Isn’t it annoying when your iPhone goes to the Lock screen while using its built-in stopwatch? Perhaps that’s never happened to you before, because you simply don’t use the stopwatch. But if it has happened, you’ll be ecstatic to learn about a brand new jailbreak tweak that solves this issue.

Stoppur — a jailbreak tweak that allows you to place a stopwatch right on the Lock screen — is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. Is it worth it for stopwatch users? Take a look inside for more insight.

Stoppur Settings

In most cases, yes, Stoppur is a great addition to the stock stopwatch. The sheer ability to be able to monitor times directly from the Lock screen is reason enough to be happy about this tweak. Stoppur is also smart enough to disable itself when you reset the stopwatch, so that you aren’t perpetually staring at outdated stopwatch data when it’s not in use.

You’ll also be happy to find a preference section for Stoppur nestled in the Settings app. The tweak’s preferences allow you to do things like replace the Lock screen clock with the stopwatch display, show the total time from all laps, and adjust the position of panels in cases where you aren’t replacing the Lock screen clock.

Stoppur small stopwatch
That’s a small stopwatch

if you’re going to use Stoppur, I definitely recommend replacing the stock Lock screen clock, as the alternative results in a really small version of the stopwatch that’s barely discernible.

I do wish this tweak loaned the ability to stop, start, or add new laps. A simple Activator gesture would have been enough to accommodate such features. Even still, this tweak has such a small target audience, that those who do buy it will more than likely appreciate it for what it does, not what it doesn’t.

  • Jeff

    Before you guys trash this as being overpriced, let me just say, to avid stopwatch users, this is a good tweak. If you don’t use stopwatch, then it won’t really apply to you.

    • I’m just glad it is $0.99 and not $1.99

    • Beta382

      To the people thinking this is “overpriced”:

      As a lead beta tester of this, I can tell you that the amount of work put in to it makes it well worth the price. The original beta *worked*, but there were countless minor bugs that the dev went out if his way to squash before release. The panel (an addition made to accommodate tweaks like Forecast and LockInfo), although seemingly simple to the end user, was a large source of problems pre-release.

      People don’t seem to understand how much work it takes to create polished tweaks like this. This isn’t something you do after dinner because you are bored. It isn’t “simple” for the person making it; it requires a considerable amount of research. $0.99 is minimum wage for ~8 minutes of work, whereas the dev put in days (and will likely put in even more, giving users features they want like timer support and out-of-app control interface). If you think that is “overpriced”, you probably don’t need the tweak anyways.

      • The amount of time really doesn’t matter. I’m not trashing this app but I personally wouldn’t use it. If the an app/tweak/theme takes a while to make its up to the people to decide if it is worth it. That being said, I still would not use it if it was free. I run a lot and use the stopwatch and still have no use for this. It might have taken some time to write but people can still claim it is useless regardless of price. Same goes for claiming it is overpriced.

  • wonderboydave

    hey does this integrate well with the tweak “flusterless”, I ask this because it’s in the same position where the tweak is on the lockscreen. please reply, I kind of want this.. but don’t want to drop a dollar knowing it doesn’t work.

    • Jeff

      Just for you, I installed both. Yes, they both work fine side by side.

      • wonderboydave

        whoa.. a reply from jeff 0_0 whoa.. ok thanks..

      • Hey, Im the guy who made the tweak. If you find anything that it does NOT work with feel free to send me an email or tweet me @jontelang

      • sfsdfs

        Ah, so you made this shit. taking 0.99$, hahaha are you kidding me? that shit should be free, looks like one of these noob tweaks,. oh, wait it is!

      • sfsdfs

        Whoa, a reply from the ultimately retarded Jeff, congrats.

      • LiusGustavsson

        Whoa, a reply from a troll! Please get out

  • Does this work with the timer? I use that more for cooking.

    • It does not work with the timer YET. I am looking into it though so stay tuned.

      • this would be my first cydia purchase. I use the timer all the time for cooking, and just hitting the unlock button to turn the screen on is a huge time saver over wake up, unlock, and hope you didn’t close out of the clock app.

      • bloodshed

        yeah, me too. i would appreciate a similar tweak for the timer.

  • Day

    I use stopwatch a lot, but I still prefer to disable Auto lock with any Notification center toggle tweak and keep track of the stopwatch on the default app