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Obviously, home field advantage doesn’t hold sway when it comes to app stores. That’s the message from a new report showing Google the leading publisher on Apple’s App Store while Facebook downloads outnumbered Google on the Mountain View, California company’s own marketplace.

Although Apple led apps downloaded from its App Store in December, iOS video and mapping apps from Android’s Google topped its smartphone rival during January and February. Meanwhile, a Facebook app grabbed the top spot on Google Play, reinforcing the importance of social networking downloads in generating app store revenue…

According to researchers at App Annie (via The Next Web) YouTube and Google Maps snatched the top two spots for most downloads.

That’s quite a feat, given Apple junked the Internet giant’s mapping service for its own. Google Maps eventually returned as an iOS app after Apple Maps literally and virtually fell off a cliff.

In a similar turn of events, Google found itself outmaneuvered by social networking giant Facebook on its own home turf.

Despite publishing 62 apps for Android devices at its Google Play site, the company ranked only second in terms of download popularity, according to the app analytics firm.

App Annie best mobile games 201302

Instead, Facebook apps took three of the top five apps downloaded: the social network’s main app, the company’s Messenger app and the recently-acquired Instagram app.

The dominance of Facebook app only supports an earlier App Annie report which indicated social networking apps are becoming the key downloads, other than games.

Signaling how gaming apps can overwhelm the entire mobile app sector, App Annie also announced it has begun separating its research of game apps from other app categories.

  • King

    They might have court up with mobile apps but there just ain’t enough friendly android apps for tablets

  • in other news Windows OS is ion most PCs sold

  • they are fools cuz i really dont see much great appps when i enter the store

  • Jordan Miller

    The reason they aren’t top on the pay store is because they come stock on Android phones. If they weren’t stock it would be a different story.

  • iOS app store is the best

  • chjode

    Wait, so more people downloaded Google Maps from the App Store than Apple Maps… which doesn’t need to be downloaded?

    Nice research.

    • Kurt

      Ed also wrote how Apple developed Siri in 2007. Which is ridiculous. It was developed in 2008. Then bought buy Apple in 2010! This guy makes so many mistakes and sly writing techniques