T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan

Now that we’ve established that T-Mobile is the least expensive major U.S. iPhone carrier – thanks to its new policy of selling devices unsubsidized and separate of wireless services – the telco faces the ultimate test of reversing customer defection. If LTE is of prime importance to your mobile needs, you’re probably better off with AT&T and Verizon – both Rootmetrics and Consumer Reports rank AT&T’s LTE the fastest, with Verizon ruling the LTE coverage game.

On a flip side, while T-Mobile’s LTE is only available in seven major U.S. cities, its iPhone-friendly (and speedy) HSPA+ now covers 225 million people in 229 metropolitan areas. Whether or not LTE is a key factor in determining your preferred carrier, perhaps you’re merely thinking about switching away from your telco just to show your support for T-Mobile’s “Un-Carrier” model.

So, will you make the move come April 12?

Cast your vote now.

Here’s John Legere, the outspoken T-Mobile CEO.

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  • Still with AT&T since the first iPhone came out. Definitely not switching from one crappy carrier to a worse one any time soon.

  • I would wait as two trials (one with their own Android device and my unlocked iPhone) were drastic failure. Want to see if things changes with their LTE roll out here in San Jose, CA.

  • AF

    I want to ask acritical question for me, Does unlocked Iphone 5 CDMA with GSM built in Model A1429 (Verizon) support the same LTE bands which IPhone 5 GSM Model A1429 support?

    • No they don’t it only supports hspa+ and dual hspa+

      • AF

        Yes, but they have the same LTE bands? Model A1429 (CDMA model) LTE bands support 1 (2100 MHz),3 (1800 MHz), 5 (850 MHz),13 (700c MHz),25 (1900 MHz) while for GSM Model A1429 1 (2100 MHz), 3 (1800 MHz) and 5 (850 MHz)!!

  • Unlimited data, yes. I have it on AT&T and tired of being throttled because I won’t change to a tiered plan. Looking forward to T-Mobile, when the new iPhone comes out.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I feel your pain, I always check my speeds just to make sure AT&T not jerking me. The data plans for Verizon & AT&T are crap.

  • anoan

    I switched to T-Mobile a week ago, but I’m not tied to any phone or plan. I’m even happier now that they made all of these exciting announcements!

  • Well considering I have Virgin Mobile and pay less then I would with T-Mobile, plus they don’t have the best service in my area, I think I’ll stay put. But once the 5S comes out and if it is worth buying, I’ll probably jump ship because Virgin doesn’t even offer the 5 yet. So I’d switch to either Straight Talk or T-Mobile.

    • iospixel

      Ignore me.

  • Still with Verizon. Im with verizon since my first smartphone and definitely not switching to a crappy carrier…. I love verizon service! (Unlimited txts & calls $ 10 GB of data)

    • but you still cant do voice and data on the iPhone soooo that suuucks

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      How much do you pay

    • Milad Khahil

      For how much $$$$$

    • Yeah but verizon’s plans are already pricey, so i’m sure you pay quite handsomely for that great service.

  • Im switching to T-mobile but not for iPhone lol. GS4 😉

    • Stanley Traub


    • Mustang5Oh

      Super cool……

    • lol you may as well log off now

      • why? i still own my 4s, air, and mini… still need to keep up with apple news 🙂

      • King

        If he’s gone an 4S he don’t need an iP5 they pretty much the same

      • regkilla

        How are they the same? No apps or games crash on iPhone 5 thanks to its 1 GB of RAM versus half a GB of RAM on the iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 is much more powerful.

    • Edwin Navarro

      same here. unless apple comes up with a phone as big. i might reconsider

    • apple will lose many customers f they continue like this.Better hardware is not the ultimate solution and when i think about my timd with apple now:Seems like the summer is here but with no sunshine.seems like its raining all day…Seems like Steve Jobs was indeed a REALLY REALLY good man

  • I switched over to sprint from tmobile in september. While tmobile has better service ( sprint 3g sucks and no 4g LTE here yet ), sprint’s plan that i have can’t be beaten and all the other carriers tried.. Not even close

    • Milad Khahil

      Iphone on the sprint network really suck , and very slow it reminds me Tmo Edge …

      • yeah exactly. Tmobile 3g is ten times better.. at that its spotty.. calls won’t send first time calling out.. On my home wifi network, I’m in love with my iPhone. Now if only LTE were around i’d be set

  • graywolf323

    I’m already on T-Mobile but I will finally be getting an iPhone 😀

    • lucky you

    • Im with you, but i have an iphone 4 right now unlocked and i only get edge speeds. Im curious if the iphone 5 will at least be able to pick up tmobiles 3g network. Fingers crossed cause I’m buying two on the 12th.

      • ArthurTyukayev

        I also have an iPhone on T-Mobile, and I get 3G speeds. It has a lot to do with where you are. T-Mobile is just starting to roll out 3G speeds nationwide. Some are luckier then others.

  • I hate Verizon, they keep saying that I went way over on my 5 when I’m connected to wifi most of the day. It’s a similar story with my girlfriend’s AT&T iPhone 5. And we are both getting screwed in overages. I’m don’t with the stupid contracts and overages

  • Jerry

    I will be switching to t-mobile if the towers play nice with the older iphone 5 but if is going to be switching from LTE to Edge most of the time then I will be staying with att until tmobile expands their HSPA+

  • I will wait for the reviews to roll in and since i am skipping iPhone 5S i may get the iphone on tmobile..

  • intelxtreme

    T-Mobile has the 30 dollar 100 minute unlimited data prepaid

  • Milad Khahil

    Man i am so missed up right now , had Tmo for longtime but couldn’t take the Edge anymore so i switched to Sprint Shen the iphone 5 came out , didn’t like the slow network here in Detroit Suburb so i went and got a Verizon iphone 5 which i have no complains about the high LTE speed only i have TO ALWAYS CHECK MY DATA USAGE so i won’t go over and get charge extra , now Tmo comes with the best iphone that run on all network 🙁 should’ve waited 🙁

  • Edwin Navarro

    i already have tmobile on the $30 data plan. do any of you know if we are gonna be able to get the iphone 5 with 99 upfront and still keep the $3 plan?

  • KillaAirborne82

    My wife and I both have unlimited data plans on AT&T, but we both also have an unlimited data plans with T-mobile at 30 bucks each for our iPads. It will be nice to put 4 devices on one plan for 180 all with unlimited data. But I might wait till the next model iphone comes out first because I don’t want to pay 500 all at once in early termination fees to unlock my phones a week later. If I sell my iPhones I can make that back but then I still have to pay for the new one and I have all that money in limbo till they sell, especially if I pay for the phones in full. Not only that if I wait the other carriers might have interesting responses to this.

  • When T-Mobile brings refarmed 1900mhz 3G/4G to my area, I’ll switch. Btw, I live in central-west MS in case T-Mobile is reading this.. (PLEASE TMOBILE!! PUT ME SOME TOWERS WITH 1900MHZ 3G!! I BEG YOU)

  • Ryan

    I’m on Verizon right now, but it’s my parents’ plan until I graduate college. I’d consider switching to T-Mobile because then, in about 4 years (including grad school), T-Mobile’s LTE will be out fully and it is still cheaper for an individual to have then Verizon.

  • Brian W

    The plans and pricing look appealing, but their coverage and voice network still sucks compared to Verizon. If I wanted a cheaper plan and sacrifice network service, I would have gone to Tmobile years ago. There’s a reason that Verizon has like 10 times more customers all of this time, while Tmobile has continued to bleed customers left and right, despite the fact that Tmobile is much cheaper…it’s because there are more people who are willing to pay more for a better network.

  • I already moved to StraightTalk, which uses AT&T’s network.