Facebook Home

A new image of what is purportedly the upcoming Facebook phone has been leaked on Twitter. The image, first posted by @evleaks, shows off a generic looking Android device made by HTC.

It’s widely expected that Facebook will announce its first real foray into the hardware business on Thursday, this, by means of a partnership with handset manufacturer HTC. Last week, Facebook sent out invites that stated: “Come see our new home on Android.” It looks like that was more than just an invitation, as it also reveals the purported name of the device: Facebook Home.

Although nothing has been 100% confirmed as to what the experience will be like, some reports state that the device will not be a forked version of Android, a la Kindle Fire devices, but a more native version of Android featuring Facebook’s own custom launcher.

Needless to say, we’ll be keeping our eyes locked on Zuckerberg’s address this Thursday. The Facebook CEO has long held to the stance that Facebook wasn’t getting into the hardware business. One could argue that he was telling the truth, since HTC is technically the one behind the physical creation of the device. Still, this adds a very interesting angle to an already heavily competitive space in technology.

Stay tuned…

[evleaks’ Twitter]

  • Looks like an iPhone android hybrid…

    • Kevin Phan

      Cuz of the round corners and it’s black.

      • Om Soni

        And the home button.

      • Nokia Lumia and many other devices have round corners and some are black too and don’t look like iPhones at all, but this one really looks a iPhone so don’t be silly. You sound like a Samsung fan, still, butthurted by the lawsuit

  • Blaqheart

    “The image, first posted by @evleaks, shows off a generic looking Android device made by HTC.”

    BWAHAHAHA! Hilarious…

    • Loder

      Ion get it….

    • Correction: “The image, first posted by @evleaks, shows off a iPhone look a like, Android device, made by HTC”

    • Kurt

      It looks like an iPod Touch 1st Gen. Look at that bezel, location of power and volume buttons…

  • What’s Facebook?

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Never heard of Facebook. What’s that?

    • >Never heard of facebook
      >Logged in VIA FACEBOOK
      >Greentexting on Disqus
      I don’t know bro.

      • RarestName

        It’s called joking.