comScore (top 50 web properties, teaser)

Research firm comScore today issued a new survey of the world’s top web properties., which comScore ranked the world’s eleventh most-popular web site last year, climbed to the #8 slot, reflecting the growing popularity of Apple gadgets in the post-Jobs era. Matter of fact the web site recorded a 54 percent increase in the number of hits compared to last year.

That’s a significant difference versus a 38 percent average gain for the top 100 measured web properties and the largest increase in the top ten rankings. It should be noted that the web analytics company now finally includes both hits from desktop as well as mobile devices. Go past the fold for the full breakdown…

By comparison, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft sites lead the top three with sixteen, thirteen and six percent gain, respectively, followed by Facebook (up twenty percent) and Amazon sites (up 27 percent).

comScore’s numbers are platform agnostic. Mobile hits include all smartphone and tablet platforms and desktop includes audience reached via video.

The average property within the Top 100 increased its audience size by an average of 38 percent, and 19 of those properties had incremental mobile audiences that extended the reach of their desktop audiences by at least 50 percent, comScore noted.

Here are the full top 50 rankings.

comScore (top 50 web properties)

As you can see, the properties with the greatest incremental percentage gains from mobile were Groupon (223 percent), Zynga (211 percent) and Pandora (183 percent).

comScore claims its new MMX Multi-Platform offers “unduplicated accounting of audience size and demographics” across the desktop, smartphone and tablet platforms, one which reflects today’s multi-platform digital media environment.

We’re always taking any kind of survey or research with a healthy dose of skepticism and so should you. Still, this particular survey highlights key trends and the fact that Apple’s web site is climbing in rankings ahead of, say, CBS is notable in and of itself.

  • King

    Apple site doesn’t change much so must be all the school kids window shopping for stuff they can’t afford

    • Also, is the default landing page on all new macs and many average users either don’t know how to change it or don’t care… then add millions of school computers that don’t even have permissions to change the default landing page.

      • Just like windows OS has that inbuilt internet explorer which people are not allowed to change/don’t care on there office computers.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        He has a good point, but you felt so threatened so you had to stab IE on Windows? Which loads favorites and most visited sites as the default homepage? That’s so fucking sad.

    • Guest

      Looking at your dense comments, one can clearly see that you are as limited as a 5 year old child. Have a nice day, retard.

    • This is not about exclusively. It’s way more, iTunes, iCloud, music, back ups, pictures, Siri, App Store, and stuff like that that Apple servers manage.

  • Kurt

    Appstore on the iphone/ipad/ipod touch is web based. Is that included in these numbers?

  • i thought pornhub or brazzers was the most visited website in the world

    • They don’t include those sites in here. But you are right.

  • who’s on top? =P fan boys eat your heart out haha.

    • There is a reason that fan boys are stupid 😛

  • How is AOL still even in the top 50?…

  • lol samsung dot com and android dot come did not even make the list sooo umm yeaaaahh

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Right. And AOL is higher on the list. That must mean it’s one of the best sites on the whole Internet. Will you grow a fucking brain cell already?

  • Tr1pTr0p

    How old are you?

    • Stanley Traub

      Joe jonsen is one of this site’s biggest trolls. U have been warned

      • I wouldn’t say a troll. He is really intellectual when it comes to this stuff.

  • Very cool info 🙂

  • Really? someone uses yahoo?

  • google is the largest search egine, the most widely used email service, the most accurate maps service, and sells the most memory efficient version of linux (Android) on the planet… who doesn’t use Google? Everyone at Apple or Samsung USE Google. On their phones, in their offices.