This is kind of interesting. According to a new report from market research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iCloud and iTunes Match are the top cloud media services in the United States.

The firm asked 2,300 Americans which online digital locker storage services they used to store music, video or games online. And believe it or not, iCloud/iTunes Match took the field…

Engadget points to the new Strategy Analytics report, which shows that 27% of users surveyed said that they had used one of Apple’s two cloud services to store media online at one point in time.


The number was good enough to top Dropbox, who came in second at 17%, and cloud drives from Amazon and Google, who accounted for 15% and 10% respectively. Gaikai came in last with 2%.

I would have thought that Dropbox, who crossed 100 million users last fall, would have come out on top. But I guess it’s not that surprising, since iCloud comes preinstalled on millions of iOS devices.

It’s also worth noting that 55% of those polled hadn’t ever used a cloud media service at all, which suggests that cloud services in general still have a lot of room to grow with mainstream users.

Apple launched both iCloud and iTunes Match in late 2011. During the company’s Q1 earnings call earlier this year, Tim Cook noted that it now has over 250 million active iCloud accounts.

We’re curious, which cloud service do you use and why?

  • Al

    I actually use both… iTunes Match is awesome when it works. But I actually have my hands in Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Google Music, SugarSync and Box.

    But I use Skydrive for most of my files since I have a 25GB storage, and I have 25GB of storage through iCloud. That’s only because of my MobileMe service and it’s no telling when they will reduce my storage, so Skydrive handle most of my documents. But I do use Dropbox every now and then because is wickedly fast. I like being able to use different services just to see how they handle any particular file…

  • Definitely both iTunes Match and iCloud. Love those services.

    • Kurt

      To me iCloud is basically worthless. Or, do I not know how to use it? Besides it backing up my data from my apps (which I also, do with datadeposit to dropbox and is more useful as it can back up/restore an app’s data at any time), and syncing certain data between devices. What do you use iCloud for? Again, maybe I’m ignorant on it’s uses as people say they like it but they are fanboys so I never trusted their opinion on iCloud, but maybe I’m missing something?

      • Not all app support backing up to dropbox. Dropbox it’s better for manually manage and storage file. iCloud takes care of small things that I don’t want to manage. Personal log-in data and other minus details get always sync by iCloud. The problem people have with iCloud is that they feel the need to manage things. Where iCloud goal is not to be thought about, Just work seamless and get lost in system wide background. That’s why I would not compare iCloud to other services because the philosophy behind iCloud is different from other services. My second most used service is dropbox and I live it. But they are just two different services.

      • Kurt

        Thanks for the kind respone

  • JamesR624

    Why is this article comparing iCloud (a PIM system), Dropbox, Cloud Drive, Google Drive (file management systems), and Samsung Music Hub (a music managment system)?

    I’m so sick of people making “comparisons” of services that all serve different purposes just to make it seem like their favorite company is on top in a “category”.

    • I believe they are making the comparison because they all fall under the category of “Cloud Based Storage”.

      • Kurt

        Or broading it more and say, internet related. @JamesR624:disqus is right

      • Yes I too agree with him. I believe this survey is like most. Way too broad.