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It’s been nearly two weeks now since Apple released iOS 6.1.3 that effectively killed the evasi0n jailbreak. It had a good run though, lasting  for nearly 6 weeks, through 2 iOS software updates, and jailbroke close to 20 million devices.

And it looks like that’s it for jailbreaks for a while. We had an inkling there wouldn’t be a 6.1.3 jailbreak released—it doesn’t make sense to burn exploits before iOS 7— and the evad3rs‘ pod2g just confirmed our suspicion on Twitter…

Here’s the tweet:

Again, this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise. Apple is expected to unveil the next version of iOS, presumably iOS 7, at its WWDC event, and that typically happens around mid-June. So that’s what, just over two months away?

This makes it virtually pointless for the evad3rs to update the evasi0n jailbreak tool with new exploits, as Apple would certainly patch them in iOS 7. And then you’ve burned usable exploits, which seem to be getting harder to find.

It is worth noting, however, that p0sixninja recently announced that he has discovered enough exploits to produce a new jailbreak. And although it’s very unlikely, it’s possible he could release it before Apple unveils the next version of iOS.

But my money is on us not seeing a new jailbreak until late-summer, or even the fall. So [obviously] you’ll want to stay away from iOS 6.1.3, and any future iOS 6.x updates, and follow the steps in our ‘How to protect your jailbreak’ guide.

  • seyss

    ty sherlock

  • Damn shame… At least it lives on in my phone!

  • Smart move. Too bad for those on 6.1.3 :/

  • pauleebe

    Scary that unlike last year there is no downgrade path and we might not see another “major”iOS release until 6.2.X or iOS 7, which could be weeks or months from now.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Weeks? Apple will not release iOS 7 in weeks.

      • pauleebe

        My initial post was confusing, it should make more sense now.

      • Tom

        OK, the beta version of iOS7 might come out in 6 or 7 weeks, but they won’t jailbreak a beta. No way. Why burn exploits that will be fixed by the time they drop the GM? There won’t be a public release of iOS7 until September at the earliest. Then add a couple of months for the devs to package the jailbreak (assuming the exploits that they already have don’t get patched), we’re looking at November till the next JB guys. How many people will have hardware or software issues that require a phone replacement or a software restore before then? :oS I just hope I am not one of them!

      • Well actually it’s not that far off. First week of June or so the beta version will be release (which we all know you don’t really have to be a developer to acquire). So that’s really only two months, so, yeah, a several weeks.

      • Liam Mulcahy

        Oh I didn’t think of that

      • pauleebe

        I said iOS 6.2.X (weeks) or iOS 7.X.X (months) … both are “major” iOS releases.

    • Ajay Iyer

      What are you talking about? You can revert iOS to any version with the correct firmware file and iTunes. After downloading the firmware file, plug in your phone, then SHIFT + L-CLICK the “RESTORE IPHONE” option.

      It will bring up a explorer window so that you may locate the older version of the firmware to reload on the device.

      • TheEnderKidTZX

        Don’t you know? If you have an A5+ device, forget about that! And if you have A4, you still need to get the SHSH blobs with Cydia or redsn0w (currently impossible to do so because Apple ain’t handing those 6.1.2- blobs anymore) to allow you to even do that (there is a few exceptions for A5 and I’m not sure ALL A5 can’t downgrade, but most of them can’t). Apple doesn’t want you to downgrade so it gets this complicated to do this stuff.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    What if I Accidentally restore? Or If I restore my idevice because something goes wrong? 🙁

    • then you are forced to 6.1.3 and /possibly/ never go back to a jailbreak till a new one is released. (possibly because a4 and 3GS /can/ still restore.

  • Shh. Do you hear that? It’s the jailbreaking noobs whimpering about accidentally updating to iOS 6.1.3. If you go on most videos about the jailbreak, you’ll see a lot of people in the comments complaining about accidentally updating to the latest firmware on accident.

    • workin

      If that makes one feel superior…
      We had our blobs saved but got let down by a 3rd party software we all rely on saving blobs with bad APTickets (Cydia)

      • Mac_Guy

        Blobs won’t work unless you have an i4 or lower….sleep

      • You’re missing the point. Downgrading to 6.x.x even on A4 devices cannot be done even with SHSH blobs saved from Cydia. Cydia saved incomplete blobs for 6.x.x, so they do not work.

      • Mac_Guy

        Thats why its more secure to save your blobs to your computer via Tinyumbrella. Should’ve had a V8 bro

      • Rick

        What about with tiny umbrella?

      • Mac_Guy

        You can save your SHSH blobs straight to your computer with TinyUmbrella….

      • workin

        Yup, that’s us A4 devices. And BTW, I’ve jb’d for years and used TU during signing window but still got bad blob tickets. FAIL. Still Redsn0w works tethered on 6.1.3 FYI just point it at 6.0 IPSW or stitch 5.1.1 with sn0wbreeze(though its said Redsn0w will stitch, I couldn’t)

      • amo3ba

        I stitched a 6.1.2 IPSW with sn0wbreeze, entered Pwned DFU with iReb, and did a shift-restore with iTunes and when it booted, I had Cydia and evasi0n installed already. No TinyUmbrella required. Tethered jailbreak on 6.1.3 successfully downgraded to untethered 6.1.2 on my iPhone4 GSM. I think the reason it worked is that sn0wbreeze grabbed the blobs off the phone to begin with instead of fetching them remotely. Anyone with a limera1n-vulnerable device should be able to do the same as far as I know…

      • amo3ba

        Never mind, I lied. It booted fine a couple times and now it won’t come out of Soft DFU without a 6.1.3 restore. Guess I really am stuck on a tethered 6.1.3.

      • Jose Molinero

        You can also use I faith

      • I think I’ve accidentally updated once. Like 4.1 to something… Ever since then I’m constantly checking that it doesn’t update when I connect my phone. I was a noob back then. 😛 Being a noob isn’t a bad thing, we’ve all been a noob at jailbreaking one time or another.

    • regkilla

      I see that. Those idiots that updated to iOS 6.1.3 deserve to be without a jailbreak.

      • some of us got stuck with a refurb already updated to 6.1.3 though on warranty (SCREWWW YOU APPLE)

    • What if the people you call “Idiots” actually intended to update? Honestly, I updated because of the Map improvements. I can wait until the next Jailbreak comes.

      • I didn’t say “idiots” I said “noobs” One’s considered offensive, one is considered not really offensive. I honestly don’t use Maps. I usually end up using Scout (A GPS app where you can download your maps and not have to worry about Coverage) or Google Maps.

    • Eric Morris

      SMH, I see that everytime there’s an update. How long have jb’s been out now? People still making those school boy errors.

  • Sees the Evasi0n photo.. OMG OMG OMG
    Reads the Title… OMG… *depressed*
    LOL (to all that “accidentally” updated to iOS6.1.3, not me xD)

  • Malay Mody

    Wow there’s a surprise. No new jailbreak for a maintainance update

  • Jerry

    When is redsn0w going to be updated with the ability to stitch your SHSH Blobs onto the firmware you currently have so you can restore to it? only 6.0 is supported right now and I been hoping to restore my phone because some tweak my phone glitchy as hell and I been wanting to restore fresh again. Being stuck at the current firmware without the ability of being able to restore fresh at the current firmware your on really f*cking sucks

    • MuscleNerd has said there will be an update, but as of right now, you can use iFaith to fetch the blobs and use Snowbreaze to create the custom firmware.

      • Jerry

        I have my blobs saved and I downloaded snowbreaze and they only support the iPhone 4S and below

      • correction, 4S isn’t supported for restoring using snowbreaze

  • Dandy Kully

    you should at least work on re-restore from 6.1.2 to 6.1.2 if you had the blobs, like iOS 5 jailbreak.
    just an idea, i know how hard you work guys and i appreciate the effort you do.

    • At the time this was possible as apple made a mistake on the re restore process. this has been fixed on ios 6. even with valid ApTickets ans shsh blobs, restoring back to a 6.x.x almost always ends up with an error. Some are luck and have a success.

  • Stanley Traub

    No need for ios 7 :-P. When Key lime pie comes out, Apple is a goner for sure. Cry about it crapple fanboys 🙂

    • The names for Android really do suck…

      And when the next update is released, most people on Android won’t be able to upgrade. Don’t think the same can be said of iOS7!

      • Stanley Traub

        Yes but ios 7 isn’t major. It’s more like 1.7. Android has way more features on its 2.3 release than all of the features ios will ever get. Watch ios 7 as it will only disappoint rather than excite.

  • LilGreenGuy

    How does one “accidentally” update?

  • Does anyone know if there is a way to downgrade? I feel so stupid :/

    • Melvco

      Unfortunately, there is no way to downgrade from iOS 6.1.3.

      • workin

        A4 downgrades to 5.1.1 or lower

  • Aning_019

    I still hope that the dev’s will still try to release a jailbreak even if we have to pay for it…

    Because most newbies and some old users want’s to update or restore to the latest iOS.

    Just like me, can’t fully enjoy the LTE connection because when i had my iphone 5 from the box its on ios 6.0.2 and ios 6.1.3 was released night before i had my iphone. What a badluck! Awww!

  • Ok noobs, there are semi-untheter JB for iOS6.1.3
    Redsn0w method.
    only i4 devices.

  • lukin

    I understand why they’re not willing to burn usable exploits, What if Apple decides that there will be no iOS7 or whatever for A4 devices?!!

    • Tom

      A4 devices are vulnerable to the Shatter exploit whatever happens. It’s a bootrom exploit.

    • TheEnderKidTZX

      On Apple’s page, only the 3GS will not get the 7.0 software update. And it is easier to jailbreak limera1n devices which is why redsn0w never updated for 6.1.3 cause you can specify the iOS as 6.0 and redsn0w will tether jailbreak 6.1.3. They may have never untethered this jailbreak cause the iPhone Dev Team just handed it to the evad3rs. And for certain 3GSs they may have the always untethered bottom meaning those users do not have to worry about 6.1.3. Apple has decided iP4, iPT4 will be on iOS7. But maybe Apple may find out… And no A4…

  • hey fox ,, I follow How to protect your jailbreak’ guide.

    but I can’t save my Shsh ,, and program said

    APPLE is NoT signing iphone4 6.1.2 shsh requests anymore , all you can do now is select cydia and hope that cydia has your shsh saved , if not , there is nothing you can do

    any suggestions ???????

  • Jerry

    A4 devices can downgrade from ios 6.1.3 to 5.1.1. SHSH blobs that saved for ios 6.x+ from cydia or tiny umbrella keep missing keyplist when try to downgrade back to ios 6.1.2 and cause soft DFU mode even with custom signed built IPSW using snowbreeze. I just try myself and succeed to downgrade to 5.1.1. Eventhough its so outdated, but for now thats the only option for untethered JB (A4 devices) until the next JB.

  • It’s their code names. Just like how OS X has their code names.

    And to the people bragging about how iOS 7 can/may update to old iPhones, how functional can it be? I have this POS iPhone4 with 6.1 and it still lags.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    I’m on iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1.2. Does this mean I cannot restore my device to run on iOS 6.1.2 and do an untethered jailbreak even with saved blobs?

  • I’m willing to pay for a 6.1.3 jailbreak! I paid for so many cydia apps and now screwed since my phone updated during a carrier unlock. I’m pissed. Almost ready to sell my iphone now.

  • Mayan hackers

    The new jailbreak is mynbreak 6.1.3
    Mayan hackers

    • Mayan hackers

      I share the tool on pc

  • I’d syned my iphone 5 with iTunes and Device is Restart boot on Recovery and couldnot kick out recovery and now running ios 6.1.3 🙁 very sad :((((

  • Eric Morris

    Just when I was about to upgrade my jb. I’m still on 5.1.1

  • Eric Morris

    Ah, just when I’d built up the courage to upgrade from 5.1.1

  • Chit

    I hate this I accidentally went to iOS 6.1.3 now I can’t jailbreak:( sad llama

  • Robbert

    well i am one of those idiots who updated by accident.
    I had red about 6.1.3 untethered i saw it was from “evaders” so tought it was real about 20 hours later strugglin to fix my device i realised it was a total fake :S

    For now i am using unthetered jailbreak on 6.1.3 and have to wait for ios7 to come. guess i deserved it for not doing any research and just update 😛
    most stupid dessicion i ever made since ios 4.

  • anthonymr921 .

    what about ipod 4g it will not be able to get ios 7 so we’re stuck on 6.1.3 and in need of an untethered jailbreak