T-Mobile iPhone 5

T-Mobile is holding a press conference tomorrow to discuss a new way of doing business, which means getting rid of long-term contracts in favor of unsubsidized model that promises more affordable monthly installments in exchange for paying for the full price of your device upfront. As expected, the company has launched new off-contract plans as part of the “Uncarrier” initiative.

These new tiers start at $50 a month for half a gigabyte data and top out at $120 a month 12.5GB of cellular data. Go past the fold for the full breakdown…

Per T-Mobile’s Twitter account, the new plans are now live.

Here are the tiers:

• $50 per month for 500MB
• $60 per month for 2.5GB
• $70 per month for 500MB with tethering enabled
• $70 per month for 4.5GB
• $80 per month for 6.5GB
• $90 per month for 8.5GB
• $100 per month for 10.5GB
• $110 per month for 12.5GB

These plans include unlimited voice calling, texting and tethering. And being off-contract means you are free to pick any of these tiers without committing your soul to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile contract free data plans

Once you spend your allocated monthly allowance, T-Mobile will throttle data, but won’t slap you with an overage fee. If you want unlimited data, that’ll be a $20 extra.

The new rate plans are admittedly competitive in terms of quotas and asking prices, even more so knowing you are not signing a lengthy contract.

Of course, you’re getting HSPA+ speeds as T-Mobile is about to start commercial deployment of its LTE later this month.

It should be interesting seeing how AT&T, Verizon and Sprint react to this.

Recall, if you will, that AT&T last week also launched a bunch of new shared data tiers that are, however, rather pricey and require a contract, going all the way up to a whopping $500 per month for 50GB of data.

Would you take advantage of T-Mobile’s new pricing policy?

  • If they expand their coverage to all the places in Puerto Rico i will switch to them in no time

  • I think I’ll stick with Straight Talk…. unlimited everything for $48 a month with no contract.

    • do they allow the iPhone to be connected with their services?

      • Brain: yes they so my Gf using it with her iPhone 5 right now

      • but no LTE speeds right?!

      • Dlevi309

        I think 5 meg’s download speeds suffice to good speeds…..

    • Same here, infact I pay $41.66 a month (249.99 for six months plus no tax) from Walmart online. No one can beat that price for unlimited everything and I am happy with my iPhone 5 with straighttalk.

      • do you have LTE speeds?

      • No, only 4G, but that is sufficient enough to stream even YouTube in HD on the move. A lot better than t-mobs advertised false 4G speeds.

      • What do they throttle or limit your data at?

  • Glad I’m in the uk. I’m on the “3” network and for £20 I get all you can eat data, including unlimited tethering. The network signal in my area is good, and I can end anytime. I prefer to buy all my iDevices direct from apple, in comparison the prices above are are rather high.. .

    • remotuss

      A lot of Europe actually has affordable plans, we are getting shafted in the USA. The fact that people think $50+ (not unlimited data) is a good deal just shows you how bad it is.

  • felixtaf

    ‘$70 per moth for 4.5GB’ – Plz change moth to month…

    • sure, fixed. thanks for the heads-up!

      • Thank goodness! My moth colony shares only one phone, but there’s a lot of the little buggers!

  • Miguel Meza

    I pay $150.00 for 2 phones with AT&T for 6gigs of data with unilmited phone and txt they have UNLIMITED everything for $120.00 for 2 lines so its actually good

    • I pay $60 a piece for 3gb each on 4 lines with unlimited talk and text… Ill stick with AT&T and LTE

    • I pay $160 a month for 3 lines on sprint with unlimited everything. No 4g in my neck of the woods yet so 3g it is and it can suck pretty bad .

    • remotuss

      No, both cases are actually bad. Consumers are getting shafted.

  • I will stick with At&t unlimited data text,unlimited cell minutes and 700 landline minutes for a $160 with 2 lines, although i do like this new t-mobile way of buying a phone

    • pauleebe

      That’s nice … but that option isn’t available to new customers, and Tmobile doesn’t throttle.

  • I’m gonna stick with Solavei. Unlimited everything & data up to 4GB for only $49/month. #winning

  • iPhone will go into a features war between carries now.

    When we will see a 10bucks for 5GB data…

  • It said $110 for 12.5 gigs of data in the list there, but the written pragraph said $120… Might wana change that.

  • If you don’t talk on the phone much, T-Mobile has a 100 minute, unlimited text and data plan for $30. Works great with iPhone.

    • facar04

      where I see it, on the website of T-Mobile can not find it..!!

  • Manuel Molina

    Got to love the bull shit here. So think about this, it’s no contact, right?! So what happens when I can’t pay my monthly bill? I’m stuck with ya until when to pay that entire phone off? Something like two years or longer? Hmm, I’ll stay with a 2 year contact, then keep the carrier and stay monthly. Or straight talk it is.

  • Milad Khahil

    Wonder what kind of data speed wise you get on the iphone 5 !!!

  • yes that plan is pure gold.. i will switch back to tmobile once my atnt latest contract is up..

  • This is pure bullshit im on tmobile prepaid 70$ unlimited no contract and i usually get between 7-10gb unthrottled 3g hspa with speeds from 6mbps to 15 mbps i wonder if i keep this plan will it stay or will they cancel them and force us on the new plans because then id be reduced to 4gb tmobile was doing perfect with truly unlimited then they go and change to these stupid ass tier plans because they get the iphone all these cell companies in USA are shitfuck retarded keep it simple keep it unlimited and stop trying to figure ways to fuck over comsumers having a cellphone here is a fucking chore its like a fucking utility company now!

    • remotuss

      I agree, consumers are getting shafted.

  • remotuss

    This is actually an increase for me, my current plan with T-Mobile is better but it will all change as soon as my contract expires.

  • if you get the iphone 5 and your in a contract , will it mess it up ?