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Ah, the cost of competition. Samsung’s recently unveiled Galaxy S4 may raise the bar for Apple, but it comes at a price. The new smartphone isn’t expected to launch until April, however we already know how much it cost the South Korean company to build its latest device: $244.

According to IHS Suppli, parts and manufacturing for a 16GB S4 not only cost more than the current Galaxy S3, but also seventeen percent higher than an iPhone 5 with sixteen gigabytes of storage. Seems Samsung is encountering the same financial challenges as Apple when it comes to ensuring your handset remains technologically in step with competitors…

Per usual, the estimate excludes costs associated with R&D, marketing, shipping, advertising, licensing fees and any other cost not directly associated with procuring and building components for the device.

Along with a record number of sensors, the higher build cost for the S4 is also due to “a larger, full-definition display and a beefed-up Samsung processor,” IHS senior analyst Vincent Leung told the Wall Street Journal in a written statement.

As we reported earlier this month, the S4 unveiled by Samsung in New York City includes a five-inch Super AMOLED display maxing out at the native full HD resolution of 1,920-by-1,080 pixels at a whopping 441ppi.

It also sports either an eight-core Samsung Exynos 5 or quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (depending on the territory), LTE support and eight built-in sensors, including a pedometer and IR and temperature sensors.

All enclosed in a case very similar to the Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 (white, three up, front, profile, back)

It will be available by end of April, but price points haven’t been disclosed yet.

In remarks which harken back to comments on Apple’s incremental hardware changes, one analyst described the S4 as “an evolutionary product rather than a revolutionary one.” Despite the lack of surprises, analyst Mark Newman with Sanford C. Bernstein said the new Galaxy smartphone will “raise the bar for upcoming products from its competitors.”

Samsung has not raised the bar, but the pace of mobile technology itself. Forbes contributor opines that the Galaaxy S4 launch could help Samsung “unseat Apple as king of innovation.”

Samsung Exynos Octa 5 (two up)

As consumers increasingly use their mobile devices, demands on the hardware accelerate as well.

This includes a roomier display, compatibility with faster wireless networks for transmitting larger chunks of data, as well as beefier processors able to move that data around complex apps. Likewise, as hardware requirements ramp up, so will costs for the manufacturer.

We’ve seen this happen with Apple and the iPhone 5.

bill of materials iphone 5
iPhone 5 bill of materials courtesy of IHS iSuppli.

All of which makes the eventual price tag for the S4 intriguing.

Will the price be higher than the iPhone 5, thus losing the audience of seeking a more inexpensive alternative to the iPhone that is still technologically equivalent?

Or perhaps the S4 will price-match its predecessor, thereby reducing profit margins and the ability to splurge on marketing and other brand awareness campaigns against Apple?

Yet, again, the two rivals are facing similar choices – ones that will only grow in difficulty as competitors seek emerging markets, such as India.

  • samsung suuuucks..

    • SoCoMagNuM

      You would know all about that lol

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Because they actually bother to bring something new to the market? (Story Album, Group Play, Air View, Air Gesture? All the features in the S3…) lol ok
      You can only hear crap like this on Apple sites. (Y)

      • Yet you feel so ashamed for owning a Samsung device that you lie to everybody, saying that you only own a “iPhone 4S” … lol

      • Tr1pTr0p

        img607 imageshack us/img607/9450/photoon32013at805pm2.jpg

        There you can see your own reply in the Mail app, and my Retina MacBook Pro in the reflection. Any questions?

      • lol.. dafuq is this???!!

      • Tr1pTr0p

        My iPhone 4S, you fucking brainiac!

      • LOL… second time you posted a photo of you “iPhone” here on the iDB and its the recond time that I can only see … nothing.. don’t you know how to take proper photos at least? That photo looks like the nyan cat taking a photo with a potato.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        My laptop is overheating from all these compliments. Stop it…

        I’m done with your ass. No matter what I do, you will ALWAYS find an excuse. Now you can’t see it, if I take a better photo, you’ll claim I downloaded it from somewhere… Because you’re a dishonest hypocrite, and I like to steer away from people like that. That’s why I’d appreciate you stop clicking reply buttons on my comments because I really don’t want my inbox full of DISQUS notifications from you. Goodbye.

      • Best (lame excuse) reply ever… so.. mature.

        Here, take this Potato S4 as a reward. With the super advanced camera that can make potato rainbow photos of a iPhone 4S hidden in the shadow. BTW, that was a really fast downvote… im really impressed! You live for this, don’t you?

      • Dan


    • Well for years Samsung was like Apple B!TCH..,

  • iHamzaDev

    From my perspective, I don’t think Samsung is looking at their profits as their main concern. They are wanting to push out top-notch technology to dethrone Apple from the very top. If Samsung accomplishes this, then they can focus on profits with the help of marketing tactics. Although I don’t see Samsung dethroning Apple, any time soon. Samsung may be spending more money in order to build the device, but that’s just internal components. The device itself still feels very cheap-like. The outer shell of a device matters a lot too.

    • You sir have a great point

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Quality is not only what is on the outside, and this proves it.

      • iHamzaDev

        Of course, but consumers will judge the device based on visualization. They will judge by what they see, and what they see is the outer shell of the device. You aren’t going to see average consumer open up the device and see the details and what not. Samsung should also focus on the visual aspect of the Galaxy series phones as well.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        That is irrelevant to my point, but OK.

        Consumers will control the device using that amazing 5 inch, full HD super amoled display. Because there is more RAM, they will be able to run more applications in the background, faster processor will be able to handle it all, and because the battery life is extraordinary, it will last the entire day no matter what. The consumer may not be able to “see” all the internal components, but they do significantly affect user experience.

      • iHamzaDev

        We all know that just because there is more RAM and a faster processor, doesn’t mean the experience will always be good. A smartphone can have 5 GB RAM and a 12 core processor (for example), but it’s nothing without the OS being optimized to fully take advantage of the hardware. That’s where many companies that use Android lack. One of the reasons as to why most companies that use Android are beefing up their hardware is because they can’t/don’t want to spend the time completely working and optimizing the software for the hardware.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Those custom skins you see on top of Android go far deeper than just changing the icons and the UI. In addition to that, Android can take advantage of more processing power, in this case RAM. Because many are locked inside this little iBubble, they don’t seem to realize that Linux kernel used in Android, actually can take advantage of better hardware (more RAM), which results in better multitasking experience, and so on.

      • iHamzaDev

        What you just said is common sense. If you put more RAM into the smartphone, multi-tasking becomes a lot easier for the OS. That is more true for iOS because the hardware and software work together. As for Android, let’s see how well 4.2 will work under the same hardware conditions as the 4S. iOS on the 4S will no doubt outperform Android on the SAME hardware level.

      • “more processing power, in this case RAM”

        Never laugh so much in a blog..
        Please tell me that you’re a tiler and not a developer.. because everything you said just makes me laugh very out loud.

        “actually can take advantage of better hardware”

        option a) Tablets can say that, for sure…
        option b) S3 owns better specs than the iPhone 5 and got owned on every test, because of the software

      • iospixel

        Do people follow your comments just to downvote?

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Well put, dripdrop.

      • Full HD Amoled is all good but it’s nothing major in terms of what else we see on the market.. however if they release a device with a flexy OLED I might be impressed.

      • Hyder Khan

        You just got 0wnded like the S4 is going to. And put aside iPhone. Look at the build quality on an HTC One or a Motorola Droid. Android phones. Still feel solid. Like 700$-800$ phones. While samsungs feel no more than 400$.
        If Tom Crusie dresses like a homeless guy, I don’t think ppl will notice him as much. Still famous tom cruise. But no one will notice. That’s Samsung.

      • das

        lol ,u think how a phone looks or feels = cost ?
        WRONG ,u do realise the s4 is a superior phone ? it costs a bit more BECAUSE its better ,it has more features ,more work has gone into its design its interface ,it has more sensors than the htc ,u need to realise how much componants cost than how a phone looks lol ,htc build quality is overrated too ,its fat and ugly and its not even unibody ,the speaker grills fall off and it has plastic molded around the edges lol ,yh S4 is a lot faster than htc too with better battery life lol ,so no ,s4 ownED the htc one already before its release ,10 million preordered already lol

      • Raj

        iPhone 326ppi has better display than what you call Full HD, super amoled and all crap screens display. Because Apple is using IPS and LED technology for its screen. Delivers more accurate colors, and allows the screen to be viewed from a wider angle.

      • das

        iphone screen sucksssss ,hahah @ retina ,man the displays look so tiny pathetic and washed out

      • Raj

        Tiny magnificent screen is much more better than bulky stinking screen. iPhone screen never sucks dumb ass…

      • das

        thats your opinion ,now im sharing mine ,and in mine a super AMOLED FULL HD screen rapes the shit out of a puny little dicks screen thats not even HD

      • Raj

        Shut up poor knowledgeable nitwit.

      • Very true. And performance wise it will be faster when it comes to crashing. 😛

    • whoknowswhereor

      I think the casing is not bad at all if it’s anything like my note 2. Very light, durable and doesn’t feel cheap at all. Any case, Samsung has a very nice phone in the gs4, well see how it does.

    • Hyr3m

      You don’t see Samsung dethroning Apple any time soon because that’s already in the past… Apple has been dead last for a while now… 2-3 years at least…

      • iHamzaDev

        And yet Apple continues to report higher profits, mass sales of iDevices over any other company, etc. Yeah, Samsung has dethroned Apple already…

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Back in the day when iPhone was extremely popular (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4), then everyone bragged about it, how everyone had an iPhone, and so on. Now, when Apple and Samsung are neck and neck in terms of marketshare, all I seem to hear are people mentioning Apple’s high profits. In what universe is that relevant to anyone other than Apple?

        Apple isn’t what it used to be, you have to admit that.

      • BoardDWorld

        Not true, Samsung is still being compared with their entire range, which is massive. When a manufacture can make a single high end device that can outsell Apples current high end iPhone, that’s when Apple is dethroned, as such… Then once that is accomplished they must push past Apple in the business sector. The way it is now that’s still a long way off…

        Also a lot of what we’re seeing is common human instinct, we get dissatisfied, bored. Apparently those having a taste of Android are coming back to iOS by a large scale, 3 out of 4… That’s down to where Android is at “on the large scale”.

      • felixtaf

        Sorry… He is in 2213… Come back to 2013, Boss…

    • EpicFacepalm

      You are the teenager who has made a tweak called “iOS 5 Battery Fix” which was not working, right?

      • felixtaf

        And you are that lazy fellow who wont spent a dollar on anything and comment on all FREE things, right???

      • EpicFacepalm

        Where should I start? First, I don’t understand your logic which makes you think that if random person in the internet makes comments on only free tweaks makes him/her ultra-stingy? Second, looking at comment history is very easy these days, I recommend it (plus it’s highly effective!). Third, it’s weird that either you are interested in which blog posts I comment on, or you are eating magic mushrooms to make silly comments.

    • They can indeed but only try… They Samdung will fail.

  • प्रवीण पाण्डेय


  • Samsung waste less money than Apple on R&D (specially for software) because Samsung doesn’t even own the OS that they use, plus everything they make it’s a copy, like the last one… “Samsung Wallet”

    Plus, all the hardware that they get is cheaper than the hardware that Apple gets, because and OFF COURSE Samsung doesn’t charge the same price for themselves. Lets not forget, More than a brand, Samsung is a manufacturer. And I believe that all those prices are wrong.

  • Cost more to build, but still it feels like cheap plastic.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Actually my Galaxy S 3 feels like a premium product in my hands and visually with its large HD screen screams at me like eye candy. The retina screen on my old iphone is the only thing that gave me eye candy and the glass chassis. I really not fond of painted aluminum casing. The chassis on my Galaxy S3 doesnt feel cheap like others claim. Its actually pretty durable. I keep it in a case though just as with all my iPhones (case cost $4.99 rather than $50 for an otter box and has same protection and kickstand for horizontal viewing) watching videos on this large hd screen is alot more appealing than my old iPhone.

  • Yea S-Voice is a brilliant “original, revolutionary” idea dreamed up by Samsung. I don’t know what inspired them to make such a killer feature… (I hate Samsung)

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Wee! Let’s pretend Apple never stole ideas (notification center, do not disturb, over the air updates, lock screen camera, etc.) from others because they’re the beeest! (I hate ignorant sheep.)

      • You born stupid and will die stupid, yes… we all know you are THE TROLL. First of all, just because Apple owns some ideas that other owned before, doesn’t justify that Samsung HAVE THE RIGHT TO COPY ALL IDEAS from other brands. They do now with Apple what they did with NOKIA in the past.

        Second, don’t you wonder why Apple never got sued because of those features that you mentioned? Because Apple bought the fucking rights to use it.. you fu*king moron..

        Or you thought that Microsoft, Google and others don’t sue apple because they are the “good guys?” … seriously, you’re the personification of stupidity at his finest. Apple, Microsoft and Google have a lot of agreements and trade a lot of patents. And Notification center no one holds the rights, in case you didn’t know it. Both Apple and Google own patents. Google was the first to use it? For sure! But Apple owns patents too, about the notification center…

        Now you ask “are you telling me that Apple predicts the future…?”

        And I’ll say to you: “No, but Apple had one guy that was fired from Apple because he took advantage of iOS roadmaps to make Android possible…” :cough cought: Eric Shmidt :cough cough:

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Stay away the reply button on my comments. I’m sick of getting pissed off at your embarrassing grammar, the level of ignorance and fanboyism.

        “doesn’t justify that Samsung” Sure. And neither does Samsung using other’s ideas justify any of you for flaming them, but not Apple, even though they both did the same things. That is called dishonesty. Look it up.

        Show me the documents which prove Apple licensed notification center, do not disturb and other features I mentioned. Simply because no one holds the rights for the notification center, doesn’t mean Apple didn’t rip off the idea. Also, the reason Apple is often the one suing others is because they’re the definition of a patent troll. They patent ides they didn’t create (multitouch) and the ideas they’ll never likely going to use (touchscreen on desktop computers)… And then you come here and bitch how everyone rips poor Apple off. Get your fucking ass back on the ground.

      • The time you wast here worshiping Sadsung, you can find easily what I just said… I thought that Android had Google search bar on the very top of the home screen panel. Why don’t you use that “feature”?

        “Stay away the reply button on my comments. I’m sick of getting pissed off at your embarrassing grammar, the level of ignorance and fanboyism.”

        I love the sound of butthurt of this paragraph. specially coming from the biggest 19 years old s-sheep that this blog have…

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Here’s something to think about: I DON’T OWN AN ANDROID DEVICE! What a fucking shocker! Especially after I mentioned that, and how I’m a 4S user at least a 100 times, to at least 50 people, including you! But looks like I have to repeat myself daily for information to penetrate that thick skull of yours.

        I STILL cannot understand how the fuck can I be an S-Sheep, when (1) I don’t own a Samsung smartphone, (2) I don’t really like TouchWiz UI, and (3) I don’t like the outer design of their devices. But that does not mean I don’t appreciate all the innovations they introduced with the S-Pen, etc.

        I lost count of how many times I told you I’m an iPhone user, yet you still yammer on about me being a Samsung fanboy. So tell me, why the fuck should I bother correcting your incredibly shitty grammar?

      • S-pen a innovation? LOL… what if I told you that before the iPhone, all smartphones had stylus? Even the fuckªng old “Apple Newton” with handwrite recognition since the late 80’s….yes, that great device that is older than you…

        You own a iPhone and worship Samsung in all your comments… because EVERY comment that you make, is to tell us “how samsung is good and how Apple is bad…” you must be retard.. don’t you? You call every apple user sheep, than why you feel so butthurt when someone trash Sadsung…? Moral to judge others, do you have it?

        And yes, keep attacking my Grammar… it’s the rule number one of “argument losers”. I know my grammar sucks, but even with my shitty grammar, I still can have more sense than you, because no matter how good or bad you grammar is, you just can’t say anything with sense… but hey, that’s explains pretty well how kid you’re… “time to shine…attack his grammar.. attack his grammar…”

      • Tr1pTr0p

        OH! So S-Pen isn’t an innovation because styluses existed before? In that case, how is multitouch an innovation on Apple’s part? Multitouch existed before Apple implemented it into the iPhone. But MY logic is flawed, and I am the dumb one? Yeah, right!

        “even with my shitty grammar, I still can have more sense than you” I want whatever you’re smoking there. If you haven’t noticed, I mentioned poor grammar as only one out of several things that I find annoying about you. (If you look closely and actually read my comments, I haven’t attacked you for misspelling anything, partially because that would take an entire day.) But since you enjoy pretending to be some sort of a victim of my grammar-nacism (instead of having a reasonable discussion), I’ll leave you to it. Have a nice day.

      • iPhone was the first mobile phone having full capacitive multi-touch with a 100% operative system designed for fingers and not for pen’s. That was the innovation. What Samsung did with the S-Pen was just bringing back a technology that was already used on smartphones and tablets before… there’s no innovation there, at all.

      • das

        apple used a PLASTIC stylus thats not electronic or smart ,S-pen is one of the first commercial styluses that streams data to the device … idiot

      • I agree the s-pen looks good, not sure I would use it on a phone though, tablet sure, reminds me of my Axim PDA days..

      • Regardless off who copied what, the one major feature without which the user experience would not be the same on android or ios is pinch and zoom, patented by apple. Things like notification are enhancements in my honest opinion, not having them doesn’t detract very much from the overall iOS experience. If companies had to stop using protected features I believe Apple would be in a stronger position.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        “So why this persistent myth about Apple’ and pinch-to-zoom? A large part of it is because patents are hard for non-lawyers to read and understand, and it’s far easier to use a shorthand that obscures important details. Apple’s case against Samsung was designed for the jury to recognise interface elements, and that made it particularly easy to slip up: you can fairly call 7,469,381 “the bounceback scrolling,” and 7,864,163 “tap-to-zoom,” so the lazy slide into calling ‘915 “pinch-to-zoom” was almost inevitable. It’s the media totally blowing the Obama BlackBerry story all over again.

        And Apple almost certainly likes the confusion: there’s no more distinctive multitouch gesture than pinch-to-zoom, and it’s great for Apple if everyone thinks it’s patented. Steve Jobs standing on stage doing an exaggerated pinch-to-zoom with his hands right before saying multitouch was patented wasn’t some coincidence. It was a master salesman at work — and his work seems to have been extremely effective.”

      • So what are you saying Trip, that Pinch & Zoom patent is not held by Apple?

      • And if this feature is not patentable then the attempt to disguise Pinch and Zoom then attempt to patent is a disgrace, this was an article last week on I download blog. It also stated if I recall correctly that Apples patent for pinch & zoom stood after appeals from Samsung.

      • das

        everyone copies to evolve technology ,to a degree it should be allowed for the better of the consumer ,yes apple are just sore loser patent trolls that get insecure when a company makes a competitive product

      • Raise your hands for iPhone is the right choice. Samsung wants you to spend every half year. IPhone is built with quality and trustable. My future phone is no more with Samsung. It made me too disappointed with the screen crack which cost me $275.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Wait wait wait…lol. did you just say just cause Apple takes credit for ideas of others doesn’t mean samsung can copy? What the ultimate f**k is that lmao. Thats the most biased hypocritical statement ive ever heard…do yourself a favor and just stop talking and get your arguments together lol. Hahaha…only Apple can steal and copy and thats ok cause its your beloved iDevice provider…the rules dont apply to them but you be damned if someone else does it lmao.

      • Well, let me rectify. Samsung doesn’t copy or steal. Samsung just clone. It’s easier. Specially from the competition. Specially from the best.

        The list is so big that it’s not news anymore. It was promoted as a joke like someone did: 9gag com/gag/5215322

      • SoCoMagNuM

        So what your now saying is that my Galaxy S3 works mirrored to an iPhone? Looks exactly the same. Operates the same?

        You my friend are so wrong. This phone works on another level than iPhone. I wouldn’t even put it in the same category. I dont feel like im in a claustrophobic sandbox like when using an iPhone. You be amazed how the real estate makes a difference. Plus the new galaxy is not only an upgrade of what i currently own, it has even more sensors built-in for more functionality out of your device..whether you use it or not..jts there if needed.

        Apple has its work cut out to win me over. Its was a nice 4-5 year stride but they are lacking in my opinion and need to take it to another level beyond just a painted aluminium chassis lol.

      • Android is bad, Samsung is bad either. Not a revolucionary brand, just a brand that uses a OS that they don’t own, add cloned features from others and make profit because they are the manufacture .

        Samsung is corrupt. And you should fell ashamed for using their devices.

        Just Google

        King of Samsung: a chairman’s reign of cunning and corruption

        And enjoy all Samsung history. From a good manufacture to corruption and stealing/copying/cloning their clients. Apple was not the only one.

        It’s because of people like you that support brands like this that our world is a big mess. Support the innovation, support the brands that are honest and even when they don’t invent the stuff that they own, they at least pay the rights to use it.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Man what the hell are you talking about? Lmao what the hell does ANY of this have to do with my experience/quality with the device i own. Leave emotional shit for Apple and Samsung to worry about. None of that shit changes the FACT that “in my opinion” the Galaxy series out paces the iPhone series in many ways…not all but enough to win “me” over. If the world only consisted of one preference it would suck and there would be no “innovation”. Hell Apple believes that they know how we should want to use our device…yet people cry over and over every time they update their phone and lose all their jailbreak/root functionality. I was tired of the cat and mouse chase and now i can use my phone freely without limits as i should. Damn what Apple thinks. I think. Galaxy is a better phone…all that foolishness corporate crap you posted means nothing to the end user. I have no emotional attachment to Apple or Samsung or any company. I just dig the device. I invested in it and it works for me..bottom line. iPhones work for you? Bravo. Thats how this works.

      • People still cry for a root access on their Samsung devices to remove the crapware, brother. Other still cry for a bug fix for the copy function that last at least 8 months already… but hey, like you said: if this works for you…Bravo.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        What the hell do i need to root phone is already customizable lol. Only reason to root is if you want to install custom roms…which Android is open sourced..which makes it readily available.

        My copy feature works pretty well so im not sure exactly what your talking about.

        Just face it its a losing arargument for thr both of us. I was just chiming in on ur whole argument that you make as though Samsung is the only one that copies ideas. Yeah Apple revolutionized the smartphone market…but google and their partnered manufacturers are the ones that seem to be taking it to another level and take just takes petty steps and milks its market.

      • Apple care about quality, not quantity… You can find more features on Android devices, but most of them are crap that work very badly and many of them are not even made by Google or Samsung but from developers around the world, where 1 out of 100 worth. And the ones made by Samsung.. S-voice, for example.. looks like the Siri retarded cousin… It’s easy to say: “we have THIS FEATURE” .. but it’s hard to achieve quality on them. And Apple, from all of them, it’s the only one who care the most. Not perfect, but definately, care the most.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        I cant tell you how many times ive had a feature on iPhone fail. Not saying they don’t on Galaxy but its not like yall make it out to be. Half of you never even used an android device to talk so much ish about it. I can only speak for myself when i say i have a better experience on android than iOS. So if Apple wants to wow me..they need more than just some siri crap. Barely used it on iPhone. Barely use S voice on my Galaxy. What i do use alot is Google Now. That kills both those features easily. Google Now is where its at!

      • das

        dont bother with these apple fanboy anti samsung haters ,they are deluded and think apple invented fire

      • Ahem… U should take some medicine for that cough before it gets worse.

      • Hyder Khan

        Forget all of your arguments and answer me this.
        Who created the very concept of capacitive multi touch smart phones in the first place???????
        APPLE!!! A not so rich computer company!!!
        The very basic idea was ripped off!!!
        And what about the shoddy un natural feel of the Samsung touch even today??
        They might have big n bright displays but what’s the point if its not taken full advantage of due to poor OS optimization???
        Is the phone just meant to be used for movies and as a camera?? We have TVs and digi cams for that!
        N the colors are still sharp and over saturated. Unnatural and painful to the eye. Mediocre==Samsung

  • Boss

    The iPhone 5 looks like a cheap top compared to some of these new phone
    HTC One / Sony Xperia Z

    • The iPhone no longer has the best looks, but I do think it competes very well on feel. When you hold an iPhone in your hand, it feels quite nice. Of course you then go and put it in a clunky case and the great feel is gone, but that’s not the point. While Samsung makes devices that look quite good, they feel pretty cheap. But they’ve come along way already and it’s only a matter of time before they being copying the feel.

      • Design is subjective, not everybody have the same taste. What makes a phone feels cheap is the materials and finishes… all the tiny details that makes the difference.

      • Boss

        I still think the screen is too small on the iPhone 5 they could have at least made it like the BlackBerry Z10 size

      • felixtaf

        4 inch vs 4.2 inch! BIG difference though!

  • sambuzzlight

    *clap* *clap* this still wont get them the rolex of smartphones status

  • Muhammad

    Plastic must be expensive (im joking)

  • its funny how apple guys be saying samsung is plasticy , they buy an iphone made of glass and put on a plastic case …. i mean whaaaa??????

  • Why do people fight for products other companies are responsible for making. Just be happy with what you preferred to buy

  • Isn’t plastic cheap? 😛

    • Kaptivator

      Last I checked…it was.

      • Well if they want to reduce the price of the S4 maybe Samsung need to explore the recycled plastic option.

    • das

      so is metal ,drinks dont cost no more in a can than in a plastic bottle

  • SoCoMagNuM

    My Galaxy S 3 feels like a premium product in my hand. Lightweight and feels smooth like a a flat pebble. Just cause it doesnt have a painted aluminium or glass chassis doesn’t make it feel cheap. Drop an iPhone on its back and the back cover is scratched and dented. Drop a Galaxy on its back and theres nothing. Drop either on the front and you will get a cracked screen. My white Galaxy S3 is top notch. Period.

  • Adrian12369

    No need to get so frustrated and angry over cell phone. Shouldn’t we just be excited that all this competition is only helping us(the consumer)?

  • smtp25

    Shows how much apple is ripping you off charging $100+ to increase memory from 16,32,64 when it costs them only about $10-20 a jump

    • King

      more like about $1-2

  • leart za jmi

    Samsung is like to buy shoes marked Pama or Adibas…
    all they can do is copy Apple.
    pure chinese style, disgusting

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Still lags.. 😐

  • Hyder Khan

    Wtf was this article about again?

  • dan

    at the end of the day ! all I care abt is the speed of laughin apps n games n stuff ! Im not gona use the air gesture and the other features unless im gona show off in front of my frnds ! I prefer iphones cz of their IOS after u jailbroke it of course ! and of course the lo0k ! iphone is the best lookin phone ! samsung phones look like shit to me !

  • Most of the features are over the top, at least for me. I have both IOS and Android phones and love them both for different features. The only thing I miss in IOS is the ability to play AVI, OGG, FLAC and all other codecs that are not supported, with Android I do not have that issue., also copying data to my IOS device is a lot more complicated than with Android, I do not like to install special software like itunes or whatever, with Android i just connect to my PC and drag whatever I want onto it..

    Oh, just one remark on all those comments of Samsung feeling cheap since it’s made of plastic > Iphone 3G and 3GS were made of Iplastic eh ?, felt way way better !

  • Yashirah

    the gs4 is ugly.