Last month, we told you that Chevy started offering Siri Eyes Free in its 2013 Sonic and Spark models, officially making it the first automaker, out of the 9+ that will support it, to incorporate the feature into a production vehicle.

Today, the car company posted a new TV ad for its 2013 Sonic sedan showcasing the new Siri integration, which gives compatible users hands-free access to the digital assistant from a built-in button on the car’s steering wheel…

Apple introduced Siri Eyes Free, a feature that allows qualified iPhone users to interact with Siri over Bluetooth using stock vehicle controls, during its WWDC keynote last summer. The feature is available for Siri-enabled iPhones on iOS 6 or higher.

Using the feature, drivers can use voice commands to perform a number of functions including placing hands-free phone calls, playing songs from the iPod app, and listening to and composing Messages, all while keeping their eyes on the road.

Other companies that plan to add support for Eyes free include Audi, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Land Rover, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar. And notably, Apple has been seen talking to Ferrari about further in-car entertainment plans.

What’d you think of the commercial?

  • Matthew


  • The first iCar!

    • I want the ibabe from movie43!!But without the cooler!!Chaka Chaka.haha

  • This can be done now with almost any aftermarket bluetooth hands free device such as the belkin ConnectAux or the Kinovo btc450 available on amazon. Just push and hold the play/answer button and siri pops up. This isn’t exactly a new feature.

    • lol true but oh well

    • Yeah but now it’s standard with the new car, that’s the point. Nobody is saying you have to get this car lol.

  • umm something tells me this swill not works very well at all cause siri is still to damn limited

    • Kurt

      What do you want Siri to be able to do? My problem] with Siri stem with the wait (albeit small). Short hold + wait for beep seems to be a bother since it takes too much time. I would like Apple to cut down on the wait. No double beep, and a dedicated button for Siri. This will never happen, but I would like it to be quicker to get in, and out of Siri.

      • Depends on the device. Takes less than 2 seconds on my iPhone 5.