top bar…it’s he inverted version of the iPhone.

  • jo-macral

    That is pretty cool.

  • Normal people won’t use it, perfectionists and people that like easy-to-use smartphones will keep using iPhones. Samsung-likers will keep using Samsung. I don’t see a big market for this. It’s just too complicated!

    • Hyr3m

      “Perfectionists (…) will keep using iPhones” -> Whaaat ? Perfectionists like things to be perfect so they hate iPhones… unless they’re stupid perfectionists.

      Also, please define “normal”… I know a good amount of people who want this and not just for professional use.

      • People not being good with PCs!

      • wheebang

        Like yourself I assume

      • The question is why are you on an Apple-related site? It seems to me like you hate apple. Also I am able to program things in ObjC, basic, HTML, C++ and Java. So get your head… You know what I mean 😉

      • wheebang

        I am glad you can find your way around a computer. Personally, I am an Embedded Firmware Engineer for a company that rivals Apple but that does not mean I am a hater for apple products, and in fact am a happy Mac, and iPhone user. I do enjoy a good burn on blind fanboys however. Personally, I love technology and embrace everything from all sides.

    • David Villamizar

      Wow, yours is a great research… you should work for NASA =D

  • tooo little too late… SAmsung should have bought up RIM and used this OS on it devices and dropped android… such a a simple move would have let them really compete with apple but its too late now….lolool

    • David Villamizar

      Naaah, they would use their CrapWiz on it, let BB10 out of Samsung’s dirty hands.

      • okay well im just trying to tell samsung lovers what may have given them som hope..

      • wheebang

        I think Samsung is doing all right on their own. It’s apple who should keep note of some of the innovations and features BB has implemented.

      • Samsung doesn’t care about consumers at all! Let’s hope Jony Ive does!!

      • wheebang

        What makes you think they care about their customers any less than Apple does theirs? Seems to me they have a pretty solid track record, and far less international complaints regarding warranty and service than Apple does.

      • I did say let’s hope.

      • wheebang

        I think with Ive at the helm, we will see some great improvements moving forward.

  • This does beat android though,,,… but then again so does everything else…lol

    • Jimothy

      Why? What do you think is so wrong with Android?

      • it ummm suuuuucks… and so does samsung

      • Jimothy

        Give us a reason. Something to the effect of “I think it sucks because..”

      • If you don’t know why android sucks you have nothing to do here: android is slow, unstable, bad to access, hard to use…

      • Jimothy

        I specifically wanted to know why he thinks it does.

      • wheebang

        I find Vanilla android a bit tedious to use, however the HTC and Samsung flavors are quite usable and enjoyable to use. I do not find it slow, nor unstable.

      • Cornerstar31

        By using Touchwiz or Sense, Your phone is really a lot slower, then vanilla. If you have 4 cores it will only use 2.
        But since you don’t have games like Infinity Blade I or II or trigger fist or other EA like games you will not experience too much lag, but keep it next to an iPhone 5 on 4G and a Galaxy IV or ONE X on 4G and you will notice a big difference in browsing speed, sending mails, The same happens on HSDPA+(3G) even an iPhone 4 and 4S are faster then this years Android top of the bill phones. Last year had more 16 Galaxy III screen repairs, and 37 iPhone screen repairs. The company sold 63 Galaxy III’s and 526 iPhones. Why do people want such a crappy device. Also if you open up both phones, You really see that the iPhone is very well built, and the galaxy is just crammed with cheap IC’s and processors. and that the power regulation unit is really cheap, compared to the well designed iPhone power regulation circuit.
        So Within a year your battery will be really worn down, compared to the one in the iPhone.

      • wheebang

        I cannot comment on the repairability of either phone, however I have not experienced any issues over the past year with the S3. I can say however, a year later the S3 still holds a battery charge over 2 days which is more than my iPhone 5 at roughly 12 hours. Network performance on both are comparable, as is the browsing speed (though much easier to read on the S3 due to it’s screen size). Hardware-wise, both phones pack industry standard components and are not sub-standard in any way as you are trying to imply. The only real downside with the S3 is the plastic case which does feel cheap compared to the iPhone 5, but you get over that feeling quite quickly after using it for a few days.

        As for phone performance, Sense and TouchWiz do add some overhead, however the performance of the phones do not seem to be impacted as the UI is extremely fluid and responsive, as are the apps and games. This is after a year of clutter and usage. I do not have much experience with Sense however.

        Overall, I am Pro Samsung, and also Pro Apple. It’s the best of both worlds, and as a developer, I really have nothing to complain about with either platform.

      • Cornerstar31

        reasons mentioned earlier

      • Yes Android sucks thats why its taking away from apples marketshare…

      • It’s taken away caused by dumb people just wanting to spend less money or even dumber people just watching commercials.

      • Lmao, android phone cost no less than an iPhone on contract. The reason Apple is losing market share is because android passed iOS because apple hasn’t changed shit since 2007.

      • Yeah, so use an iP1 with iOS 1 and an iP5 with iOS 6.1.3. And tell me if sth changed… So AppStore, Notifications, Notification Center, Folders, new Style(redesign), new animations, just a few things… Is nothing?! LMAO LMAO! 😛

      • redesign? lol all they did was remove the gloss from the settings app. Everything is all the same with lame features that you could have gotten from an app on android anyways and then lets go jailbreak to get more shit and slow down are outdated spec’d iphones.

      • Oh, ‘outdated’. Yeah, that is what shows that you are a noob… Dumb, really dumb! iPhone specs aren’t outdated, others are using android, the most power inefficient OS the world has ever seen, so they need much power for low-power processes. iOS just has a much better power-handling (for examlpe it doesn’t allow background processes to use RAM and the Processor) and caused by that the iP5 with its power efficient iOS and its low-power processor is faster than the S3 with it’s processor just being so high-powered for two reasons: 1. Samsung wants to say we are better, even if they arent(same as screensize BTW) is very powerunefficient. 😉

        But Samsung has a point there: dumb people like you think Samsung is better, it absolutely isn’t about the specs. Also windows and linux are much more power inefficient than OS X, what is logical BTW, cause Android uses the Linux kernel and Base System and iOS uses OS Xs. Samsung’s theory the more the better, ALWAYS… It lets dumb people like you believe it’s true. That’s sad.

      • Okay buddy, I’m not in any way stupid, I build my own PC’s had a shitphone before and I bet you don’t even know what goes into a computer. Have fun with your stale phone os. 🙂

      • Cornerstar31

        Anybody can build it’s own PC. But whenever I’m Selling computers to serious clients I prefer IBM Servers, SGI Systems, BOXX, Or off course a Mac PRO, iMac or MacBook Pro. Depending on the client needs. If people don’t have that amount of money I build a PC for them. from $400,- to $2000,- above that I will Always recommend an IBM/Lenovo or Mac Computer for Windows. A Mac for Mac users and UNIX/Linux Enviroments, Mac or IBM. SGI and Boxx for Animation and Rendering computers.
        The answer you gave implies that you are just a cheap bastard, living in your parents basement, and your mommy won’t give you an iPhone.

      • I’m not saying its hard but this kid seems to thin everything apple is always the way to go but its not he doesn’t know the first thing about technology. I will be the first to admit mac computers are nice I had a Macbook Pro but I sold simply because I prefer my desktop and I like gaming.

      • wheebang

        There are two sides to the iPhone story that people try to either forget, or over look. The reason iOS has undergone little change over the years is because it has been highly optimized for the existing iPhone hardware, and as such the iPhones do not need to be as powerful to work great. This is a double-sided sword, as this also means iOS cannot be easily improved (as in, redesign with better features and usability) without impacting the performance on the existing iPhone hardware. Android is cross-vendor, and as such is less optimized than iOS but as of ICS, the claim of slow and buggy are no longer valid. The competitors phones are more powerful, but at the same time, the Android flavors they run are also more capable, customizable and feature rich than iOS is in it;s current form. Apple knows this, and we can only hope the iOS 7 UI has been improved as people are claiming.

      • wheebang

        Eric is technically correct. Sure some apps have been added over the years, but the UI itself has undergone very little change outside of polish since it’s inception. (That is not a negative, but it is a concern for people craving something ‘Different’ and more powerful)

      • Yes, but in the moment everybody seems to hate this UI… I don’t understand that, I actually really love the iOS 6 UI, the only thing I don’t is the stock music app… But that’s just from my view… So what do people want from apple, effects when changing the springboard site? Could you explain that to me, I don’t really understand what they could do to make it better. I, personally, hate the layout of android on the Samsung Galaxies, at least the Homescreen and how you go to other pages of it…

      • wheebang

        iOS seems to follow the same philosophy as OS X in that they do minor, incremental improvements to the OS, rather than massive redesigns such as Microsoft. I really like the iOS UI, at least I did a few years ago, however, like everything wonderful, the appeal slowly wears off after a while and you start to crave something new and refreshing again. Customization – more than a wallpaper change is what people crave and desire. Personalized home or lock screens with easy access widgets and other features that don’t need a jailbreak to enable – things like this. With Samsung, the multiple home screens are a little unusual, however you can customize it completely to suite your own taste. I’m not a fan of some of the Samsung widgets or apps, and they tend to disappear quite quickly on any new Samsung device I get my hands on.

      • Now that’s a statement! I think Apple is not changing things cause they want to keep this easyness, the most iOS users don’t understand PC’s really good. And that is GREAT, especially for developers, like me, because you have to make a great product and not just some random shit on iOS to get people buying it(Facebook is an exeption), cause people don’t know how hard good apps are to-do. The thing about iOS is its simple ness and I swear to god if you’d do a survey on any street and ask people android users would know what a processor is, iOS not. There are some good and some bad points about each of them, but you will have to decide if you want a customizable or a stable and easy OS. Your choice 😀

      • wheebang

        You are absolutely correct. Massive change will confuse customers. iOS is very simple to use, and is one of it’s wonderful aspects. Even my 2yo daughter is able to use an iPad with little trouble. This simplicity will drive some of the more tech savvy individuals batty however. This can possibly be the reason why Android users know what a process is vs. those of iOS users, however neither platform uses the term, and both have their own ‘task / active app list’ (iOS on the bottom when you double-tap home, Android on the left side). Both are *nix backed (iOS based on Mach, and Android based on Linux). As you said, it all comes down to personal taste.

      • wheebang

        The flagship phones are no cheaper than Apple.. Perhaps you need to rethink this reasoning.

      • I Said OR for Samsung devices it is the OR.

      • Cornerstar31

        Thats just because people, don’t spend there money sensibly.
        But just want a cheap phone, with a little bit more toys.
        For functionality, especially in businesses, Music and Video, The iphone beats the crap out of Android. Try finding something with the same functionality as iMovie or Garageband on Android.

      • Cornerstar31

        Try to play Pinball Arcade, Trigger Fist or Infinity Blade I or II on a Android Device. You can’t.

      • Cornerstar31

        Stability, Speed, Battery Life, All those ugly interfaces, with no conformity, Glitchy as hell.No Uniformity. A lot of apps only work on certain devices and the list goes on and on and on.

  • Vidur Tangri

    The camera is straight out AWESOME! Apple could use some of these upgrades! lol

  • I have to admit, the Blackberry Z10 is a good start! With the imposed limitations of the iPhone’s stock iOS (and the need to always jailbreak for fuller functionality), I’m considering other options for my next phone, Android not being one of them. Perhaps Apple will open up their system more before then…

    It’s funny, I’ve enjoyed having a fully gesturized iPhone (via jailbreaking) and then Blackberry 10 comes with those features out the box! Blackberry seem to have some idea of what I like.

    • Afte so many failures, BB had a lot of room to study the market and improve the existent technology from their biggest rivals. But there’s a problem, that will be apps. And BB are running now imported apps from Android, which means that quality will be the starting issue. On that Apple will be always the best because it’s the full package, (hardware, software, operative system, developers, dev tools)

      • Kurt

        Apple software is known for being crap. iMessage, has no features. go change the background. Oh you can’t? Obviously you can’t change it for each conversation like you can with other apps. Settings app is so unintuitive. Mail is just plain bad. You can’t work on two emails at once. Seriously Apple??? Shall we continue? Only good thing about the iPhone is the third party apps. Thats why we buy iphones. Only you who is in a gay love affair with steve jobs loves every aspect of the same phone each year and thinks it is somehow the best. Its far from the best. iPad is the best. iPhone is middle class phone with great third party apps. twit

      • Cornerstar31

        why do you want to change the background of imessage.
        If you go to I file just change the background.png to anything you want. Install Sparrow or any other Mail client if you think Mail for iPhone is bad. Try holding a galaxy, and use something different then Gmail, that really sucks. So I don’t know why you think the iPhone Mail interface is so bad, go to cydia and install, Mail Enhancer Pro. it’s an add-on for the standard mail app, which make you label your different accounts and more. I have to agree that the iPad interface is much better. But the device is a lot larger.
        No mobile App on iOS, Android or Windows Phone can beat that(didn’t used, seen or repaired a Blackberry 10 Device, so I don’t know about that).
        The iPhone is far from Middle Class, Especially if you own a 4S or 5. It will not be beaten by any Phone(HTC One X comes really close, but the Galaxy Series III and IV really suck)if it comes to stability, speed, fluidness of the touch(Samsungs late keyboard click is really annoying, also the buzzing in your hand, Only girls like that much vibration)and the conformity in the Apps, make the iPhone still the phone to beat, especially when it is jailbroken.

  • I like it, this is what will bring them back into the game